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February 3, 2013

CAS Class 2, Day 6; FMS71; CFC88; and Pixie's ~ Bonus Love

Happy Funday!  And Happy Super Bowl Sunday here in America!  In my little area of America, we are rooting for the San Francisco 49ers, baby!!  How many of you are soooo happy hubby is glued to the tube, so you can craft to your heart's content?!  Go crafters, baby!!
I had a little creative fun in the Playhouse yesterday to show you today.  First off, I made an EZPZ card for this week's CAS-ual Friday where the theme is "Love Letters." 
For those of you who have been around Blogville for a long time, my card is prolly passhay.  After Valentine's Day last year, I bought a few things from the Stampin' Up! Clearance Rack, including some incredible designer paper and heart charms.  It's all new to me, and may be to some of you, so here is my long tall LOVE-in-letters love letter:

When I cut my off-set opening, I cut down from the top and up from the bottom to leave a half-inch piece of the card stock in the middle to wrap the ribbon around, which made it sturdy to hold the charm.  All products are SU!


So then, I watched my class video for the bonus day, where JJ Bolton wowed me with her amazing die cutting.  So I did a CASE of her card.  I was able to do that and play along with Freshly Made Sketches and use the fun sketch by the talented Linda C.
Okay, I gotta say, I loved doing the techkneeQ, and I'll do it again, but I found this to be pretty complicated.  Maybe it's just me.  I used the Spellbinders heart die in three colors.  You can see that I nestled just the points of the heart alternating the colors, stuck in place with washi tape.

It just could be that I found this to be complicated because after I made the above wizlet, I lost it.  Not my mental marbles, the wizlet.  As I snipped the last bit of washi tape so it was all ready to apply to my card, it fell out of my hands.  Oy.
I backed up, I looked around.  I creaked on down on all fours and carefully looked under my roller cabs,
cause I didn't want to pull them out and run over my wizlet, leaving wheel marks on it, like a nasty hit and run on a dark tree-lined highway where no one in their right mind should have been walking at dark o'clock anyway.  Wait.  What?
Have you ever had part of a card slip out of your hands and actually fly INTO drawers like you see here?  Kinda weird, huh?  Since it wasn't anywhere on the floor, I pulled open every drawer and looked inside.  Stickers and embellies on the left, snippets on the right, it was like opening drawers of straw, looking for a needle.
Up and down, in drawers and out, I finally gave up.  I mean, the flippin thing had to be there, but before I succum(b)ed to road rage, I thought it best to go to the Bighouse for a drink of fortitude water.

And that's when I looked down as I opened the door and saw this:

Oh, for crying out loud.  Oh, yes I didda!  (Cute fuzzy socks, huh?)


Okay, if you're still with me (I thank you), here is my card for the Bonus Saturday card class and Freshly Made Sketches:  

Speaking of snippets, I used my scraps for the wee hearts, so I get to take a break and go play with the other girls at Pixie's Crafty Snippets Playground.  I hope you can join us!  We are going to make a topper for the treehouse!  I'll let you guys shinny on up to the top while I watch from over by the donkey, who conveniently is wearing a keg around his neck to ward off the win tree chills.


I am so delighted to introduce two new friends today!  Please help me welcome Cathy of Cathy's Card Spot and Laura Norris.  Cathy is just revving up her blog making awesome cards and I know she'd love some visits.  Laura, I'm not a Google+ member, so I can't get past your profile page.  If you have a blog, please email me (see my profile page on side bar) and let me know so I can share it here.  Thank you, ladies, and welcome!!

Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy your day. LITS!

Thank you so much for stopping by the Playhouse. Special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment or join as a follower!

Paper:  PTI white; SU! pretty in
  pink, basic grey
Stamp:  SU!
Ink:  Vivid cobblestone
Die:  Spellbinders hearts
Washi tape
Corner Chomper


Caryn said...

Now that I've stopped laughing (not at your card - at your shenanigans with your lost wizlet - too funny!!) can I just say your card is FABULOUS! I love the colours - very on trend.

And I just had to look inside your playhouse too - one word - JEALOUS!! I love it!!

Caryn xxx

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Wauuu gorgeous cards,
love, love, love it!
So special, great idea
Good luck on Super Bowl,
hugs Tamara

Linda Callahan said...

I adore your clean graphic designs! So fresh! And I feel your pain at losing something - I found a missing "piece" the other night stuck on my elbow after I spent forever looking at it - then made another one!

Bonnie said...

Yeah, those cute fuzzy socks pick up everything but an man and some money (as my friend says)! Glad you found it and you do have a way with letters!

Brandi said...

Wow! Those cards are amazing! Great techniques! That fuzzy sock story was to funny, sounds like something that would happen to me!

Sue said...

Hi Darnell. I love your 'sticky' sock story.
Your cards really are amazing. I love the colours and the designs are wonderful.
Enjoy the rest of the day

Kim Heggins said...

Darnell, both of your cards are FAB! And your fuzzy socks are adorable too, I have had pieces with adhesive on them stick to my arm many times and when something disappears, that is always the first place I look. I will be spending the day in my craft room, not a football fan at all, so it is a wonderful day!

Cathy said...

Hi Darnell, gorgeous cards! I love your designs and your lost wizlet story and your roller cabs!! (your socks are pretty cute too lol!)

Thankyou so much for the warm welcome :)

Linda said...

Oh, you are too funny. Such a way with words as well as stamping. Love your card and the funny story that went with it.

MagsB said...

I'm laughing at your wizlet story but with so much sympathy, because I do that all the time!!

Fabulous cards, hun! How clever to leave a bit of card to support the charm! Have a good week!

love Mags B x

Redanne said...

Oh dear Darnell, I am still giggling at your lost wizlet.........great socks btw. Your cards are fabulous! I love both but the second is amazing! Don't know much about sport but hope your team won....... Hugs, Annie x

Carole said...

I just adore that card...so crisply cut, such lovely colors...very sweet.
Go 49er's

Kristie Goulet said...

Both of your cards are perfect and I was cracking up at you lost wizlet story, laughing with you of course, because it happens to all of us at one time or another. Cute fuzzy socks by the way!! :)

alexandra s.m. said...

I am still laughing!!
I LOVE your cards!
Thank You for making the visit so fun and inspiring!

Michelle said...

Ah, I laughed so much I had to explain to my hubby what all the fuss was about!

Your cards are getting better and better! The first one is new to me, too. It's bold and bright and fun! The second one is perfect! I love the hint of stripes behind your chevron pattern, awesome!

Jules said...

Hi Darnell

What a great post!!

You really made me smile with your wizlet story!!

I have to say I am well impressed by the cleanliness of your floor! Where are all the bits that fall out of the punches? The thread ends? The stray pieces off the back of the dimension pads and double sided tape?

I feel ashamed about my craft pod floor now LOL!!!

Hope you have had a good weekend.

Love Jules xx

p.s. Sorry forgot to say .. .. loving your makes very very much and managed to find the heart(s).

Stacy H-W said...

Hilarious!! That stuff happens to me all the time!! I LOVE how you card turned out!! Don't you just love that class?!!

I had mine all ready to go with the double sided adhesive sticky and for some reason I turned it over sticky side down on my desk!?!?!?! GRRR So super annoying. It defeats the purpose of using that EZRelease tape to hold it all together. I got it off the desk and onto the card eventually. ha

Thanks for the kind words on my blog today!! hugs, Stacy H-W

Sandy said...

LOL isn't that the way after you looked through everything.. I love both your cards they are just lovely that one with the trinket so pretty and love how it hangs of the side on its own little ribbon tag. The technique you did looks so awesome on the second card. Glad you showed it on the corrugated cardboard, as I was trying to figure out how it got those little gaps on the card, to then look back and see the other photo to have the ahah moment.. Your little embossed hearts are just the perfect touch just brilliant and so pretty and delicate. Thanks for the visit to my blog and your lovely comments.
Sandy :)

Unknown said...

Fab cards Dippy - the first is great with your side tag holding the heart; really clever. Then, after I'd finished wiping the tears of laughter away, was blown away (a bit like your snippet.......!lol) by your second card - it's gorgeous and would be perfect for our A2CAS challenge which, fortuitously, is HEARTS............ so hope to see you there?


Karen xxx

Ardyth said...

These are both fantastic, but that first one has winner written all over it! And the second one gives me an idea for my Flight Corporal son! Well done. On Friday, I found the ornament stamp I was tearing my craft room apart for before Christmas. Oh yes, I thought, that's exactly where I put it! Aagh!

Taheerah said...

Oh wow, so cool!! What perfect patterned paper and love the little tag hanging off! Love your class card too! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, it was lovely to read your kind comments. :-)

shirley-bee said...

Clever cards, Darnell! I love the charm hanging from the offset opening on the first card, and your second card reminds me of liquorice allsorts (hopefully without the sock fluff).

Suze Bain said...

Oh Gramma Darnell, you do make us laugh out loud and don't you know how young and trendy you are - my teenage daughter always wears fuzzy socks! Two fabulous cards, I particularly love the 'letters' one, what a great design and so clever how you've dangled the heart - great engineering! xx

Allisa said...

Fabulous cards! I seem to lose little things ALL the time in my craft room! I have usually long given up by the time they make their appearance! Glad you found yours or did it find you?

Rosemary said...

what a fab set of cards, darnell...especially like the second one!

Colleen said...

Darnell, you bring a big smile and a BIG chuckle to me! Fabulous to read about your antics...yes have lost things and thought, where the heck can it be, I just had it! too funny to look down and see it on your cute socks!! LOVE, love love this card you made...you have mastered the Clean and Simple...what are your doing taking this class???

wienerhoneymooners said...

HHH AHHHH AHhhhh I am still laughing. Yes this has happened to me, and I have actually found items on the wall too as on th way they has some sort of tape that went for the ride!

HA. Have a great day!
Thanks for your kind words on my bloggy too!

scrappymo! said...

Fabulous cards...I laughed when you lost your thingy cuz i have had that happen to me...Sometimes I find them when I put my PJ's on for bed!!!

7 guys upstairs watching the game...I just cleaned up the food and counters etc. I'm back down in my craft room and i am laughing at all the "Look out Boys"!!!
The funny little things they say and call out make me giggle!!!

MaryH said...

Oh dear...lost wizlets...I always come away from this blog with new vocabulary. (and these I can use in public too! Love your cards, and that stripes heart looks quite complex. Both were so pretty, enjoyed seeing them. Great job! Hope the fortitude tasted good too. I'll pop over to see Cathy...love making new friends. Have a great week. Hugs

Carol L said...

Hah Hah! I thought I was the only one who pulled stunts like that! LOL
Your cards are both fabulous! I love that pink & grey number with the chevrons and hearts! The colors are FABULOUS!! I feel a case coming on :)

Kay Miller said...

Hahahaha!! I woke my dog up laughing so hard at your post!! That is so funny!! But I LOVE that idea! That is so neat! I'm going to get my heart dies out and give that a try. Hopefully it won't end up stuck to my foot somewhere! haha! Really love both of your cards though!

Joyce said...

Great cards today. Too bad about those 49ers, yes? Love how you did your chevrons. Way more creative than mine!

Di said...

It's morning here Darnell, I had a cup of tea in my hand whilst reading your hilarious post - oops, almost saturated the key board.............with spilt tea I hasten to add :(

I love both cards (great tip about leaving a tab of card for the ribbon and charm) - and the wizlet tale is so funny!

A super snippets card - love it!!

Hugs, Di xx

Beth said...

I'm new to Stampin Up so this is new to me! I love how you've attached the charm, it's like an optical illusion! And I laughed out loud when I saw your sock!! I've hunted for something stuck to my elbow before! Haha! Gorgeous cards!

Love Beth xx

Jen Brum said...

Fabulous card Darnell! I love that clean and simple look! The Chevrons are soooo fabulous! I have lots a Valentine's Day heart stamp in my craft room somewhere and cannot find it anywhere. I have a sneaking suspicion that a certain 4 year old may have removed it!!! I really like your take on Linda's sketch! Great job! Thanks for joining us this week at Freshly Made Sketches!

Vicky Hayes said...

My goodness that LOVE card (sorry to shout) is a real wow Darnell! So pleased you found the wizzlet but I feel your pain - this is a regular occurrence in the Crafting Square Metre! What a brilliant idea about the keg - who needs a water fountain when you can have a drinks donkey?! See you there,
Vicky x

Tui Nathan said...

Wow ... absolutely fabulous ... love the chevron panel and those hearts are adorable!
Thanks for joining us this week at Freshly Made Sketches!!!

Gillian R said...

wow wow wow wow wow Darnell, these are just stunning, looks like winners to me!

Sarn said...

ROFLMAO Darnell . . . think we've all BEEN there with missing craft items. Soooo frustrating!

Great card though and I'm so glad you found the wizlet to make it with.


Deborah Frings said...

LOL!!! Stuck on your sock!! Okay, feeling a bit better now - your post is just fab, and the cards are brilliant too.

I love the bold LOVE letters on your first card, and the way you've created the chevrons on your second is fab!

Jenni's Jems said...

I am sooo chuffed that you pinned my card ! what a compliment from you especially as you make really fabulous cards and I'm loving these ones both are soooo classy cant decide which one I like the best! x

Virginia L. said...

Your post makes me smile BIG, Darnell! Love love your new toys and even better yet, your talent and humor!Love your entry card for the CAS-ual Fridays! The diecut design is absolutely perfect! I totally feel the LOVE! xoxo

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Haha, Darnell - YUS!! have had such weird things happen when crafting too!!

.... but not cos of cute fuzzy socks mainly just plain lose it as t that point and find it ages later in pad of paper had out at the time (one instance) or the like so annoying to do it again..

... but usually end up doing it again :(
...not finding it on my socks!!

BTW love the card, and hearts on side.. great look.
..and seen Cathy's blog to too :D Shaz in Oz.x

JD/ Jill said...

Great cards, and would you believe I had almost the identical thing happen to me today. I dropped a charm that I wanted to put on my card, I looked on the floor not there, looked on my desk again, not there, looked everywhere, I finally realized it was stuck to my the sweat shirt I was wearing, had to go show hubby, who just shook his head. Yes, he is quite used to me doing things like that. TFS...nice to know I am not alone!!!

Kelly Griglione said...

Oh you always crack. me. up. How FUNNY that you have a PHOTO of your WIZLET stuck to your SOCK! I am quite sure no one has ever thought to take a picture of that and post it ... which makes you such an innovator : ) But let's be honest, it happens to everyone. Weekly for me. And now when that happens I'll be sure to check my socks first!

OK, now on to cards .., LOVE your valentines chevron card! It's the bottom of a heart, oh yes it is! So brilliant. Really turned out well, Darnell!

Aileen said...

Hi Darnell

You made me laugh with your wizlit. So it doesn't just happen to me!

I love the end result. Super graphic card.

Your story almost made me forget the beautiful Love Letters at the top. Brill idea using the paper this way and the charm is perfect.

Tatty Byes x

Karren said...

Congrats on your win! Well-deserved. This is such a cool card and your chevron embellishment is fantastic.

Jean said...

LOVE them both!!!

Linby said...

Too funny - I thought things like that only happened to me - and believe me it has been almost identical!
Two fab cards, love the chevron idea for snippets.

Unknown said...

LOL! I have done that MANY times...been caught wearing the piece of lost card I'm looking for. Beautiful card!

Jean said...

Congrats on your win!

maria f. said...

Oh my goodness. I didn't know this card had such a past!!!!! Thought it smelled a bit like... old book pages.....