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January 12, 2013

OLW 122 ~ Hearts

Sat your day down folks and stay a spell!
I made an EZPZ card for the One Layer Wednesday challenge, this week hosted by the talented Cheryl Ewing.  Cheryl wants us to make a one-layer card using hearts in whatever way our heart desires!
Here's what I made:
You have to look twice at the photo.  A quick glance would have you thinking it's a rose-colored card with an emblazoned white heart.  It snot.  That wouldn't be one layer.  It's a little heart-shaped white card made using the largest Spellbinders heart die.  I had to prop it up to take its little picture.  If your base is pointy, you have trouble standing, unless you went to ballet school. 
Quick and easy.  Clean and simple.  One layer.  And it doesn't just say "I heart you."  It says, "I heart HEART you."  Awwww.

Lending a Friend a Hand

Speaking of which, I want to shout out a thank you to my friend Diane Wray of Pixie's Crafty Workshop for helping me with a side bar issue on my blog, even though she lives all the way across the Pond!  I was about to contact someone I didn't know, who had been recommended by another friend, when I happened to read a comment from Di that she had helped another mutual friend, Bernie, set up her blog.  Wait, I thought, what? 

Could she really be an immensely gifted crafter, card-maker, headmistress, cook, partner, friend, AND a Computer Whizzard??  Well, sure nuff, she is!  My blog archives list was scrawling clear down to the floor and Miss Di zipped it all up into a drop down box and called it a day!  WOWZA!  OLLA!  And it wasn't easy neither.  I'm so grateful and thank you so much, my friend!  Mwah!
The Other Half of Mister and Mrs.

I thought you might like to see that Mister didn't do too bad either, LOL!   Here's a picture of me taken six years after the one taken of him that I posted yesterday. (It's prolly boring for you, but it's fun looking back for me.)
I can't find a 1969 photo of me, it's way up high in the hall closet, so this will have to do. I look so young in this photo, I can't even imagine what a child I must have looked like six years earlier when I was 20! 
Which is a perfect saygaway to my usual ~
Enjoy your day.  No, seriously, enjoy your day.  Tomorrow you might look up and discover that four decades have flown by!!

Paper:  PTI white
Stamp:  Imaginationel
Ink:  SU! real red and
 riding hood red marker
Die:  Spellbinders heart


Kim S said...

I wouldn't have guessed you were 26 in the photo!!? Love your heart - I'm glad you explained cuz I was a little worried about your understanding of "one layer"!

Mrs A. said...

Tell me about the decades. They have whizzed by and I didn't take a note of their address. Sure is a lovely CAS card.
Hugs Mrs A.

Ardyth said...

Loving the retrospective! And I love that I can't tell that this photo wasn't taken yesterday - no tell tale 70s outfits for you! Cute card, too, I love the doodling on the outside. And in Canada, that would have to be E-ZED-P-ZED, which just does not have the same magic, does it? lol!

Kelly Griglione said...

I agree with Ardyth, what a timeless photo of you ... great style to avoid those leisure pant suits!! I was confused for a moment. And did you do all those dots on your card? They look great!

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Lovely card,
have a nice weekend
Hugs Tamara

lostinpaper said...

I LOVE a shaped card (I definitely don't make enough of them), but a *heart* shaped card, now you're talking! It's CAS perfection Darnell!

Carole said...

heart of my heart...bring back those memories. You look so fresh and darling Darnell Mr- Huba huba- is a lucky lad. Cute heart card - a bit dotty and delightful.

Anonymous said...

Love your dinky little heart card Darnell! Decades flying is a topic in our house at the moment too! I didn't look as cute as you when I was 26!

Di said...

Great photo (forever young) and super card my friend. So glad you're happy with the little bit of 'surgery' on your blog :) Hugs. Di xx

Redanne said...

Hi Darnell, the blog is looking lovely and tidy now......great work by your friend. I do like a shaped card and the heart is gorgeous - and so are you in the photo - you don't look too much different now - Hubby is a lucky man too! Hugs, Annie xx

Hettie said...

Wow! What a picture. I hope you have scrapbooked that one!
Lovely card too and fanks for the tip about Miss Di. Will have to grill her with some bloggie issues!
Have a great weekend!

Carol L said...

Great photo of you in your youth, and you and the mister made a good-lookin' couple! I'm sure you still do too! Love that little heart-shaped card, and it gives me ideas for the grands ;)
LUCKY you! I've been trying to figure out how to condense my labels into a drop-down box for nearly 2 years now and STILL haven't figured it out! Rock on!!

Unknown said...

Cute card Dippy. Love the double heart and faux stitching - too cute. Now my jaw and heartbeat have gone back to normal I can see that Mister definitely got the Missus he deserved........would love to see the six year younger photo! To my credit I was lusting after Mister's shiny exhaust.........! lol


Karen x

Emily Keaton said...

Darling heart HEART card, Darnell! And what a beauty you are!!! Thanks for sharing your photos!

Bonnie said...

I see why he whisked you away on his cycle! I love your heart, heart card! Very clever yet again.

Tracey McNeely said...

Oh my Darnell what a fantastic picture of you. It could have been taken last summer, no dated clothing here my dear. A fabulous card today, thanks for explaining. I am starting to talk about a decade like it was yesterday--time goes so so fast.

Karen M said...

I just love your cute little heart care - its so sweet! Thankyou for taking us readers down memory lane - I love to look at other peoples photos....I am weird like that! Hugs x x (ps you may notice thanks to blogger I had to change my id name....I am also not happy with the new changes!)

Sarn said...

Another great photo . . . and a happy little hearty post and card.

That Di . . . she goes round wearing a tiara and a leotard really . . . she truly is WONDER WOMAN. You heard it hear first folks . . . and she's very modest about it too.

Sarn xxx

Anonymous said...

Fabulous heart, lovely and folk-ily (is that a word?) done ... so sweet! What a picture, you young thing ... bet your hair flew elegantly on that motorbike with Mister! Anita :)

Kim Heggins said...

Darnell, I just love this photo of you...I knew you were young but I had no idea you are a mere 26 years old. You card is just as sweet as you look in the picture, what a sweet heart. Looks like you are ready for Valentine's Day with this amazing little card.

Cheryl said...

Awww, Love the picture! How sweet!

Such an adorable shaped card. Great idea.

Deborah Frings said...

Really sweet card - has a great folksy feel to it.

Love the picture of you - you look so happy. I don't mind the photos - I enjoy looking!

MaryH said...

Thanks for sharing the photo of this bee-U-tee-ful young, (and dare I say??SKINNY? maybe slim is more pc!) lady. Real purty & love the smile too. She were having fun. Also enjoyed your heart card. And that Di -- she is amazing. She provided me such help when I started my blog, and I be fixin' to hit her up one-a-these-days when I think she has mo' to ask more questions. Isn't it lovely to have a knowledgeable as well as super-talented lady heading up the Playground? So happy "I" found her, fersure. Have a grand day. Hugs

Unknown said...

Such a pretty card and such a beautiful picture of you!

Jean said...

A fantastic one layer card! Mister is a very lucky man to be married to you! Thanks for sharing your lovely picture!

Brenda said...

Oh I simply love this card Auntie! It is so simple and cute and that's why I love it so much. I love cute! I really do. That Di is simply amazing! Good to know she is so handy to have around too even all the way across the pond. And she is just the kindest as well. I can understand all your excitement over her talent. A talent I wish I had!! lol I love, love the picture of you. You look fabulous and yes, the Mister didn't do bad at all!!! It is fun looking back on pictures, I so love to do that with anyone's pictures. Yes, you look very young, but I think you still look young. I am one who looks younger than I am too and it isn't always a good thing. When I was 28 working in a deli, I was talking with a customer as I waited on her and she said something about her kids. I said my boys do the same dang thing. She stopped talking and just stared at me. I said, "what??!!!" She said I wasn't old enough to have kids. I said how old do you think I am. She said 16. I said hardly! She couldn't believe I was 28. At 30 hubby and I took my sister to a place where they could go if you had someone over 21 with you. Yeah, they let my sister in without even carding her and I was stopped at the door and was questioned about my age! I was so embarrassed. lol Oh well, it is what it is. Now if only my body felt younger too I'd have it made. lol And yes, I stil look like the picture on my blog and I'm almost 56. Hugs, Brenda