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December 13, 2012

More Fabby Christmas Cards and a Friend In Need

Hi on Whatever Day Tis!
I have read on some of my friends' blogs that they have "moved on" from Christmas.  Oh, hahahahahahahahha!  You guys are a Kah Rack Up!!
Secondly, are you for reals?  I'm so far behind this year, I can't see the beginning.  I'm so far behind this year, I'm way ahead for next year.   I'm so far behind this year, Mister and I have extended Christmas 2012 for two more weeks. Feel free to use our new calendar system instead of the traditional one, if you find yourself in the same prickle barrel.
I haven't had time to play in any challenges or see if any challenges would nicely coinkydink with my cards, but I thought you might like to see a few more of the "initial" cards I made for Amanda's special order.

The little "e" is all sparkly IRL and I hand wrote "emily" under the tree, behind the bow.
Metallic gold on top of metallic gold for this party girl!
For this card, you can see the "E" letters hidden in the funky background paper.  I think I'll add a sentiment tag to the bow.  It feels like it needs it.
I think the initial here is pretty obvious, but what is not obvious in the photo is how shiny and bling-bling-blingy all the "ornaments" are.

And lastly, another Christmas martini with a fun "J" upside down!  The aqua mat is glitter paper.
I am reminded today that the sad side of life is not postponed while we all celebrate the joys of our various holidays.  I have been missing my blog friend, Susan Goetter, as I'm sure a lot of you have.  I contacted Susan to let her know I missed her and was thinking about her and she wrote back to let me know that her sweet husband, Butch, is failing.  Susan didn't want to write about it herself on her blog, but she has given me permission to let you know.
I asked for permission because by sharing, I know more prayers can be winging their way to Susan and her family in her time of need and one can never receive too many prayers.  If you would like to email Susan, you can click on the above link to Susan's blog and then click on "Contact Me."
Naturally, as card makers, there are a lot of you that will want to let her know you are thinking of her via personal snail mail.  If you wish to send a card, please contact me via my email (darnell dot knauss at gmail dot com) and I will be happy to email you her address.  It goes without saying that Susan will be absent indefinitely as she spends all her time with Butch.
Thank you!  Please also feel free to mention this in your blog, with a link back to this post, so that more of Susan's online friends can get word.
Knowing Susan, she would not want you to click away all depressed, which is why she didn't tell you herself.  She would want me to leave you with a smile:
Jokes For Christmas
Enjoy your day!   No, seriously, enjoy your day.

Please let me know if you
would like any card deets.


Redanne said...

Hi Darnell, I don't know Susan but I feel very sad and sorry for her situation and hope that she and Buster have a lot of quality time together.

Your cards are wonderful, how do you come up with such amazing ideas? Love the blue bow with the Christmas tree one, it is stunning.

Oh poor Santa in the last pic!!

Hugs, Anne x

scrappymo! said...

OK now...that blue Xmas tree one is just stunning!!!

I hope your friend has some peace and joy over Christmas...blogging is the least of her worries right now.
Prayers offered here.

Bonnie said...

Very clever the way you've incorporated the initials into these cards. I think each one will make at least 2 more people happy! Thanks for the info on Susan. I've been missing her and should have emailed her myself. Thanks for relaying the information. Lastly, thanks for the laugh after the sad news. You are a thoughtful friend and know when to throw in a laugh to make us feel better.

MaryH said...

Oh how lovely all these initials cards are. Each one so creatively done...you're a genius! Also thanks for the news on Susan, sad though it is. I don't know her but she was so kind to respond to a question I asked about an emb.folder, taking time to share links as to where it might be found. I appreciated it then, but now even more so, knowing she had many more important things going on in her life. I'm so sad to hear this and I will try to get her address to send a care card to her. It won't help at present, but maybe later, it will be of comfort to know prayers were being said, people were thinking of her, and praying for strength & courage for all involved. You're a good friend to share this. Thanks again...loved the cheery cards!

Unknown said...

What delightful cards! I love how personalized they are, and how festive! Your "so far behind" lines just made me grin...I know that feeling so well (it applies to most aspects of my life lately). I am so sorry to hear your friend's sad news and will certainly add her family to my prayers. Bless you for allowing others who may not even know her to lift them up in prayer.

Carol L said...

What a wonderful collection of cards, and I think I'm going to extend this year by two weeks as well! The hurrier I go, the behinder I get :)I don't know your friend Susan, but I will certainly keep her and Butch in my prayers. I love how easily you're able to turn a sad story into an ending chuckle with such an amusing picture :) It's great!

Marybeth said...

I don't know Susan very well ,but she and her family will be in my prayers. Thanks for letting us know. Her cards are beautiful.
Your cards are fun,beautiful and creative! Love that first blue one !
Blessings to you !

Jessi Fogan said...

I will definitely keep Susan & Butch in my heart - I'm thankful for them both that you could share a little of what's going on so that we can do that!
The people who have moved on from Christmas are robots or something. I'll be right in Christmas card mode up until the 22nd, and then I'll quit. Probably unfinished & in a huff.
I'm loving the blue tree & that huge floofy bow - for some reason that tree stamp confounds me but I can use the group of trees a million times, so I'm grateful for a new idea :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Darnell, thank you so much for letting us know about Susan she is such a lovely lady and my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. As for your cards madam another riot of creativity and ingenuity !!! I would like to address another matter entirely though. I read your comment on Jens blog about some sort or rehabilitation centre for die addicts..... being one myself I would love to contribute to the funding of said building.........unfortunately there is the small matter of lack of funds due to the fact the I have spent all of m pocket money on dies !!!!!


Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Awesome card Darnell ! LOVE LOVE the big blue bow ! My favs are the ones with the trees, the blue & the red creations. But they are all wonderful. Enjoy the season, Shirleyx

shirley-bee said...

Fabulously fun cards, Darnell! I've started on next year's cards (seriously!). I like to keep on making 'em till Christmas Eve, even if I've sent all mine out. Thanks for the news about Susan, and for the finishing smile!

Ardyth said...

The best part of cardmaking is the ability to make personalized cards exactly for the person. You've really captured that here - these ladies will LOVE these cards! I've popped over to Susan's blog to leave a comment there.

Geri said...

Awesome job incorporating the initials into each card. The recipients are going to be so thrilled with this personal touch. The upside down candy cane for a "J" is sheer creative word search in action!

Your kindess and consideration for Susan and her family is heart warming. Thank you for sharing her story with us so that we can all send prayers and best wishes her way.

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi there, had to come back and see if you had any Tomboys here :) I don't have any here but my hubby is good at helping with the yard work and snow shoveling etc... maybe he could be a Tomboy, he's not a toyboy (6 years older)... have a good one ! Shirleyx ps..love your humour !

Jean said...

Love the initial cards ~ the metallic gold one is my favorite, followed closely the one with the candy cane! I will include Susan and Butch in my prayers.

Kim Heggins said...

I don't know Susan, but I will keep her and her husband in my prayers.
Your cards are just so fun and festive and I am sure all who receive them will treasure them.

Kim S said...

You know that you are a wonderful person, don't you? I read Susan's blog and we comment back and forth but had no idea that she hadn't been around nor that she had such struggles in her life. Thank you so much for letting us know.

kingstonmama said...

Thank you for letting us know, Darnell. Your cards are fab. That first one with the gorgeous bow is especially wonderful. Ann