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December 2, 2012

ATCAS #2; CASology #21 ~ Time in a Bauble

I hope you're having a great Sunday! 

I enjoyed my few days making calendars, but, man, am I ever glad to be back making challenge cards!
I begin today with the cue word from this week's CASology challenge.  The word is "time."
There is another card challenge now, which also uses cue, or code, words.  The hostess for the second challenge at Addicted to CAS is Marie of baileyrosy.com.  Marie, a card-maker and a jeweler, chose the code word "bauble."
In the UK (and perhaps other areas of the world) Christmas tree ornaments are called baubles.  In America, we call them balls. 
I'm not saying I endorse the following, but it was interesting to read on the Intertube that the term "ball," as used with regard to Christmas tree ornaments came from ancient reincarnationist religions, where it was believed that the soul starts its journey around the zodiac reincarnating many times and, as it evolved, less incarnations were needed, until it finally reached the human ideal.  So, the Christmas tree and the decorative balls represent the planets revolving around the zodiac towards the top of the tree, where the soul reaches perfection, symbolized by the Christmas star.
(Honesly, I didn't make that up although it sounds like something I would make up.)
I couldn't find the historical background on using the word bauble for Christmas tree ornaments in the UK, but I believe that the Brits preferred to use the word "bauble" because the word  "balls" was already well-established with a completely different meaning.
Back to the challenge.  On Marie's blog, she threw out a separate challenge to us to try and make a card using a "trinket" to represent the word bauble, rather than using a bauble on a Christmas tree.  As a matter of fact, the dictionary describes "bauble" as: 
A small, showy trinket or decoration
Even though I should be working on Christmas cards, I couldn't resist making a card which I'm calling, "Time in a Bauble" because it covers both "Time" and "Bauble" for these challenges.

It is supposed to represent a Victorian lady's dress, but I think the collar is wrong for that.  Let's pretend that maybe the lady is a teacher with a white blouse and skirt?  Or a lady doctor?  Does it qualify as a "trinket," Marie, even if it has a practical purpose?
That was fun. 
New Followers!
How wonderful, on this gloomy rainy day, to have new followers knock on the Playhouse door!!  With pleasure, I'd like to introduce you to "dmarcoux1."  I'm happy to have you!  I couldn't find a blog for you to send everyone to, or visit myself, so if you do have one, please let me know so I can share that information.  If you don't have one, no worries, you are very welcome any time!
Next, please welcome Ellen of In a World of Craft!  Ellen has lots of talent and wonderful cards for your viewing pleasure and inspiration, so do check her out!
Happy Mail!
Yesterday was another gloomy rainy day and so it was especially fun to find happy mail in my mailbox.  My friend, Redanne of bollyanne.blogspot.com sent me this sensational wall hanging:
It is SO lovely.  If you look closely, you can see a scissor charm hanging in the bottom right corner.  She wanted to spell out "Playhouse," but there wasn't room.  That's okay cause it is going on the wall inside the Playhouse, where the word "play" is ezactly correct!!  Thank you so much, Annie, my friend!
I've received emails from some of you asking about the rain and the flooding.  (Thank you for thinking of us!)  It has been raining buckets and blowing like a banshee.  I don't think we are in immediate danger of flooding at our house, but there are certainly many areas around us that are.  Rivers are cresting and underpasses are flooding and it's a general overall mess.
While we don't think we will flood, we were sad to see one of our mallow trees had fallen down during the night Friday night.
That "bush" in the middle of the picture is the downed mallow tree.  You can see a second mallow to the right, at the corner of the Playhouse.  The one that came down was quite a bit larger.  As such, we didn't think the smaller one would come down, but a lass, this morning when I went out, I saw that it, too, had fallen down in the night.  They were lovely in that area, but obviously not very deeply rooted, so they will be replaced by something sturdier. 
This gives you an idea of the lovely year-round beauty that those small trees provided, beauty that I enjoyed out my window while sitting at my desk inside the Playhouse:
Oh, well.  Still, nothing to complain about compared to the loss of property, injuries from resultant car accidents, leaky roofs, or power outrages.
I leave you with a humorous picture showing the amount of rain we got in just a couple of hours on Friday. 
That left boot is FULL to the brim with rainwater.  Don't ask me why the right boot isn't!  (I promise it's not sitting under an eave runoff!)
Enjoy your day!   No, seriously, enjoy your day.  I hope you are safe and well and warm and dry, wherever you are.
As always, thank you for stopping by to visit.   Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!

Paper:  SU! rose; PTI white
Stamp:  UM pocket watch
Gold embossing powder
Cuttlebug embossing folder
Bling and chain from stash
Corner Chomper
Pop Dots


Kim Heggins said...

As always, fabulous story and I learned something new about the ornaments we hang on our trees, too cute! Your card is so stunning with that embossed background of elegant swirls and then you heat embossed bling, so classy!

Lynne said...

Fabby card Darnell as always. Love your stories and the definition of balls is very interesting. Ofcourse over here in the UK the word can be used as a naughty word ;-)
Lynne xxx

Unknown said...

Great interpretations for the challenges. Love the gold embossing and the gem.

Poor trees - hope it's only your boots that get flooded.

Unknown said...

Hi sweet Dippy - love your take on the challenge at A2CAS; had to trust you would totally rethink it and come up with something totally different! Love that you didn't recognise the word baubles (we certainly know "balls" which is why, as you correctly predicted, we use baubles! lol besides "time in a ball" just wouldn't have the same ring to it......hehe. Love the gorgeous wall hanging Annie sent you - hopefully made up for losing that glorious mallow tree. Thanks for joining in the fun with us at A2CAS this week.


Karen xxx

Anonymous said...

This is so sumptuous, Darnell,so vicotrian in style and there's such luxury in both the dry and heat embossing, as well as in the chain and trinket! Keep dry! Anita :)

Redanne said...

Love your beautiful card Darnell, that embossed pocket watch - I mean bauble is really beautiful, very vintage. I can remember back all those years ago when I first came to the UK and I asked where the Christmas balls were - I don't think my MIL ever forgave me that faux pas! Glad you like your hanging but so sorry about your tree. We understand rain all too well here in the UK but tomorrow we have snow scheduled....... well it is December I guess. Big hugs, Annie xx

Ardyth said...

I always laugh when I hear the word 'bauble' - it's just so british! You even have to say it with an accent. Love the idea of your card - very creative and original and such a pretty image. Thanks so much for finding the TIME to play along with CASology this week!

Loll said...

A very creative way to cover both challenges!! I LOVE the pocket watch and chain ... so AWESOME!! Thanks so much, Dolly, for joining in the ATCAS challenge!! Loll xx

Jen W. said...

Gorgeously embossed image, Darnell, and I love the gem and chain you added. The folded corner is a fabulous accent too.

Sorry about your downed "bush" (another word I usually tread carefully around...) but I'm glad you haven't been flooded out!

Thanks for playing along with CASology this week!

Tracey McNeely said...

Such beautiful embossing Darnell, thanks for sharing the photos too. Thank you for joining us at CASology this week!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely creation for the challenges!! Love your added chain to the gorgeous pocket watch embossed images!! Very lovely!! Thanks for stopping by to say hello!! HUGS :)

Kylie said...

Great take on the code word, Darnell. It gets confusing doesn't it? We just call them decorations or ornaments and bauble to me means trinket or piece of jewelry. BUT, I still used the code word to create a Christmas ornament. Your embossing is gorgeous! Thanks so much for playing along at ATCAS! xx

Rosemary said...

fabulous card, miss darnell! love your take on both challenges... so glad that you were able to play along with CASology this week!

Geri said...

Totally loved your narrative! Now I know the difference betwen 'a bauble and a ball'. Thanks for enlightening us all. (I'm still wondering if you are stringing us a line???)

Your card is so creatively stunning...absolutely perfectly embossed with the wee treasures attached! The flipped back corner rocks!

Jules said...

Hi Darnell

Another fabby post from you and another gorgeous make too.

Love the texture and dimension you have added.

Thanks for your comment. Some adult beverage was indulged in late evening LOL!!!

Love Jules xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the update regarding rain. I have been thinking of you during all these storms. Card is really pretty. Your tree does not look artificial at all, it is great. I can't wait to drink the rum cake, oh I mean bake it!

Jean said...

Love the story and your card ~ great take on both challenges! Love the bauble on the pocket watch!

Skye said...

I loved your embossed bauble, very elegant. Australians use the word bauble. I am sorry you lost your mallow tree, very pretty flowers. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog

Bonnie said...

I love this Darnell! Bet she has a dark grey skirt to go with the white blouse and she won't be late! Very clever!

scrappymo! said...

Glad t hear that you are OK with all this rain and storms. Too bad about the mallow...I have 2 of them and love them dearly too. They bloom for so darned long...they are worth their weight in gold.
You probably could just replant it and then get something new "just in case" but I think it would reroot.

Your card is fabulous...love that watch the adding the real bit of chain was brilliant. The jewel on the chain is superb!

Kim S said...

I started giggling at your title..."time in a bauble"!! You are so utterly creative (and slightly crazy!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Darnell, only you could come up wit this ! not only did you do your homework but you also created a fabulous card and even took up the " gauntlet " I was so pleased to see this fabulous take on the code word especially as it was my challenge and the fact that I failed to come up with the goods! Wonderful, wonderful post as always, thoroughly entertaining and informative and a fabulous card to boot ! what more could any one ask for well maybe except for a little trinket or bauble perhaps for Christmas. !!