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November 17, 2012

Simon and the RCC and I Say Thank You with LIM94 Hardware

Happy Saturday!  Or Sunday if that's what square you are sitting on wherever you are!

I know I've been blogging too much (and today's ran long), but I'm enjoying a lot of time in the Playhouse now because next week I'll be in the Bighouse with family and friends for a few days prepping watching my DDIL prep and clean for Thanksgiving.  (How lucky am I?!)  That wonderful day in American where we eat turkey like pigs.  Ernh?
I'm not gonna lie.  I love today's card.  I have been trying to find a way to use this beautiful ribbon on a fall card for a month now.  Today was the very last day I'm making autumn/fall/Thanksgiving cards, so the fact that I found appropriate challenges makes me very, very happy.  Here we go.
Since ribbon was the focus pocus in my head, I turned first to the bovious, the Ribbon Carousel Challenge, where on week 74, we find "Fall Spirit."  The theme is "Giving Thanks/ Fall."  It is my very first time playing in one of their challenges.

(Fab prize, too!)

Then I popped over to the Simon Says Stamp Challenge, to find (squee!) that the challenge is Thanksgiving / Thank you!

(Also fab prize)

And last, but definitely not least, I went over to see what Chrissie had up her sleeve this week at the always fun Less Is More challenge.  Delighteed I was to find that for week #94, she challenges us to use "hardware."  (Can all this star alignment really be happening?!)  Chrissie is joined again by the talented Jen and I'm giving you a head's up: put a towel on your keyboard while looking at the inspiration cards!

(I keep a towel handy by my keyboard for those times when a)  I start drooling and slobbering over a card like a bulldog; or b) before I can stop it, my jaw drops.  That can hurt, if you don't cushion the drop.)
It was so nice to see that Chrissie's LIM copartner, Mandi, was able to stop by LIM and leave us a love note and update on her shop, "Finishing Touches."  Good to hear from you, Mandi, and continued best wishes with your new end ever!

By way of explanation and not judgment, I want to say that I'm aware some of you may not read all the above, or like how I set up my post for challenges.  I'm fine with the fact that you might not and that you just scroll past.  (Hey, I just appreciate that you don't simply click on and back off, and that you do take the time to scroll down!)  This set-up is a personal quirk of mine where I showcase the designers and crafters who all work hard putting these challenges together for us and making us inspiration cards (and the companies are generous), so they deserve a few minutes of my time in recognition.  Also, I'm sucking up.  Kidding.  Stop it.

Here is my card.

The pears photogged blurry, but remember it's not a stamped image, it's a transparent, silky ribbon with golden threads and copper trim, which is not blurry IRL.  Unless you put a toot in your snoot.  My little copper leaf was just the perfect hardware for my copper-embossed thank you sediment.
We have had rain, lovely rain, and a little bit of sun today.  I played hide-and-seek with it.  It came out, I popped outside to take a picture, it went back under the clouds, I went back in ...  At one point, since I don't "pop" well, let's be honest, I just sat there for a few minutes to wait and while waiting, I took a picture of the flowers I potted for some fall color around the Playhouse before I was indisposed.  So glad I got that done when I did.

And, I thought you might enjoy a fun viney display I spotted out the dining room window.  Awww.

Lastly, I thought perhaps once or twice you might have had your day start like mine did this morning:

Since I'm temporarily eating like a 10-month-old, what you see is cream of wheat.  Turns out you can't turn your back on it.  Hell.O.

Enjoy your day!  No, seriously, enjoy your day.

As always, thank you for stopping by to visit.   Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!

Paper:  PTI kraft
Stamp:  Stampendous K020,
  "Long Thank You"
Ink:  Stampa Rosa cooper ep
Leaf hardware: Boutique Trims, Inc.
Ribbon: no name, #RXOF6210A


Loll said...

Darnie, what a gorgeous ribbon ... no wonder you were on a mission to use it!! It makes such a statement ... so I love that you kept everything else CAS so the ribbon is the star. That copper leaf is also fabulous ... and perfect!

And what do you think of Darnie?? ... or maybe Nellie?? (whoa!) ... just trying out a few nicknames since you really, really want one! LOL from Loll xx

Carol L said...

Your card is gorgeous - love the ribbon and copper accent. I LOVE your patio floral arrangement with the blue boots and "laugh" sign, but that bowl of cream of wheat? I'll pass :)

Allisa said...

GORGEOUS card! That is some fantastic ribbon! I am afraid I would have just hoarded it, almost too pretty to cut! Just in case you are not around next week, Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!

Brandi said...

Gorgeous card. Love the flowers around your craft space! Glad you are starting to feel better!

Rosemary said...

i can see why you have wanted to use that ribbon... it is just gorgeous! and it makes for one lovely card!

The-crafty-corner said...

I can see whay you are so pleased with yourself today Darnell-your card is indeed fabby ! That ribbon is gorgeous-and your little leaf hadware finishes it off just perfectly.Your playhouse looks so clean and pretty with the lovely potted tubs outside-i luff your playhouse! :) xx

Chrissie said...

That ribbon looks ace Darnell as does the finished card. I can see why you're pleased with it.
I'm curious as to why folk should put a towel on their keyboards whilst looking at the inspiration cards on LIM... the mind boggles.
Mandi will really appreciate your good wishes, I can't wait to see her and her shop this week! I do miss her.
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Glittertastic said...

Beautiful ribbon - almost too nice to use!. You've made a gorgeous card here and the leaf charm is a perfect finishing touch


Redanne said...

Hi Darnell, I love your posts and the way you mention other so generously, it is a very nice touch indeed. Your card is a real beauty, love that ribbon and the little charm is the perfect finishing touch. Your garden is very pretty too, frost here so ours are all dead - like the laugh sign too. Have not heard of cream of wheat but it looks a lot like my porridge when I do it in the microwave........ Crafty hugs, Annie xx

Suze Bain said...

A beautiful card Darnell, that ribbon is gorgeous! Your garden is so pretty, you're lucky to still have flowers out at this time of year. We can now buy our porridge with an 'added something' that stops is boiling over in the micro, the wonders of science! xx

shirley-bee said...

No wonder you were busting a gut (sorry!) to use that ribbon, it's so gorgeous!

stampwithsandy said...

Darnell, what a perfect way to showcase that gorgeous strip of ribbon, and I really like the copper accents. Don't you love when you love, love the way a project comes out? Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful ribbon and such a good idea to use it as the focal point of the card - gorgeous fall colours.

I have the same problem with my hot chocolate (depending on what mug I use) as you did with your cream of wheat.

Pretty flowers around your Playhouse.

Bobby said...

Not read ALL of your post? How dare they! Love the card, hate that you have to eat boiled over cream of wheat. ;)

TAM said...

What a stunner of a card can see why you're so pleased with it.
Loving all the other photos, including the exploding creamed wheat (happens to my porridge all the time if I turn my back)

Carole said...

Sensational card, fabulous ribbon and I love how they work for all the challenges.I can't believe anyone wouldn't read your entire post. There is always a delightful story to discover. Be well and Happy Thanksgiving:)

Anonymous said...

Luscious ribbon ... almost edible ... fabbie card! Fab photo's too, playhouse - yummy, vine heart - sweet, cream of wheat - just like my porridge ... it's a real pain licking the outside of the bowl isn't it?? Anyone not reading your posts would have to be bonkers ... give up the chance for a good giggle and a taste of your talent? Never! Anita :)

Bonnie said...

I love the buildup in anticipation of the card, Darnell! And what a beauty! THAT'S RIBBON? What a find and so perfect for a card and all these challenges! Are those cyclamen in the pots? I planted some pansies today. They're so small you can hardly see them. I hope they grow. I wish I had your green thumb next door!

stampwithsandy said...

PS, Darnell: Your attractive breakfast made me wish for a bowl of Farina this morning. Which I made for myself in a pot. On the stove. And I made sure I didn't walk away. Hugs :) Sandy

scrappymo! said...

That is beautiful ribbon! Lovely card. Too bad about your Cream of wheat!

Geri said...

I cannot imagine anyone skipping even one sentence in your posts. Seriously, when I open my e-mail I ALWAYS look for a post from you and ALWAYS read it first!

So, about that ribbon and the wee sweet brass charm - stunning!

I do love cream of wheat but maybe just not this bowl. Try crumbling baby Arrowroot cookies into your next bowl...yep, yum yum good!

Thanks for my evening entertainment :)

Kim Heggins said...

Your card is a masterpiece! So stunning and should really be hanging on a wall somewhere! Button is so perfect too, I can't stop looking at it. I love your microwave photo...looks like mine on more occasions than I care to admit too. Always seems to be more oatmeal on the outside of the bowl than inside. Enjoy your time with your family for Thanksgiving.

Ardyth said...

Gorgeous final fall card - beautiful use of that ribbon and the hardware!

Jean said...

LOVE the ribbon! Lucky for you all of the stars aligned for your card! Guess they were crooked for your cream of wheat!

Aileen said...

So pretty. Love the different elements and textures. How lucky to fit all those challenges. x

Susan said...

Darnell, that ribbon is absolutely gorgeous! Glad you found a way to use it!! That leaf charm is the perfect accent! You did good!

Jen Nelson said...

love the colours darnell.... gorgeous as always

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