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November 1, 2012

LIM Week 91, Stretch-a-Sketch!

And we're back around to Friday!  In November, no less ~ double whoosh!!

It's nice to be back in the www world.of.card.crafting.  I'm so glad to be visiting friends I haven't seen in a while, taking scroll strolls up and down to ketchup with a lot of you.  One thing that happens to you when you work eight days in a row, as nurses and doctors and shift workers everywhere know, is that you have trouble remembering what day it is.  Couple that with age-induced CRS and you'll find me on a Thursday night suddenly getting a call from the frontal lobe clerk announcing that it is 15 hours to closing over at Less Is More.  Hell-O!
This week Chrissie is hosting solo again while Mandi is up to her eyeballs in alligators getting her new wedding business off the ground.  Continued best wishes to Mandi!  Chrissie's challenge is a sketch challenge:
Her inspiration cards are drool-inducing!  I translated her sketch thus:

Easy peasy, CAS, and done in time!


I do love Swiss-dotted paper.  The reason the Swisses like to put dots on things and poke holes out of things is because in the early morning hours of June 19, 1458, the King of Swiss, Rudolph of Hapsburg, went riding in the chiffon shirt he only wore for Coronations, thinking that just this once it wouldn't hurt and he could ride longer if he didn't have to change shirts when he got back to the castle.  Well, you know where this is going.  About 12 miles down the narrow Alpine path, the wind picked up her skirts and took off like a rocket, sending tiny pebbles swirling in the air everywhere.  Several pebbles went up the nose of the King's steed, causing him (the steed) to shear off through the cops, er, copse.  The copse's branches slashed and whipped about the person of the King, piercing holes in his royal chiffon Coronation Shirt and raising welts upon his rippling upper arms.
With difficulty and expert tease, the King bedraggled himself directly to the ceremony, having no time now to change and, really, in those days, having no Standby Coronation Shirt.  Out of respect and politeness, the townspeople and Coronees poked holes in their own finery with their bare teeth and a tradition was born and imitated by designers and cheesemakers from that day forward.
Please turn now from History to the tab in your study book for welcoming new friends and say hello to Pamela and Darla!  Welcome ladies!  If you have a website for others to visit, please do let me know and I'll be passy to happ that along!
BTW, if you're a frequent visitor, you know how I love to make up words or play with words and that I am especially capsulated by words that are complete and utter new words with the addition, or conversely, the deletion, of one single letter.  The annual work project that I've been busy with the last few weeks involved the preparation of seminar materials regarding changes in the education law for public school administrators.  Hence, the word "public" is used repeatedly.  Guess who didn't run spell check last year before hundreds of workbooks were published and guess what word appeared?  It was only once, but still.
I ran spell check this year. 

I'm editing this to add that yes, as my friends are pointing out, the titillating word IS a real word that spell check would ignore.  I should have said that I ran Find and Replace!  Now the book is full of pubic schools.  Just kidding, but if they have me back next year . . .
Enjoy your day!   As always, thank you for stopping by to visit.  Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!
Paper:  Bazzill dotted Swiss
Stamps:  SU! balloon, unknown set
  sentiment PTI (?) unknown set
Ink:  Memories tuxedo black
Pearl Badabing from stash


Chrissie said...

Your posts crack me up Darnell... they never fail to bring a smile to the proverbials!
Your card is fabbo, the image is perfect for the sketch... long and thin... a bit like me (in my dreams)!
Thanks for the kind words about me and my man, he thinks photos on ships are a waste of money, but I liked that one, hence the surreptitious purchase!
Thanks as ever
"Less is More"

scrappymo! said...

Sweet card Darnell...the swiss dots make it just right!!!k

Di said...

Ha, ha, ha - so funny Darnell! :) And there I was carefully reading the Swiss dots tale avidly - gonna watch you on 1st April! I almost forgot your card, which is very clever. Hugs, Di xx

Michelle said...

Wah! Welts on his rippling upper arms... public mis-spellings (I just spell-checked myself five times on that one)... bahahahaha! Thanks, Darnell, for a massive fit of giggles! I can't believe you're so on fire after 8 days at work, you rock!

Michelle said...

Oh, I was laughing so hard, I forgot to tell you how much I like your card. It's gorgeous!

Sarn said...

You are one FUNNY lady Darnell. Great balloon card.

Sarn xxx

Kathyk said...

Your card is fabbylicious, Darnell, an dI love your humorous posts too


Redanne said...

I always come to you first because I know I will smile for the rest of the day - thank you for the much needed smile today. Love your pretty card too. Hugs, Anne x

Kim S said...

I'm never sure whether to believe your stories or not but in this case it sounds remarkably like a story that my husband tells (and swears to be true) about a certain language that has a lispy sound to it because a long-ago king actually lisped and the public didn't want him to be embarrassed so added the sound to their everyday speech!

Love your balloon - THIS is what a CAS, LIM card should be!! It's wonderful!!

(Thank goodness for spell check!)

Ardyth said...

First, the card - love your stretched image! Perfection in simplicity.

Second, you remind me that the book I'm reading is often missing an 'l' in certain words. Fled becomes fed, flame becomes fame, and I'm not sure if I'm missing the whole context of the book and it was intentional! lol!

shirley-bee said...

Love your tall balloon card, and your tall story, and I can easily believe your public story - just as good as your made-up ones!

Linda said...

Hi Darnell,
I do love reading your blog posts, I'm always guarenteed a smile.
Lovely CAS card for this weeks challenge.
Have a lovely weekend. xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

But pubic is still a word so spell check wouldn't help you out.

Studnet, however, is not a word, no matter how many times I type it.

Anyway, I thought there were holes in Swiss cheese for easier mice access, shows what I know!

I love the stretched out sketch; lots of fun could be had with that.

And you make up words, and I make up multi-word expletives.

Lynne said...

Finally stopped laughing long enough to comment.
Fabulous card Darnell. Your balloon is perfect for the challenge.
Lynne xxx

Carole said...

I too truly enjoy your babble-lutions. I've been telling people that inquire about how we fared the storm... that we were "smashed - walloped" with leaves and pine needles. Craft fair tomorrow...I think I'm ready. Have agrate weekend:)

Carol L said...

You missed your calling - you should have been a comedy writer, because your stories always crack me up! LOL Great card too!!

Craftychris said...

Oh dear, I am laughing so much! Your posts are a real tonic! Your card is fabulous too! xx

Bobby said...

I, too, was going to mention that spell check doesn't work if it's an actual word that you put in. When you type something over and over it's an easy mistake. Kind of like when I used to type Untied Methodist Church.

Love your card, but then always do.

Unknown said...

Phew Dippy - by the skin of your teeth you've crawled under the bar on this one (or perhaps you were busy sitting at it! lol) Fabby take on the sketch - love the swiss dots and the matching pearl in the balloon; perfect. Also enjoyed the history lesson......wished they'd explained it that way at skool! I haven't stopped laughing at your tale about your work project.........and I'm pretty sure you brightened up the days of all those skool administrators as well!


Karen xxx

Anonymous said...

What a great way to start the day ... a dilp into your world! Love the card, 'specially the Rudolph dots and the perfect pearl ... just wonderful! Anita

The-crafty-corner said...

Another fabby card Darnell-and another fabby tale ! I think you should take up writing as well as cardmaking.I can almost imagine your school essays and the teacher almost believing those tall tales tee hee-thanks for your lovely comment on my Blog :) xx

Vicky Hayes said...

I love your balloon card Darnell and it's pink so you've cleverly covered two of the LiM challenges! My daughter and I like to make up words too and have also got ourselves into trouble... I won't bore you with the details but suffice to say words can be very dangerous! Vicky x

Bonnie said...

Love the balloon with the Swiss dots and the story of how and why! And I'm still snickering about your spelling problem. You'd be surprised at how many Pubic Libraries there are out there!

Jean said...

That's a great image for the layout ~ you must be psychic, a this week the challenge is pink ;).