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October 16, 2012

LIM #89 ~ Well, I'll Be Winged!

Good Morning!
I am so glad I like CAS cards now that I'm back working for a very short spell.  It just amazes me that some of you manage to hold down full-time jobs, have husbands and little children under foot, make cards and scrapbooks and centras, and write blogs!  I know I'm old and all that, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't have ever done all that.  Not sober anyway.  My hat's off to you!
For this week's fun Less is More Challenge, the fab Design Team of Mandi and Chrissie want us to make one-layer cards within the theme of "Wings."  I used a never-been-inked fairy for my card and I sat her on some clouds to ground her.  It's not easy grounding fairies!

I got up bright and dawny this morning to take my photo and get this post done before I had to leave for the dentist for my permanent crown.  I thought I was still in bed dreaming when I checked my emails and found that in the night Chrissie and Mandi gave me a crown of a different sort.  They have named me one of the two September winners!  Talk about pickled tink!!  I'm really delighted, ladies, thank you so much!!


Our story today is a true story:

Life Lesson
Dan and Rachel and the twins went to our friends' cabin in the Sierras for a long weekend.  Monday morning before they left, Dan took the twins off to nearby Calaveras Big Trees State Park while Rachel cleaned up.  The boys wandered a bit ahead. They especially love this one spot where the logs from fallen giant sequoia redwoods are all stacked, askew, in a perfect climbing formation for seven-year-olds.
Out of the crisp clear blue autumn sky, Dan suddenly heard a piercing shriek.  He didn't think much of it as it didn't sound like anything he'd heard before from the boys.  As he came around the bend, however, there was little Henry sitting on one of the logs, screaming.  The poor little thing had disturbed a hive and bees were swarming around his head, stinging him again and again.
His pour little face swelled up.  Blood pooled in his left ear.  They rushed back to the cabin where he was given Benadryl and his swollen face was iced down.  By the grace of God and the magic of youth, by the time they stopped here last night on their way home, you would never have known it had happened to him.  Phew! 
He was asked, "Henry, why didn't you run?"
Henry said, "I remembered one time Mom said that if a bee comes around, you should just hold real still and it won't sting you."
What a good sweet boy.   
Thankfully, Adam was on a different log and didn't get stung, but both boys learned (one the hard way) that there is a very large chapter in the Book of Life called "Exceptions to the Rules!"
Before I dash, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Therese and Barb who have just joined the party!   Therese's blog is Lost in Paper and Barb's blog is King Designs and they are both spectacular!  I know you will have fun visiting them, if you haven't already. Thank you, Therese and Barb!
Enjoy your day!  Thank you all for your happy blog'versary wishes and thank you for the congratulations that are pouring in today for the LIM WIN! This was my best first birthday EVER!!

Paper:  Bazzill swiss dots;
  Stampland glossy
Stamps:  Fairyopolis, "Flower Fairies"
  All Night Media, "Clouds" and
  2004 unknown SU! star
Ink:  Memento tuxedo black;
  Marvy markers

(Susanne V, I don't know how to reach you through Google reader, so I'll thank you here for your kind comments! When you do hop on the Blog Train, let me know so I can follow you. Good luck! If you have any questions, my email is on my profile page. You'll find that once you get going and make a few depot stops to visit others and leave some love, you'll soon be on your way. It's a very supportive community!)


Lynne said...

Well...first off, congratulations on your LiM win. Very well deserved.
Poor, poor Henry. He must have been in agony. I was once stung by a wasp and it was so painful. Bless him I hope he`s ok now.
Oh, your card is fab. She looks like an angel sitting on that cloud.
Lynne xxx

scrappymo! said...

Wonderful card! She is so pretty!

Poor little twink...what agony he must have been in!

Linda said...

Hi Darnell,
Congratulations on your LIM win - well done you, you deserve it!
Love your one layer card, the little fairy looks so sweet sat on the clouds.
Poor Henry, I do hope he's ok. Bee stings can be very nasty.
Enjoy the rest of your week. xx

Rosemary said...

well... congratulations to you, miss darnell!! i was soo excited to see that the divas had picked you as one of the september winners!! very well deserved!! your card today is so sweet! but your poor little twink... what a horrible experience for him!

Deanna said...

Congratulations on LIM: that is so exciting and well deserved. Your cards are always spectacular and this card is no different. What a beautiful card with the fairy.
Glad to hear Henry healed up after that awful experience. Have a great week~hugs Deanna

shirley-bee said...

Congrats on the LIM September win, Darnell! Nice that it coincided with your blogaversary.

I love how you've done the colouring to make the wings look iridescent.

Carol L said...

A big HIGH 5 for your LIM recognition in September! Such a pretty card today too, and your poor sweet little twink - he must have been so frightened :( What a horrible experience for him :(

Susan said...

Love that sweet little fairy! Definitely grounded in the clouds! So sorry to hear about Henry's episode with the bees! I happen to be highly allergic to bees and if I'd been stung by more than one, I would have been in the hospital for sure! So glad he's okay!!

Oh...Oh!! I almost forgot! BIG CONGRATS on your win at LIM!!! So deserved! (I could add a few more exclamation marks, but I'll restrain myself.)

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Darnell, just came over from the LIM blog to congratulate you on your September award ! Awesome and well deserved. Love your sweet Angel with the star.

Yikes your poor grandson getting stung so many times, good that the story had a happy ending with his quick healing.

Will check out your workspace tomorrow :) Shirleyxx

Unknown said...

Oh poor little twink - he did better than I would.......I need to run as soon as I hear one! Bless - bet he won't forget that lesson in a hurry....... Although I've already left you loadsa good wishes I will say again how well deserved your win was. I love this card - so special.

Karen xxx

Mandi said...

You are too funny to be told off lol
Funny what our brains do!
Fab card as ever
Just no gold star ;)

Thanks as always

Darnell said...

Reply: That's very sweet, Mandi, but since I could, I went ahead and fixed my boo-boo and edited my post. I did it just because, otherwise, it would be confusing and not fair to everyone else. (But what a ding-dong I am!)

Bonnie said...

This little faerie has such a sweet expression on her face! Another lovely card, Darnell. Big congratulations on your win at LIM! I'm so excited for you. And thankful that Henry is OK. Thank God they had Benadryl with them.

stampwithsandy said...

I was planning on visiting you today to congratulate you on your Less is More win, but oh my dear! What a terrifying experience the little ones had with the bees. If anyone is reading this comment: Please keep Benadryl in your house at all times! You never know what nasty thing wants a taste of you. Thank goodness they are OK. (sigh)

Allisa said...

Congrats on your win! I was so excited when I saw the post this afternoon! Just now able to make it by your blog! Hope Henry is feeling better!

Jean said...

Congratulations on being named a winner at Less is More!!!!!! Yippee !!!!!So happy to hear that Henry is okay (thank goodness kids are so resilient). I see you won the prize from Freckled Fawn. I will warn you in advance washi tape is very, very addicting. Just say "no" to washi tape. Oh, and your card is delightful. Love the fairy on the cloud.

Kim S said...

I recently saw a card blogger say she'd been busy with a double homicide???!!! I agree, I don't know how people do it all. I'm heading back to school soon and I'm wondering how to juggle...maybe I shouldn't try it sober!!!??? (I found out later the blogger was a detective!).

I love your angel wings. I'm kind of glad I'm not in town this week because as much as I love CAS, I'm not so in love with "one layer".

Lyndal said...

HUGE congrats on your well deserved win Darnell :) :) :)

Redanne said...

Very well done on your wonderful win Darnell! Poor little Henry, stings are not nice at all, so glad he is much better now - aww the beauty of youth. Also love your card today and she looks wonderful grounded on that cloud. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Ardyth said...

Love your 'grounded' fairy - a cloud was the only way to go. Congrats on the LIM win! Poor Henry. It occurs to me that all the really funny 'remember when' stories we have as adults about our childhoods were really horrible incidents at the time. Glad he's ok and that his parents were smart enough to have packed Benadryl - I never think of it!

Kelly Griglione said...

Oh my, the poor little thing. I hope Henry's not having nightmares (I know I would!) HUGE congrats on being selected on LIM. I was so excited when I read it : ) AND, smart thinking on grounding your fairy ... love it, Darnell!

Jessi Fogan said...

Oh! The poor little twink! What a good, sweet, darling, earnest little man Henry is! And the grace of God and magic of youth indeed! Kudos to his parents for remembering the 'dryl. The only reason I always carry it is because the oldest & I are both allergic to everything. I'd never think of it otherwise. Just picturing the scene is horrifying - I hope both boys (and mom & dad) and recovering well. I don't even KNOW how I'd keep my head on if I walked upon that happening to one of my boys.

Switching gears, I ADORE that sweet fairy card - coloured so lightly she keeps her ethereal look perfectly. And congrats (well deserved!) on winning at LIM!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Darnell couldn't have happened to a nicer, funnier and more talented lady. and yes the gin is a definite must to keep me blogging,working,craftin,gyming and smiling !fabulous grounded fairy delicate and serene. As for the twinks your little tale started of with your usual majestic prose and i was out there in the warm sunshine and then Bam !!!!! It was a scene from a Hitchcock movie so glad there was no permeant harm done ouff !


Chrissie said...

We said you'd be a popular winner didn't we Darnell!
I'm so glad that the bee stings have been sorted, what a dreadful experience for him! Brave chap!
Your card is great... is she our first angel wings this week?
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Barb King said...

Oh, what a terrible experience for your grandson! Thanks goodness kids bounce back quickly. Thanks for the nice shout out about my blog, I've had some visitors from over here. Barb

Karen B. said...

Glad to hear that he's better! Your card is just stunning, and has an exception message to it.