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October 4, 2012

LIM 87 ~ Honey Pie, You're a Lucky Dip!

Hi Fun People,
I keep running up to the behinds of challenges again this week, so here I am jumping quickly into this week's Less Is More challenge hosted by the terrific Chrissie and Mandi.  It's "Lucky Dip" week 5 and the theme is "Love and Marriage."
The cards posted are primarily the sweetest, lovingest, most elegant cards refrecting love and weddings and marriage.  (The exception is the really funny card posted by Gillian, who is a newlywed!)  You should seriously bookmark this LIM challenge for it's amazing gallery of inspiration cards for these precious occasions!
Then there's my card:
Now I certainly don't want to scare off any sweet young women and men from the abundant and multiplutinal joys inherited when you troth your beloved.  I'm just here to portray the truth of what happens in the caboose stages of marriage, which is that even though, like furniture, there is wear and tear on us as we age, we comfortably and contentedly (if we're lucky) share that furniture, and we still remain interested in each other, and in life's deepest and most critical questions.
And, yes, the truth is that husbands remain as shell-shocked and confused as the chap above even after decades of trying to understand their wives.  And wives, well, we just keep trying to unconfuse them.  It's love that overrides the insanity of that.
Enjoy every moment in your own circle of confusion!  As always, thank you for stopping by to visit.   Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!
Paper:  SU! white, pink pirouette,
  and Stampland glossy
Stamp:  Diamonds F617,
  "Couch Couple" and
  SU! "Smarty Pants"
Ink:  Ancient Page coal black
  Marvy markers
Die:  MB Talk Bubbles
Corner chomper


Sheila in Cyprus said...

Oh Darnell!!

I spotted your card in the gallery and instantly recognised my hubby and myself!! Especially loved your take on married life for us oldies.

Well, we celebrate 38 years of marriage tomorrow (5th) and you have got us down to a tee!! Ha Ha.
However we very seldom share the sofa! He prefers the position of one,which is nearer the t.v, I prefer to be further away, from the t.v., that is...
We agree to disagree, but I usually win in the end.

Note you have been married 40 years, so you must be doing something right too.

After all my waffling, I love the card, its a great card for us oldies.

Love Sheila x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

This card is AWESOME! Sometimes when you are doing the same thing day after day after day you do start to wonder if maybe it is all about something as silly as the hokey pokey!

Free advice from me, worth what you've paid for it: Marry a guy who is a pack rat. Pack rats never get rid of anything and that includes you! ;-)

Deanna said...

Love reading your comments...too funny! This card speaks volumes and love it.
I can just imagine him turning the volume up on the TV louder and louder. Oh I must be thinking of mine during the ball game. Sitting on the couch with your sweetie, I wouldn't change a thing just maybe the channel..Oops did I say that!
Awesome Card!

kingstonmama said...

What a fun image. I love your card, Darnell, and your comments about marriage being a circle of confusion. I guess as long as we're in it together, it's all good! ann Y.

Mynn xx said...

Absolutely ADORE this hilarious card! THIS is really what marriage is! ;) LOVE! :)

Redanne said...

Brilliant card today Darnell, it is a bit sad because even without the words, a lot of could tell exactly what was going on! Thanks for the giggle. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Beautifulk this card. I must laugh when I see him. Great work and cool.
nice weekend and lovely greet

Suze Bain said...

The expression on that guy's face is hilarious. My hubby and I are not quite at that stage (17 years wed) but it won't be long! xx

Gillian R said...

Love your honest take on marriage, good to know what we have to look forward to! thanks for the shout out on my card!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hilarious ! Love your card & thanks for my morning smile :) If anyone would have that stamp it would be you.

Yes marriage isn't all about hearts, flowers & doves in 'real life' and we get comfortable. But after 30 years together we wouldn't want anything different.

Enjoy your weekend, Shirleyx

shirley-bee said...

Wedded bliss - him with his beer (and the remote), her with her cookies ...

JoZart Designs said...

That card is priceless! I love it. When Donna and I were in Slovenia visiting Dolores, she was on crutches before her knee operation and we jokingly were teaching her to do the okey kokey (as it's called here)!! How cruel we are but it was such fun!!
BTW I've put instructions on my blog for the secret message card if you'd like a try!
Jo x

Kim Heggins said...

This is just too darn cute! Love that cartoon you stamped and your coloring so perfect!

Kathyk said...

Simply brilliant card, Darnell, love the humour


Mandi said...

Such fun Darnel both your post and your card
Great stuff!
Glad I made you happy with your name on my blog
Thank you very much

Karen B. said...

Thanks for the chuckle! :}
Your card is much to fun.

The-crafty-corner said...

Oh,i love it ! The bemused look on that poor mans face-clutching his can and remote !! Hubby and i have had 26 years together like that on the settee-ha! it could so be us tee hee!! :) x

Queenie Jeannie said...

That's just adorable!!! LOVE it!

Kim S said...

I wouldn't have expected any less from you!

Anonymous said...

Please the TV control with the music system and you have hubby and I except that he has a six pack and a glass of wine and I'm the hag sitting next to him ! Fabulous card so funny I nearly wet myself good on ya !


Bonnie said...

This sure looks like a familiar scene! I think my DH got on the bus to think about it and is still riding!