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September 19, 2012



By now most of you know that Wednesdays are pretty much reserved for Julia Dunnit's  What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday and you know it is a huge and amusing (humusing?) blog hop around the world where we hop from desk top to desk top, snooping, and spying, and leaving love notes behind.
A couple of weeks ago, Deb posted to WOYWW about using her sewing machine for her scrapbook pages and she said, "Originally bought about 20 years ago to make my bridesmaids' dresses, all it stitches these days is paper!"  Well, that was a true slap-my-forehead-epiffaninny moment for me.  Thanks, Deb!
You see, it was 42 years ago that my dearly departed MIL gave me her old sewing machine, a little Singer Featherweight.  It was on that machine that I made my two bridesmaids' dresses out of royal blue crushed velvet and my wedding gown ~ yes, true, my wedding gown!  More about that later.
So thanks to Deb, I remembered that old sewing machine was out in the garage, being of no use to anyone, so I brought it into the Playhouse:
Isn't it too sweet?
That thread could use a little tension check ~
The foot pedal
The case, complete with spare parts, zipper foot, and oil.  You might notice the torn leather around the bottom?  It's worse on the other side.  That was caused by a little tiny yellow Labrador puppy named Salty.  Unfortunately, the sewing machine case was sitting on the floor one day, within puppy's reach, and it must have been mighty tasty chewing while mommy and daddy people were out running errands. 
Luckily, he didn't suffer any ill effects, but he messed the heck out of that case.  The whole caboodle might be worth something without that damage, but that's okay.  Him was only a puppy and now I can sew on my cards if I want - zippee!!  A new technique I can do!

Would you like to see my dress?  Back in 1968, there was a popular movie called "Romeo and Juliet" and the people at Simplicity Patterns took note, making patterns with empire waists and long sleeves, some with many "puffs."  Shirley, you remember Juliet's gowns?  Well, some of you must do.  It was 1970 when I made the gowns for our January 1971 wedding and I was still into Juliet. (I was not what you'd call ah courant.)

Here's a favorite photo from our little album.  (The Mister and I snuck off into the tiny church office  and the photographer caught us!)
I like it for the obvious reason, besides being a good picture to show you the dramatic sleeves, which were a booger to sew.  If I do say so myself, I did a good job considering I only took a semester of sewing in a high school Home Ec class.  But what I really love about this photo is the conventional picture of Jesus in the background.  In this case, doesn't He look like He is rolling His eyes heavenward as if to say, "Oh, God, please help these two young goofballs!"  I hope it's not sacrilegious of me to say it cracks me up every time I look at it!   And His prayer worked, considering the life we've had together.
Lastly, for those of you who saw my recent WOYWW posts about Rae's pressed flowers, the cards I made from them and (thanks to Annie) framed, and my decision to take the framed art over to Jerry for him to hang on his wall, I thought you might like to "meet" Jerry.  He loved it and we both had a good cry.  Needless to say that was a gift that I know felt better to give than to receive!
Enjoy your WOYWWing!  I know I'm late to the party being out here on the California coast, so thank you for stopping by to visit.  Special thanks to you if you stayed for today's entire episode!


Kathyk said...

Your sewing machine looks great - so much PRETTIER than modern ones - shouild have kept my late aunts - especially since we just got about $30 for it!

Love the pix and so pleased that the artwork was appreciated by Jerry


The-crafty-corner said...

Love that sewing machine !! I have already asked Santa for a teeny tiny machine so that i too can start sewing on cards-yours is a beauty though :) It must have been very emotional taking your lovely gift- no wonder the gentleman was thrilled :) x

Tamika said...

Its awesome that your art could touch Jerry's heart that way you almost make me want to cry! That sewing machine is a beauty!Tamika #139

Amanda said...

I just had to click on your playhouse pic, what a fantastic space! I love the retro-ness of your sewing machine x
Amanda J @ 129 x

Redanne said...

Hi Darnell, have not joined in today but just came by to say hello. Love that sewing machine, I learned to sew on a similar one of my Mums. Lovely wedding pic and also lovely pic of you with the pressed flowers too. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Eliza said...

Wow what a treasure to have that machine still and it is worth a bit to a collector to, damaged box and all. It was so nice to meet Jerry and you can see he is tickled pink with the pressed treasure. You are a wonderful, considerate person.

Thanks for sharing your space this week.

Eliza #45

Krisha said...

Great post today. I learned to sew on a machine just like that only a larger model.
Krisha #30

May said...

Love your post today.. O my goodness the sewing machine is fab... I would have that beauty on display!! love the wedding picture your dress looks lovely I did LOL about the pic of Jesus..well his blessing work!!! Lovely to meet Jerry.. Hugs May x x x#7

Suze Bain said...

What a lovely post Darnell. Firstly, I am so jealous of your little sewing machine, they certainly made them to last in those days. Your two pics are so lovely too. Have a great day. x

Mary Jo said...

What a great post today!
First off, you are so lucky to have a sewing machine.
And how amazing that it is the one that made your wedding and bridesmaid dresess.
I am in awe :)
And what a sweet gift!
Mary Jo #115

JoZart Designs said...

lovely post Darnell and you are so luck to still have that little machine. It's a gem! You did so well with your wedding dresses on it. I used to use a mini hand machine to make ballroom dancing dresses and my Mum used to turn the handle whilst I used two hands to sew. I still have the machine too.
Such a sweet pic with Jerry and his joy is obvious. How lovely to take that trouble to share and pass on a kindness.
Lots of love Jo x

Allisa said...

Such a cool sewing machine, with so many memories. Can't wait to see all of the new stitching on your cards!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Darnell, just had to stop by to see what was on your desk today... is it Gin? NO Is it Scary Costumes? NO... Is it a shredded up kleenex? NO.... it's a gorgeous 'older style' Singer machine ! Yes I did stay for the entire read, it was fun, but you are just teasing us with a side shot of you in your dress... I want to see a front view photo & another with the bridesmaids to see the dresses you created ! Cheers, Shirleyx

Ali H said...

Looks like you are going to have great fun with your sewing machine ! I sew but haven't ever tried stitching on my paper projects ! Thanks for stopping by earlier Ali #53

Deb said...

oh wow, I can't tell you how happy I am to have reminded you of your sewing machine, it is a beauty and such a shame if it was left all alone in your garage! I love that it still stitches so well after all this time and well done you making your wedding dress aswell as bridesmaid dresses! Your cards will thank you for stitching on them, I think it finishes them off perfectly, can't wait to see the results!

Kim Heggins said...

oh....this is just too cute! What a fun addition to your playhouse! I love your photo too...so sweet and romantic. I love to sew and if I am not in my craft room making cards I am upstairs sewing what ever I can get my hands on. I love that your machine is so little, perfect for sewing on your cards. Can't wait to see what you do!

Unknown said...

Dippy I just LOVE what's on your desk today. What a beautiful machine - how glad are you that you were reminded about it? I can almost see you doing a "happy dance" if it wasn't for that wretched back of yours! lol I've just given away my godmother's Singer sewing machine which wasn't quite as old or delicate as yours but still lovely in crisp black and gold. They certainly don't make em like they used to eh? Your wedding dress is gorgeous from what I can see and the detail on the sleeve is amazing - you must have been a dressmaker in a former life if you only took one term of classes at school! Great photo of you and Jerry - I'm sure he loved what you did with the dried flowers.


Karen xxx

Unknown said...

PS..........I meant to say - no-one's cottoned on to the names yet???


K xxx

Jean said...

The sewing machine is absolutely gorgeous, even if you don't use, its beautiful to just look at. I am totally impressed that you sewed your own wedding dress! Great picture of you and Jerry!

Sue from Oregon said...

Love love your machine. I love old antiquey things so this will be fond addition to your crafty room. Very cool! Can't wait to see you sew on your creations!

Daniella said...

first, I can't believe that machine still works! That is awesome! And making the dresses is a wonderful story! I love your dress and the picture! So timeless. Really well done!!

Bonnie said...

That sewing machine looks like the one my Mom had except hers was in a cabinet. I think one of my great nieces has it now. Thanks for another visit down memory lane. Love the wedding picture. I'm sure Jesus was smiling down on you as well as rolling his eyes! I'll bet your friend enjoyed your visit almost as much as the beautiful framed flowers.

Barb King said...

Well, you made my day with this post. I sure do remember that movie, we thought the girl who played Juliette was so gorgeous, and I had a purple dress with the same puffy sleeves. I also did the same as you, took 1 Home ec. course, and ended up making my wedding gown in 1976, not as fancy as your chiffon sleves, but similar style. Also made my maid of honors dress, and when i was driving down with it in the car it was on the hook by the window and blew out, rolled around on the highway and got run over! Ah the memories, thanks for bringing this all back! Barb

SandeeNC said...

So many awesome things for you to share on your blog today, the sewing maching, the wedding dress and the photo of you gifting the frame. I loved it all! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Michelle said...

Darnell, your sewing machine has the same look as my old Singer treadle machine (which sits prettily in the corner of my bedroom under a pile of junk). My treadle was my Grandma's, and it can still sew. :-) You did a beautiful job on your wedding dress, you brave woman. Your photo made me smile. :-)

Susan said...

You always entertain me, Darnell! That old Singer is a treasure! I learned to sew on a Singer treadle machine and wish I had it now...I see it's still working too...even better!

trisha too said...

Darnell, that was a wonderful post. Seriously, you made me laugh and cry in the space of a few minutes!

Happy WOYWW to you!
:)trisha, #143 this week,
and utterly shameless!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Best post of the week for me!!!
I've just mopped up tears at that gorgeous pic of you and Jerry - what a wonderful, thoughtful thing you did there...sad and happy all rolled up into that beautiful picture.... sniff, sniff, I'm going to start again, where's my tissues...??

Get a grip, LLJ.....

Love the sewing machine tale too. I made my wedding dress with my mum and my booger was not the sleeves, but the 30 little pearl buttons up the back. I cursed my stupidity many times as I sat there attaching them, but they looked lovely on the day! I'm glad that the awesome little sewing machine is seeing the light of day again.

And I LOVE Jesus rolling his eyes at the pair of you lovebirds!! But he knew that he was seeing a good pairing there, didn't he :D
With love, LLJ ~73 xxxx

Inkyfingers said...

Your pcture with Gerry is great Darnelle - such a swet thing to do. I loved your candid wedding picture with Jesus in the background. Trust you to notic that lol! Congratulations on rediscovering your sewing machine. When I see what you made with it first time round, I am sure you will find some marvelous and cretive uses for it.l

Anonymous said...

That little sewing machine is just beautiful Darnell, can't believe you let in languish in the garage in the first place!! Great wedding photo! And that one photo of Jerry is worth a thousand words.

Brenda 1

shirley-bee said...

Love that sewing machine. A few months ago I remembered that I'd inherited an old hand sewing machine from my husband's aunt more than 20 years ago, and it's been in the attic ever since. So I decided I would use it for stitching on cards.

I hadn't realised it was a Jones Serpentine circa 1880! (Google it, they're fabulous). I polished and cleaned it, and it goes through the motions of sewing but I can't work out how to get the thread up through the shuttle so the stitch doesn't catch. So it's back in the attic. Oh well.

Love your romantic Juliette wedding dress. And I agree with Shirley, it should be a full frontal.

Lovely picture of you and Jerry.

RosA said...

I love your old Singer sewing machine, it's gorgeous! I'm sure you will get a lot of use out of it for paper or fabric! Thanks for visiting me and for your very kind words. I do appreciate it. Happy late WOYWW!

BJ said...

Oh the sewing machine is just darling and electric too. The one I have, of my late grandmother, is a hand one and much bigger. Your wedding gown is wonderful too - how talented. BJ#19

Di said...

Hi Darnell - well I absolutely never and oh my Golly Gosh!! Guess what, I also have exactly the very same model little sewing machine that my Dad bought for my Mum about 55 years ago. As you say, it's a Featherweight, which was essential as we moved all over the World. I lost count of the amazing clothes my Mum made using it.

When I told Len he said it's safe and sound, stored in the loft here and do I want it brought down to play with. Is the Pope Catholic was my reply :)

The foot slots into the inside of the lid I seem to recall and it really is a fabulous piece of engineering. And lovely to look at too. We didn't have a puppy to chew it - that would have just added to the memories I'm sure.

Memory Lane today!

Hugs, Di xx

Amy E said...

Wow Darnell, you made your own wedding dress??!!? Now THAT takes a very special kind of talent! I totally remember that movie too, and was in love with all of Juliet's dresses.

The sewing machine is gorgeous! I bet it makes such a great addition to your room! I really need to learn how to sew on my projects...I have a machine, but just haven't done it yet.

Amy E. #10

Jules said...

Hi Darnell

That is one fabulous sewing machine.

Have you polished it to within an inch of its life yet?

So pleased you have brought it out for an airing and I look forward to seeing lots of stitches on your lovely creations.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Love Jules xx

Sandy said...

Would you look at your Singer - it is beautiful - I do remember them. Loved all your photos.

Queen Lightwell said...

Oh, wow! Your Singer is beautiful! I have one from my great great grandma but its not in nearly as good of a shape as yours is. So shiny! And it still works! Needless to say, but I will, mine does not work. I do wish our modern sewing machines were prettier, wonder why they aren't? Anyways, looking forward to seeing your cards all sewn up now! I think it looks really great on cards and I have a sewing machine but I'm always neglecting that step. Meh. Its nice anyways. That was really sweet of you to make that picture for Jerry and I'm sure he will treasure it. Thanks for sharing all the pictures with us this week. And your wedding dress looks amazing! Those sleeves look really difficult but like you really nailed 'em, fab job there! Take care and thanks so much for sharing the great pictures this week. :)
Deeyll #77

505whimsygirl said...

Love the old sewing machine! How cool for you to dig it out and put it to good use (once again). I can't even imagine sewing a wedding dress. We'll have to see more photos!

Thanks for visiting me. I'm vERY slow this week.


Bobby said...

I received a Singer like that when I graduated from high school in 1961, which I later gave to my sister when I bought a fancier machine. My mother still has hers and I'm hoping to inherit it. They don't make sewing machines like they used to.