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September 11, 2012

DD19 ~ Colors; FF01 ~ Sketch; MIM82 ~ Cut It Out!

Yo Peoples!

Thank you for all your wishing well wishes yesterday.  My back is still very vocally letting me know it's back there.  It'll quiet down soon.  Some bones will do anything for attention.
I missed Dynamic Duos challenge last week and don't want to miss another one.  There are so many fun challenges, so little time!  This week the DD challenge #19 presents: cajun craze and always artichoke.  So that's my colors.

Next, a sketch.  What was I just saying about so many fun challenges, so little time, and what do I find?  A brand new challenge!  Please allow me to introduce you to Fab Friday!  I first heard about this fun challenge through Jen Timko.  Their very first challenge is this sweet sketch:
So, good, with a sketch and some colors, I went to play and made this:

My third challenge entry evolved as I was staring at the blank sentiment strip. You'll have to imagine it blank 'cause I didn't think to take a picture at that point. 
On Monday over at Nichole Heady's Capture the Moment blog, you can find "Make It Monday" #82, which challenges us to cut . apart . our . stamps.  Gasp!
Because of my background in the legal industry, I looked up the law about such things.  It turns out "stampacide" (FCR41  § d32) and "dismemberstamp" (FCR41 § d33) are illegal only off the coast of the smallest of the Orcas Islands.  Otherwise, you can just whack away and your stamps have no defense. 

I'll admit I've done this a time or two with my wooden rubber stamps.  I didn't sleep for days afterwards because it made me really squeemed out.  Those suckers fight back!  You have to hold them down with one hand and then violently rip the sticky combative image from the wood with the other hand.  As you pry up a piece, you glue down a finger, and so on.  It's like pulling a taffy-loving snail off the underside of a log.

(Or you could microwave them for a second, but there's not as much drama and excitement doing it that way.)

Would I dare?  Would I cut up one of my beloved PTI Signature Greetings?
Perhaps this one, stamped here on scratch paper?
Yikes!  Even though it didn't have the wide channels between the letters like Erin suggested in her video, I did it! 
It worked, by Jive, and it fit the card perfectly! 
Enjoy!  Smile!  Have fun!  To paragraze Susan, it's only stamps!  As always, thank you for stopping by to visit.  Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!

Paper:  SU always artichoke, cajun 
  craze and white; DCWV DP
Stamp:  PTI Signature Greetings
Ink:  SU always artichoke
Purple Cow trimmer
SU piecing tool and mat
SU button
embroidery thread


Ardyth said...

Well done, my dear! I've been doing that (cutting stamps) for years - especially with the long Happy Birthdays so I could stack them! Love your buttons and circles - this is a really fun, modern card! I'll have to go check out Fab Friday!

Anonymous said...

Great card. ;-) And nice job on cutting your stamp apart - you're a braver woman than I! LOL

I also enjoyed your hilarious narrative about the process and legalities of cutting stamps apart. Thanks for the fun post. ;-)

Allisa said...

I usually can't bring myself to cut up my stamps. I have on only managed to cut up a couple of stamps and I cringed the whole time. I need to get more adventurous! Great job cutting out the Smile stamp!

Tracey McNeely said...

Oh my brave friend you did a fantastic job of cutting your stamp and then creating a fantastic card. I have had my scissors at the ready so many times and then backed off. Those circles and buttons are so awesome.

Amanda said...

Gorgeous card, I have just started cutting my stamps too, was very nervous the first time but once I started I couldn't stop lol. Hope the back feels better soon. Hugs, Amanda x

Marlena M. said...

LOL, I wouldn't have even thought about it being ILLEGAL. Goodness!!! I'm glad we have you to keep it all legal like. ;) Awesome colors on your card!

Carole said...

You write with humor even though your hurting...your a champ So you cut up your stamp...can you still use both pieces? Cute card.

Jill Norwood said...

Your post made me LOL!!! Great job on this challenge and a sweet card!!! :)

Redanne said...

Yo Darnell! You are one brave lady, both with your back problem - AND- cutting up your stamp - Yikes. I am not ready for that step just yet but I have been know to mask off words and use coloured markers on just the words that I want. On the whole, yours is a better idea..........Crafty hugs, Anne x

PS, love your card, great colours.
Hope the back feels well again soon. xx

Amanda Mertz said...

Very pretty! Love the sparkly circles and your funny commentary on cutting up stamps! Gave me a big smile! I have cut words apart from images in the past and after the inital shock of, "OMG, what have I done??" you realize that it so much easier than constantly masking! Thanks for playing along with us at Fab Friday!

Unknown said...

Oh Dippy, Dippy, Dippy - how could you.......did it scream? I was trying to think what crime you could be banged up for (sorry, typical Brit speak!) - suicide, patricide, polycide, rubbercide.........no I think you got it spot on with stampacide - perfect! Think I would have had a shakey hand as those top words are soooooo close to the main sentiment.......whoooooo got it - senticide - yeh! lol Perfect card and brilliant for all three challenges.


Karen x

MaryH said...

Well, your card is just beautiful...happy colors! And I got a big chuckle out of the snip-stamp philosophy. I have a hard time cutting apart also. (I've been guilty.Yes,I'll confess it). I'm relieved to know that the stamp Po-lice won't be paying a visit. Wonder why it is so hard for us to deface these little boogers? It's 'only rubber'! Thanks for bringing a smile along with your lovely card. Glad to hear the back is improving. I'll have to read further posts and play catchup. TFS

Kim Heggins said...

You crack me up! I have only cut one stamp apart so far and I too could not sleep for days! I am so blessed to not live on the Orcas Islands! But thanks for the heads up...
Your card it so stunning and your stamp cutting is so perfect, you are one brave lady and had fabulous results with your card, just beautiful!

Joyce said...

What a wonderful card. I can't believe that you have cut up your stamp. You are truly brave. I saw the video, and turned it off! Love that ladybug and the polka dots.

Marybeth said...

Lol! Well, I am glad it's all legal or I would have to report you. Sorry about your back, I thought you were going to say you lifted your husband or something. I cant believe you cut your stamp. It looks great though. Love your very pretty and colorful card, Darnell!

Jean said...

Great card for all of the challenges ~ you are one brave lady to cut up your stamps ~ especially signature greetings! I was just thinking on Monday that I really should try to do this week's Make it Monday, since I haven't done one in a while. But I can always wait until next week ;)!

Jules said...

Hi Darnell

Did you hold your breath and stick your tongue out as you were cutting?

I have cut a few of mine but not many .. .. but I don't think I would have attempted this one. You must have a very steady hand as the 'you' looks very close to the top of that letter 'S' LOL!!!

Well done .. .. and a great finished card too.

I hope you are having a good week.

Love Jules xx

Kara Lynne said...

That's one happy card, it makes me smile (imagine that)! Good for you, hacking away at your stamps like that!

Marla Reed said...

I love the circles and I think I prefer the sentiment cut the way you did it. Thanks for playing at Fab Friday!

Jenni's Jems said...

They say that the first cut is the deepest... being quite new to card making to make my stuff go further I have been known to tear my stamps asunder - find it quite therapeutic actually, feels like your breaking the rules!(bit of a rebel hiding in me perhaps??)But I digress back to the card it is smashing so cheerful ...like yourself x

Helen F. said...

Loved your very funny post about cutting legally :) Your beautiful card is so bright and cheery, Darnell!

Bada-Bing Creations said...

SOrry to take up more of your time but I think it's worth it, hehe! This is great! I LOVE the fun and bright colors!! Thanks for playing at Fab Friday!

Susan Joyce said...

Great card, fantastic and very amusing chatter. Thanks for joining us at Dynamic Duos this week Darnell.

Hettie said...

Great card and you get the Bravery Medal for cutting up your stamps! I just chicken out and mask them with post its!!
When I first saw the card I thought the button was a ladybird! Cute!

Kim S said...

I'm so proud of you! It's liberating to realize you have dominion over your stamps!