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September 7, 2012

CASology #9 ~ Family; OLW #104 ~ Gratitude Campaign 2012

And we're back around to Friday!  Whoosh!

Today I'm combing two posts.  Apparently I'm also being economical with my letters.  Mister uses a similar expression when he tells me how much money he spent on a motorcycle item.  "Are you lying?" I ask. 

"I'm not lying," he demurs, "I'm being economical with the truth." 

I let it be since, natch, it only follows that I can use the same expression regarding craft supply transactions. 

It didn't take me very long to pop the train off the tracks this morning, did it?  Let's start over.

Today I'm combining two posts.  I'm playing in two challenges, but unlike the usual course of events, this time each has its own card.  I'm putting them together in one post because, to my way of thinking, you shouldn't have one word without the other.
For CASology this week, the cue word is family.

Of course, I immediately thought of stamping one of my little boy stamps two times to represent twin grandsons, but I ended up going broader than that, like this:

I have all these great family name stamps from Hampton Art Stamps that were perfect for this challenge and that fit perfectly stamped in rainbow colors along the side of the card base.  I rummaged through my alphabet stickers and found the perfect stickers to "match" the fun stamp designs of the words.  I wish I got paid a dollar for every time I use the word perfect in one paragraph.
Happily today, "family" is more diverse and more widely accepted than the Ozzie and Harriet Nelson TV model of the 50s and 60s, although even then (behind the TV eye), there were families that were nontraditional.  I grew up for the first eleven years with four sisters, two brothers, an uncle, a grandpa, and a mom who was mentally ill.  Then I was placed in a foster home for seven years where I was an only child with two older strange, and I do mean strange, people for parents.  Sometimes in life you trade one onion for another and you have no choice but to start peeling all over again.

It was a rough go those first two decades, but then I met the Mister and his family and my family blessings haven't stopped since.  The blessings grew with first our son, who then brought us a daughter (-in-law), and then they doubly blessed us with their two sons.  And let's not forget all the four-legged pets and frogs and fish along the way.  As if that weren't enough to be grateful for, twelve years ago, I reunited with my brothers and sisters after being apart from them for forty years.

Which brings me to my second card.  Susan Raihala of Simplicity started a "One Layer Wednesday" challenge 104 challenges ago.  I think it's a blast.  This week the challenge kicks off her 2012 Gratitude Campaign.  To quote her:
"The Gratitude Campaign is my annual attempt to save Thanksgiving from the commercial limbo between Halloween and Christmas.   . . ."  You must click over to her blog to read the rest.  Hear, hear, Susan!

Your family may be traditional, it may be non-traditional, it may be your friends, or it may be your pets, but whatever it is, it's good to be reminded once in a while not to take them for granite and to express your gratitude, like this maybe, with Prismacolor pencils:

Enjoy!  Enjoy!  As always, thank you for stopping by to visit and leaving a comment.  Special thanks to all of you who have become my second family in this wonderful online community!  Mm-waugh!! 

Paper:  PTI white, unknown green BP
Stamps: Hampton Art Stamps 23 (words);
  Hero Arts F3342 Stitched Ribbon
Ink:  Marvy Matchables
Ribbon:  Richard's dollar bin
Stickers:  unknown

Paper:  Strathmore
Stamps:  Tulips, PSX K-1695;
  Hero Arts, A-3079 Gratitude
Ink:  Prismacolor Pencils


Tracey McNeely said...

Darnell this is such a fun family themed card. Love all the colour on your letters. Thank you so much for joining us this week at CASology!

kingstonmama said...

What a wonderful post, Darnell. Your family card is fun and colorful and your OLW card is gorgeous. That pot of tulips is colored beautifully and the sentiment is so true. Ann

Allisa said...

Great cards! Fantastic coloring with the pencils!

Bernie said...

What a wonderful post, Darnell. Your cards are as always fabulous.

Redanne said...

A very moving post today Darnell, punctuated with one very fun card and one breathtaking one! I love them both, one because it made me smile before I read your story and two because it reminds me never to take my family for 'granite' either! You always make me smile in my heart. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Carole said...

That's quite a story Darnell and the result is you. Well done:) Lovely cards. Hugs

Ardyth said...

Both beautiful cards - you know I'm partial to a rainbow! and the tulips are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your story - I'm glad it's having an ongoing happy ending!

Unknown said...

Hi Dippy - well I'm a bit stuck for words and am sitting here looking at a blank screen which is waiting for me to type some words but I'm hesitant because I'm so glad you met mister and his family which led to now and I suppose if you hadn't gone through those early years you might not have met - so that makes me happy but sad in the background for what you went through :o( But to the case in point two absolutely gorgeous cards - love your family stamps and your prisma'd tulips are wonderful. May all your blessings continue.


Karen x

MaryH said...

Loved both these cards. Well done! I think the tulip stamp must be PSX (and if so, I managed to nab that one! colors up wonderfully, yet I've not tried pencils. NOTE to Self: Try this). Enjoyed reading your story. I understand more your onion analogy. These experiences made you into the strong person you seem to be, and you are able to appreciate the family blessings you have today. Good remainder to Self, (ME) not to take MY blessings for granite either! TFS cards & inspirational words for the day. Hugs..oops.. forgot to say: I'm so happy for you that you got to reunite with your biological siblings at last. A life's treasure.

Vicky Hayes said...

Lovely cards Darnell and I bet when you were colouring in those tulips you were thinking of just how very lucky you've been. You need to have really been through the mill to understand gratitude like you do - and I know because I do too. M-wah to you too! Vicky x

PS Thanks for letting me know about my CASual Fri mention - whoopee!

Geri said...

Just had to tell you how much I have enjoyed this past hour reading through your posts! Your wit, your humor, your candid approach to life kept me reading post after post! I can hardly wait to read more!

PS You cracked me up with your "My Recognitions" section and "Away with Words", especially the Typing While Old - way too funny!

So glad I found your blog!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Wow that's quite a post Darnell ! Partly funny, sad, happy and creative with 2 beautiful cards. The family one is especially wonderful. Seriously, I still think you should write a book.

Also, thank you so much for the suggestion that I join in the challenge, which would be possible if I get my kits (prep for classes that I'm teaching) out of the way. My craft room looks like a bomb hit with no space for creating cards. I also need to jump into gardening as a break from preparing kits... sorry I'm rambling... have a great weekend :) Shirley x

Rosemary said...

what a great life story you have darnell! thanks so much for sharing it. your CASology card is so bright and fun!! thanks so much for playing along with us each week at CASology!!! love your OLW card, too!

Marybeth said...

You know I love your story Darnell. I also love , that you know how blessed you are now. Life is fragile handle with prayer, and lots of laughter.
Ok, love your happy stamped family card. Your flower card is also a beauty, just like you. Enjoy your weekend.

Kim Heggins said...

Darnell, another wonderful story. I love your outlook on life and that is one of the reasons I love reading each and every one of your posts. I had to laugh when I read the part about Mister buying motorcycle goodies and you your craft supplies. My husband is an avid fishman so I never feel guilty about my craft supplies. Anyway, I love both of your cards, so sweet and so beautiful.

Victoria said...

Both cards are wonderful, and the story behind the post is very moving. I think your gratitude card is beautiful . The colouring is out of this world, the sentiment inspiring, and the thoughts behind it powerful.

Unknown said...

I love catching up with your blog on Saturday mornings. Your posts never fail to bring a smile, and most often have me laughing out loud. A great way to start the weekend! You are one special lady! Thanks for sharing your talent in your wonderful, wacky way! It is inspiring to consider your outlook on life taking into consideration the roads you had to travel early on.
Lu C

Mynn xx said...

Two gorgeous cards! I LOVE your tulips--the coloring is absolutely stunning! Fabulous artwork! :)

Suze Bain said...

Two fabulous cards Darnell, first one is bright and funky and the second is just, well, beautiful! The story of your childhood has brought a tear to my eye, thank you for sharing. xx

Bobby said...

Bless you for overcoming and be-coming. Your story is an inspiration. And your humor through it all is heartwarming.

Jen W. said...

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Darnell. I can't imagine what your childhood must have been like but I'm glad you and Mister found each other and that you've been reunited with your brothers and sisters. Your family card is a perfect tribute to families and all their quirks! Thanks for playing along at CaSology this week!

Benzi said...

Your CASology card is so fun and colorful and I'm so glad things have turned out for the better for you.

Love the tulip card as tulips are my favorite of all flowers. Beautiful card.

Jean said...

Both cards are lovely ~ I especially love the tulips and your coloring is wonderful! Happy Grandparents Day to you and the Mister!

Kara Lynne said...

Fantastic cards and a wonderful message! I'm so grateful for my family and this cyber one too - best part is they are all real people, just not next door!

Melissa said...

Now if your life story doesn't humble me, I don't know what could! Thanks for sharing it, Darnell! I'm so glad things turned out in the end the way they have for you! The Mister sounds like a treasure with that "economical" statement of his! That got a guffaw out of me!!! Wonder if that would work on my rather thrifty hubby??? hmmm...
Love that bright, cheery family card of yours! What a fabulous array of family stamps you have stashed away!!! :) I really like your pretty tulip card too! The sentiment is wonderful!!!
Thanks for continuing to join us at CASology! :)

Deanna said...

Darnell, I am humbled this morning reading your post. I am very happy that you have been blessed with your family and then being reunited with your siblings. Great post and cards! Beautiful color on those roses.Hugs Deanna
Love the mister's economical truth~too funny!

Cheryl said...

Darnell, You've been busy! Your "family" card is adorable. I love all the color.

Love you tulips! Such a great image and your coloring is super!