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September 10, 2012

ATS ~ Sketch #2; Pixie's #37 ~ Snippets; C4E #2

Howdy Monday Moppits!

We had a Funday at the Adventure Park yesterday and some photos are shared at the end if you're interested.  I hope you had a Funday, too!

I was able to do a really UBERCAS card before we left for the day.  I was all happy about that, bouncing around as I cleaned up my little mess and then, just before leaving the Playhouse, I reached down to close a file cabinet drawer and blew out my back. 

I went on our adventure anyway because sometimes this age-activated Degenerous of the lower back amounts to a few minutes of wincing.  Sometimes it takes days. This time it's a doozie, so I spent last evening reeking of "muscle rub," sprawled on top of a heating pad.  Lemme tell ya, I sang like a stepped-on canary every time I moved.  Sleeping was another adventure, even with a potion.  I'm carrying several pieces of luggage under my eyeballs this morning.

Nevermore, I'm up and around and I know the more I can do that, the better it will be.  Still, I don't think it's a good idea to be too rowdy, so I won't be joining the other playmates over at Pixie's to help finish off the trim on the tree house today.  I'll be sending my card via messenger.

Excuse me?  Did I just hear one of you say, "'Tis fine with us, since she does more yammering than hammering anyway!"  How dare you!  I resemble that remark!

I'm playing again in the newish Addicted to Stamps challenge which hasn't seen a tremendous amount of traffic.  Please do add it to your challenge favorites to check out each week and play along when you can.  There are a talented group of ladies hosting.  This week is their second sketch challenge:
As soon as I saw this sketch, I knew there was only one way for me go:

Well, now don't be silly.  Flip yourself, sir!
He's a happy card!  I placed him tipsy-like, literalizing the sketch, but no worries about him rolling over as his bottom is firmly in an imaginary divot. 

This would be a super fun card to kit up and make with the little ones in your life.  No stamps, no ink, they can glue a few cards together while still in their Sunday church clothes waiting for the dinner roast to finish cooking.

All the papers, bling, and corner embellies are from Christmases past, shiny, and delicious.  I'm sending my Mr. Snowman off to play in the "Snippets Challenge 37" over at  Pixie's Crafty Workshop.  Headmistress Di is away visiting one of our United States, shopping at lots of our craft stores, and having a ball!  She won't have time, of course, to do a roll call this week, but all the linkie playmates will visit each other, so do join in!
And just for the hay of it, I'm joining, for the very first time, another fun new challenge I recently found called Challenges 4 Everybody where the current challenge is "Anything Goes!"  Child, how can you not play along in a challenge with a welcoming name like that!

Adventure Park

Right next to the sparkly San Francisco Bay is a tiny part of shoreline dedicated to kids and creativity.  Apparently it has been there for decades, but somehow the Mister and I never heard about it Way Back When, so we never took DS there.  He is not being so remiss with his own DSes!  They love it and so did we. 

It made me smile down to my toes to see all the parents with their little buggers pounding nails willy-nilly, riding the zip line, and painting whatever the heck they wanted in whatever colors they wanted.  Everywhere you looked, fun was being had with reckless abandon!  If you live anywhere near the Bay Area with kidlets, you should check it out.  I guarantee you'll turn into a seven-year-old yourself!
Here are random photos objets d' kid'o:

Here are random photos of the twins:

So what did I do all day?

Well, with my back belly up, I did this for a while: 
I thought, you know, it might help my back.  Not!  It was a big mistake and I'm paying for it big-time.  I told you this Park makes you act like a seven-year-old . . . the problem, grandma, comes with forgetting that seven-year-olds don't have bad backs!
Enjoy your Monday!   As always, thank you for stopping by to visit.  Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!
(BTW, I loved how some of you pointed out that my Halloween costumes depicted in photos on Saturday's post should have been worn in the reverse years in accordance with the laws of nature and gravity. In real life, Dolly Parton's boobs should have been worn before Paul Bunyon's stomach, not the other way around!  What was I thinking?!)

Paper: Unknown glossies;
  pinch of SU orange
Stamp:  None
Ink:  None
Bling, embellies from stash
Nesties Circle dies


Carole said...

Oh so sorry to hear about your back pain. Nasty...bad...go away! Good to hear about the fun and the twinks. Super fun card It really would make a great kit for kids. Wishing the pain gone and forgotten.

Bernie said...

What a cute card!
Ouch, Ouch, Ouch! Both Jim and I have our backs out ATM so you definitely have our sympathies. Everyone in the house is in tears, no not because they feel for us, it's all the liniment being used. Hope we will all be back to normal ASAP.

Suze Bain said...

Oh, I sympathise with you Darnell with your creaky back, hope it eases up soon - looks like you had lots of fun though. Super card, instantly looks like a snowman to me too. Take care. xx

Kylie said...

What a terrific idea. Now, this is really thinking outside the box and I LOVE it. Well done, Darnell. Hope you get better soon. Thanks so much for playing along at ATS xx(and thanks for your support in your blog)

Bonnie said...

What a fantastic snowman however you look at him! BTW, I like the way you did your costumes backwards. It gives me hope. Silly I know, but who knows? (Maybe I need to get some pillows!)

Mrs A. said...

He is a lovely roly poly snow man. Ouch to your bad back. Climbing up the walls here at the moment with a very bad cystitis attack. Started Saturday so couldn't get to the docs till the morning. Practically knawing on his leg to give me the tablets by the time I got there. Just waiting up to take the last pill of the day then I'm off to bed. Painting the treehouse will have to wait. Hugs Mrs A.

Kara Lynne said...

So sorry about your back! It sounds just awful. That park looks like a lot of fun, and so creative. Shiny Mr. Snowman is a perfect take on that sketch and super fun too!

Loll said...

Darnell, great take on the sketch challenge ... I love your shiny snowman!

Hope your back is feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Ouch....sorry to hear about the bad back sounds awful and really smelly ! Fabulous post again Darnell even if you were/are in pain you still know how to write a great blog post and your cards not bad either ! Thanks for cheering me up, making me smile and sharing your craftiness with us at ATS. Thanks for your support an good luck.


Unknown said...

Hi Dippy - fantastic card; could definitely rely on you to think way outside of the box!!! lol Sorry to hear about your back but you look soooo comfy in the photo......don't think I would be able to stand up straight after a while in that position! Fabby photos of the twinks. Thanks so much for joining in the fun over at ATS this week.


Karen x

Jacqueline said...

Oh yes - I do like this, such fun! Thanks for joining us this week at ATS - Jacqueline xx

Kim Heggins said...

So sorry to hear about your back...no fun! Fabulous card...you can never go wrong using snowman and yours is just too darn cute. Love all of your pictures too and you look so relaxed, just too cute.

Jean said...

LOVE this shiny snowman! Sorry to hear your back went out.

shirley-bee said...

Love your tipsy snowman - looks like he's in for a merry Christmas! Hope your back is improving.

Di said...

Hi Darnell - love the snowman :) But sorry to hear about your back - I know just what you mean about a stepped on canary, in the weeks running up to holiday I was like that and it's pure misery. So far though, so good as it's been behaving, even with a strange bed - in fact we fly back the day after tomorrow. Am fearful of what mayhem I'll find in the playground, wink :) Di xx

Sarn said...

Hi Darnell

Hope your bad back is recovering. Maybe you shoulda tried sitting the other way round on that thing?

Have a great weekend. The tree house is going well, plus the chikkin coop!

Sarn xxx