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July 10, 2012

WOYWW #162 and OLW #95

Happy Tuesday and Wednesday!

It's time again for Ms. Julia Dunnit's  What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday!  I'll be off the Blogcycle tomorrow for the day, so I'm linking  lateish on Tuesday. On WOYWW, the whole idea is to lurk about on porches, in the bushes, or on trash bins to peep in windows. 

Front and center is the card I made for yesterday's post and you can see the instrument of torture, otherwise called the heat gun, and the foil-wrapped cardboard I talked about the other day (here), which makes embossing a breeze.  Well, breezier.  And pots of embossing powder and stamps and other beloved flotsum and jetsum.

The other reason I'm linking tonight is because I made a card for Ms. Susan Raihala's (Hala!) One Layer Wednesday challenge, which I'm just going to enter in the kanick of time.  I've been niggled all this week because I haven't played properly yet.  I did make a card for the challenge last Thursday, but it was not, strictly speaking, a one-layer card, so I didn't show it to Susan.  But I haven't forgotten and so while I had the embossing stuff out, I made this OLW card, which was to use at least One Star and One Stripe.

I don't know why I felt the need to make it red, white, and blue now that the 4th is over with, but that's what I had in the brain drawer and so that's what I made.  I used the "Husband, Wife . . . Happy Life!" SU sentiment stamp, but I only inked up the "Happy Life" part of it.

You should check out both challenges!  Lots of fun snooping at WOYWW and tomorrow there will be a brand new challenge at OLW, hosted by Jennifer Styles.

I had just returned from lunch today when Sylvie roared up on her motorcycle to join us!  Please help me welcome GIBMISS all the way from Gibraltar!  (It's okay about the fence.) 

I'm going to do some neglected household business around here tomorrow.  Blecht.  This morning, half-awake, but still buried in the bedcovers, I heard Mister open his underwear drawer and mumble something about the "laundry fairy."  I don't know which of us was more surprised by how rapidly I sat upright and how accurately I threw Mr. Froggie at the back of his head. 

(Here's a picture of Mr. Froggie, if you're new to the party.  He was not harmed in the cleaning of Mister's clock.)

Enjoy!  As always, thank you for stopping by to visit.   Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!
Paper:  PTI white
Stamps:  Unmarked stripe;
  SU sentiment and star, unknown
Ink:  SU night of navy ink and SU
  night of navy and cherry cobble 
  embossing powders


Cheryl said...

Hey girl, I saw your just posted your OLW card. I thought I was late to the party! LOL...

Do you really have a "laundry fairy"? Oh, wow... I so need one of those too!

Mr. Froggie is too cute!

Carol said...

Love your cas card. Simple really makes a statement! And, I love your story about the Mister and the laundry fairy...sounds very much like something my mister would mumble. Glad Mr. Froggie is ok. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your clean and simple card is fabulous, I love the way you balanced it perfectly with one star and one stripe.
Heather T.

Kara Lynne said...

The one star and one stripe makes a bold statement. Always fun to peep through your playhouse window too! Good luck staying off the computer tomorrow.

Sandy said...

Oh can I have the laundry Fairy here please. With all this rain its impossible. Glad there was no harm to Mr Froggy, misters heads can be hard landing. Love the outlook from your workdesk,looks so summery. Sandy :)

Jenny @ I-dream-in-paper.blogspot.co.uk said...

Love that card, can't get more CAS than that! How come you get a laundry fairy & I get the bad one?

Amanda said...

Gorgeous cas card, am loving the red white and blue too. I wondered how big the foil covered card was and now I know, off to make myself one. I wonder if you have the same laundry fairy as we do cos she seems to be on strike at the moment lol. Hugs, Amanda x

Di said...

Laughing here - I wonder if a few of us have our laundry fairies missing in action - seems to be a trend. Think they might be at a convention with the dusting and polishing fairies :(

Today my mission is to make a foil covered piece of cardboard for embossing. Then I might need a lie down after all the effort!

Happy WOYWW, Di xx #59

shirley-bee said...

Love this card, Darnell, very CAS! Love Mr Froggie too!

Redanne said...

Ha - my Mr got fed up and became the laundry fairy himself - now there is a story in there somewhere. Thanks for the tip the other day about the embossing, I really must try that out. Happy WOYWW, Anne x.. #54

CraftygasheadZo said...

Fab post and yes I think most of us could do with a laundry fairy! Take care, enjoy desk hopping! Zo xx 62

Victoria said...

All your laundry fairies are at my house. All I do during the day is sit on my backside and get the laundry fairies to bring me chocolate!
Oh yes, I like your frog. I mean card.
Victoria #85

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I'd have thrown something harder than Mr Froggie, that's for sure!! Glad that all frogs were unharmed in the making of this week#'s blog :)
Hugs, LLJ #57 xx

Sarn said...

Happy WOYWW Darnell. Organised desk.

Terrific OLW card too.

Sarn xxx

Ardyth said...

Two things (or maybe three)
1) LOVE this card - so minimal and yet a very clear message!
2) The saying (in my house, anyway) goes Happy WIFE, happy life. It's a philosphy I encourage my husband to live by!
3)They all need their clocks cleaned every once in a while!

Have a great day!

Danielle said...

I love the simple design of this card. The colors really stand out against the white card. Dani31

SueH said...

You’ve been busy judging by the look of your desk Darnell and you’ve done a great job with that card.

Happy Crafting!

Michelle (aka Meechelle) said...

LOL! So my hubby isn't the only one who is heard grumbling at his dresser in the morning? I need to get a "Mr. Froggy" or something similar for the next time I hear that familiar grumble! -Meechelle #120

Hazel said...

Busy desk (looked your embossing below - beautiful rich gold - stunning. Thanks for a peep at your workspace. Hope you have a good week - Hazel, WOYWW #124 x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Wait? We're supposed to stand on trash bins too? Dang! Now I feel picked on since I'm so uncoordinated. I love Susan's blog. She inspires me so and I am nowhere near a one-layer person (although I did join in once or twice). Great one layer card! And red, white, and blue are just an excellent clean color combination no matter what the occasion. Mr. Froggie looks like an excellent hitman should you know someone's whose clock needs to be cleaned.

Marianne said...

Oh my gosh, I have to laugh at the litany of excuses coming from all us late OLWers this week! Glad I wasn't the only one.

The card is great. Is the stripe embossed? (sorry, I haven't read the other comments so you might have already answered that).

I love getting a sneak peek at desks on WOYWW, but not having a workdesk I haven't yet joined in. I might just take a photo of my craft mess the next time it's spread on the dining table :)

Kim Heggins said...

Wish my craft desk was that organized! How do you do it??? Love your card and the red, white and blue too, still very festive for this month. Your little Mr. Froggy is very adorable...happy to hear he is ok.

Neesie said...

That glue gun does look sinister but then I found my eyes wondering into the garden area...sorry...a snoop too far maybe?
Great looking card. Your a busy bee but it looks like you're having fun!
Happy WOYWW ~ Neesie #14

Kath Stewart said...

love your CAS card and hope you had a fun time with sylvie...happy woyww hugs kath xxx

Linda said...

So happy to hear that Mr. Froggy wasn't hurt - after all, he did nothing wrong (just in the wrong place at the wrong time).

Lindsay Weirich said...

send the laundry fairy my way too! happy woyww {late}
Lindsay #104

Anonymous said...

Hi, Darnell, I'm chuckling at your "Mister" getting a frog to the head. I have similar thoughts when husband calls me (at work) to ask where the clean clothes for our daughter, or clean towels might be. I can't complain, since he does his own laundry. Enjoy your company and hope you had a happy WOYWW. ~ Laura #114 (Thanks for popping over to visit already!)

Queen Lightwell said...

The laundry fairy! lol So your DH is funny too! Hope you've gotten caught up on your household chores so you can play some more! :) And check out that crazy desk! It looks like the rest of us messy crafters are finally rubbing off on you! :) No, really it looks like you have been having fun...I use that foil trick for embossing as well and some mini metal clamps to keep my project in place. I also use a paper plate under my project when I'm dumping embossing powder on it, that way when I'm done I just fold the plate in half to make a funnel and easy peasy the extra powder goes back in the pot. Anyways, fabulous card...hope you win! :)
Deeyll #141

BJ said...

Get the feeling you don't like heat guns!! Your garden looks lovely in this photo. BJ#80

Shoshi said...

A single star and stripe! An unusual take on a familiar theme, one that really makes an impact! Great stuff. Love Mr. Froggie - hope he didn't object to being used as a guided missile!

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, and glad you like my palette.

Happy belated WOYWW,

Bonnie said...

Perfectly one layer! Love that little star and wonder how you made the stripe. Glad Mr. Froggie didn't get hurt!

Eliza said...

You mastered the one layer that is for sure. Nice clean desk not much chaos happening. As for mister froggie, next time he does aerobatics pin a note to him saying do it yourself then you wont have a problem. LOL

Happy crafting.


Anonymous said...

Laundry fairies can be male too you know, you do yourself no favours if himself can't wash his own clothes! I big foil square stops embossed card from warping?? Really?!! I think you're California Dreamin' my friend but I'm willing to give it a go! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, I'm off to the race track for two hot days! The little car gets to stay at home and rest this weekend, unlike me!

Brenda 3

Virginia L. said...

I love your color choice for this one layer card, Darnell! They are classy, American and they go well with the white card stock :) Thanks for making me smile! Love Mr. Froggie!

lisa said...

I love your embossing idea, I've bent so many mats in my time being too lazy to get up and change them over!!!
I had to laugh at your laundry fairy, you'll have to show DH how to use the washing machine, it works a treat!!
Sorry to be such a late visitor this week and thanks for stopping by.
Hugs Lisax #84