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June 5, 2012


A whacky happy Wednesday everyone!

Actually it's Tuesday night here, but I will be gone until late tomorrow afternoon so I'm going to continue to pretend I'm British and it's Wednesday and link up with Julia's What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday (WOYWW).  Also, I'm too stupid to figure out how to schedule a post.  You should join in the fun at WOYWW, post a picture of your workdeskareaspace, and then I'll come visit you and so will lots of other arteests.

Here's mine:

I've had an ongoing debate, survey, and waffle-iron going on in my head and amongst my in-person and cyber friends about investing in Copics.  The thing is, I really like to use colored pencils and I watercolor with my Marvy markers more than I use them for marking.  My cyber friend Susan Goetter, who is an extraordinary artist and colorist (and who uses both colored pencils and Copics) helped me decide my next move should be to get the delectably large box of Prismacolors.  Down the road aways I may pull over and buy Copics.  So above you see my new pencils splayed out deliciously!  I know, yum.

Last week was the third anniversary of WOYWW and to celebrate many of us took part in an ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap.  I was fortunate to land in line next to a princess!  How about that!  Princess Judy Palmer sent me these TWO fantastic ATCs:

Are they not adorable?!  I emailed her to ask if she sent me the lizard (gekko?) ATC in homor of my Lizzie, but I haven't heard back from her yet.  In any event, it's pickles me tink!

I'm going to go ahead and also show you the one I made because I think it has made its way to its new home by now.  This is my very first, and very only, ATC!  So many of you thoughtfully made more than one, prolly even made one for the hostess, but not me, no, not that thoughtful.  Just made the one.

I'm not sure if the photo shows off her pearl necklace and gold-chained purse.  It was so fun doing something completely new to me!  (And speaking of thoughtful, thank you Anne for putting one of your awesome ATCs in the post for me!  I'll let you know when it arrives.)

I have new followers that I'd like you to meet!  There is the lovely "solitary star" who I hope will comment so I can post her contact/blog info as I don't have that to share.  There is the lovely Berni Cuttino and, mentioned above, the lovely Susan Goetter.  Thank you, ladies, for complimenting me by joining!

Please enjoy ~ and, as always, thank you for stopping by to visit.   Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

Happy WOYWW. I share your excitement over your pencils - looks like colour heaven to me. I took the plunge and invested in Copics last month (even sold my collection of Promarkers on Ebay to help pay for my moment of financial madness!). Not had much chance to play with them properly yet, but they look fab on my desk! Your very first ATC is wonderful. Ali x #54

Victoria said...

I think crafters everywhere just drool at the sight of so many beautiful colours! I'd better keep this comment short then or I'll be getting into electrical difficulties by drooling onto my laptop....!

CraftygasheadZo said...

Pencil envy! I love colouring so have acquired many mediums, including Copics, though I confess I have a rather large parcel of them arriving today, hopefully! Take care my WOYWW friend. Zo xx 65

kay said...

would love to play with your prismas,they are on my want/need list,enjoy
have a fab crafty week
kay #52

Redanne said...

Your ATC is beautiful and so are the ones you received. Yours from me is still winging it's way to you. Love those Prismacolour pencils, I have a dozen or so and they are brilliant. I so envy your stash of them! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #24

Bonnie said...

I haven't gone the Copic route yet, although I've thought about it. I do love the look with the Prismacolors and the fact that they blend so well. You sure have a lot of colors! Can't wait to see the creations you'll come up with!

Susan said...

Look at all the lovely Prisma pencils! You will LOVE them! You might want to get a blender pen, or some tortillions and odorless mineral spirits to blend with. (a colorless blender pencil, included with the set you bought also works well.) Layer on those colors!! I would take a photo of my work space, except that it's totally clean right now. I always clean up and put everything away after I finish a project. I can't believe I'm just now following your blog....I thought I'd already done that! I've also added you to my blog list on my blog so that I can keep tabs on the one person that I'm confident is crazier than me! LOL!!

Unknown said...

Hi Darnell what a wonderful pencil rainbow you have spread before us! I too like colouring with pencils but it is fun to try other things too. I have a few pro markers and have spent many a happy hour colouring in! WOYWW Hugs from Helen 105

SandeeNC said...

Drooling over the pencil sets ( sorry wiping computer screen off ) and of course I recognized Judy's ATC right off the bat, they are so cute!! Love the ATC that you made, great accessorizing!! lol The pearl necklace and the handbag are just fab! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Kara Lynne said...

Oooo, new pencils! How fun to have the colors you want at your fingertips. Love the ATC, so chic, and love the accessories. Solitary Star is Eileen who gave me the Liebster Blog Award. She's wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally in LOVE with your pencils, I've been thinking about Prisma's for a long while. Have also been looking at Inktense pencils too. I use my Marvy Markers a lot and also my Distress Inks as a colouring medium, love them all. One thing you won't find me buying though are Copics or their UK equivalent. Nope, not heading down that slippery slope!!

Brenda 94

May said...

Love your ATC...new pencils have fun and enjoy.. Have a happy week Hugs May x x x#34

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Darnell,

I just bought some watercolor pencils and aren't as happy with them as I want..... they aren't as vibrant (can't remember the brand but would recognize the box). I'm debating about the Copics too. I might buy a set at Hobby Lobby using the 40% coupon as they are NEVER on sale.

You scored on the ATCs. The one you made is great - yes, I can see the pearls (my birthstone, by the way).

Kay #114

Rita said...

Wowee Darnell, Oh how I'd love to have some of your pencils, what a selection of colours you have too. Your ATC is fantastic and also the ones you received. I don't have copics either. Hugs from Scotland. Rita 17 xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Nope, nope, NOPE! Total coincidence on sending you a lizard! I did have a selection to chose from so maybe deep down inside my brain (in the lizard part) I remembered it. I used to be a HUGE pencil fan and had that giant set and loved it. I liked that markers meant you could color in quicker, but they streaked something awful. Then came Copics and they didn't streak. Then I got hooked on them. I rarely break out my pencils anymore but I still have them. They still have their place and some day when I have more time I'm sure I'll go back to using them more often. I like your ATC next to the grass. That sure is GREEN! The necklace and the handbag chain is great.

SophieNewton said...

I love all your pencils, they make me want to start scribbling. Happy WOYWW!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Wow, I'm drooling over your Prisma Pencil collection. When I bought my set, I made the mistake of buying a 'small' set of 48 and now sorry that I didn't buy the biggest set. How do I store individual pencils now ? ENJOY THEM ! Shirleyx

Sandy said...

Wow look at all those colors.. Love your ATC its so elegant. So lucky to get the lizard ATC too so suits you with your lizzy pics. Sandy :) #98

JoZart Designs said...

Hi Darnell, thanks for your lovely comment and glad you like the patchwork card.Love your first atc. The texture looks like it is stamped on linen card ??
Off to Germany this am so must get going.
Lv JoZarty x

famfa said...

Your ATC you made is awesome. I live the ones you were sent too. Pens look brilliant
Famfa 96

Julia Dunnit said...

YUM is the right word - those pencils are just too good looking! No wonder I like crafting when that's the sort of stuff I can own!!
Love your ATC...did you enjoy making it? Doing more than one wasn't part of the WOYWW criteria, so I won't hear that you aren't thoughtful, good grief.

Unknown said...

Hi there, I have the full set of Prismas too and absolutely love 'em. In fact I don't use my copics anymore since I got the pencils. One thing though, you may find it easier all round to remove them from the flat trays they came in....I found it a pain placing them back into the grooves.

I have mine stored in ex fruit storage containers (plastic) in contrasting colour families to make it easier to select one and replace it. You will see a pic on my blog post for this WOYWW

Also, you desk configuration and window is the same as mine.


Queen Lightwell said...

I love your solitary ATC! I think she looks marvelous. :) The ones I ended up making were my first ever also! I was only going to make the one but it was so fun that I made a few more. lol I don't have any copic markers, myself, but I do have some distress markers or that sort of marker and the prisma watercolor pencils, which I love. The prisma's are like impossible to ruin, you know if you accidentally leave the lid off and wander away...so I automatically prefer them, since I tend to wander off. Much like right now!:) Besides the copics are just too much of an investment for me as I totally just do this stuff for fun. Now if I was able to make some money...lol
~Deeyll #154