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June 29, 2012

One Layer Wednesday 94 ~ SiZe; Simon Says ... Sporty or Patriotic

Friday For Sure,

I'm still mixing up the days of the week this week.  I guess it makes sense if you start off on the wrong feet on Monday.

Things happened around here, but I still managed a quick little card.  And I do mean little!  The fun Cheryl of A Paperie Journey is hosting this week's OLW (One Layer Wednesday).  Cheryl is challenging us to make a one-layer card that is NOT the usual A2 size card (4.25 x 5.5).  So I followed her lead and made an itty-bitty 3 x 3 note card.

I decided to make my note card in the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue and join in the challenge at Simons Says as well.

Here tis:

I punched the star out of the white card and put a blue star on the inside so when the card is closed you see the blue heart.  Here it is next to a "reg" sized card:

It's so wee.

I hope that made sense.  Actually, now that I think about it, is it patriotic, other than the red, white, and blue?  I intend to stamp Happy 4th of July on the inside and use it as a thank you note for our friends who host an annual BBQ.  I haven't played with Simon much, so I'm not sure if I'll be unhinged.


When I was finishing up my last post, Mr. Blogger popped up and said I was out of lifetime memory - don't I know it!!!  But then he showed me another page wherein I could buy more memory - would that that were true!!!  But then he also said on the same page that I'd only used 32% of my memory - well, which is it?

I then spent an hour trying to go where Mr. Blogger told me to go to find out where my storage was and how to clean it up.  Only there was no "there" there.  If I went there, he promised, I would find a left navigational bar.  Uh huh, not true.  Liar.

So then I wanted to speak with one of Mr. Blogger's mini-onions.  Not personally, of course, how silly.  Another hour passed while I tried to find a contact link or email.  I finally found a 2008 article that said I could email, support@google.com  Well, duh, why didn't I think of that?  Don't click on that!!  I don't know how to make it NOT hyperlink, and I have no more hyper meds.  I took them all.  I emailed a rather lengthy (what else!) missive.  It popped right back and started out with, "hahahahaha."  Okay, no it didn't, but it might as well have.  It said no one lived there, please don't write again.  If you need help go here, and it gave me a link.

Oh, thank GOD, I said.  I clicked on it.  It took me right back to where I had been an hour before.  I stabbed myself in the neck.

When the Mister came home, I told him what happened.  He got on his white horse and took a look.  It's not easy to work on a computer from the top of a white horse.  Mister did all the things I had already done.  One thing led to another and we had quite a row.  Not a row of corn or soybeans, but a dust up, a spat.  He spat at me and I spat right back.

What you have to understand is that the Mister and I rarely spat.  We've only had maybe five spits in decades.  We made up for it last night.  I finally threw myself on the futon and shut up.  Trust me, that's not always a good thing.

He clicked around a bit more and then he said, in a really tiny voice,


I see what you mean.

Seriously?  I'm drenched in sweat, purple in the face, my pacemaker is clacking along for all it's worth, and you calmly say,


I see what you mean.


Does anyone else think it is a miracle that there aren't more spousicides in the world? Thank you.  I'm just saying.

And Mr. Blogger better not show his face around here either if he knows what's good for him.

Now, seriously, I still don't know why I got that message, and how to override it if it happens again, or where to find a page that explains my storage.  Some of you have been blogging ages longer than I have, so if you could help, I would appreciate it.  Do you pay money each month to have more gibbles and bits of memory?  HELP!

Okay, that's it.  That's all I got about that.  I'm all worked up again just telling you about it.

Real quick, I do have an update on my hurtin' sister, Donna.  She did need to have surgery this morning on her torn potato cup in her shoulder.  Thank you for all your positive thoughts!  Everything went well and my niece was able to get there and be with her.  I may go in a few weeks if she still needs help.  I know from the Mister's shoulder surgery that the recovery is a bee hatch.  Please send her thoughts of healing and strength.  Thank you.

Enjoy!   Have a happy weekend.  We are to see the wizar kids tomorrow, so I'll talk to you on Sunday.  As always, thank you for stopping by to visit.  Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!

Paper:  PTI white; SU night of navy
Stamp:  Hero Arts, "Sandra's Letter
  Background H3308
Ink:  SU real red, night of navy
Punch:  EK star


scrappymo! said...

You are such a good writer...you seriously should be writing short stories.

Sarah J Moerman said...

What sweet card! Love the punched out star! Thanks for playing along with the Simon Says Stamp Challenge!

Anonymous said...

Very nice card with a patriotic feel to it :)

Allisa said...

I think your memory problem (with Blogger!) is related to your photo storage. You only get so much photo storage with Blogger. Once you surpass that, you have to pay an annual fee which is based on the amount of storage you are using. I have heard of other bloggers running into the issue. I have learned along the way, if you resize your pics before uploading to 800 or less in dimension...they will not be counted against your storage space. The whole storage space issues is buried in Blogger. I know it took me forever to find out how much space I was using. I have since started resizing all of my pics prior to loading. They load faster and I do not want to end up paying storage fees for a "free" blog. Hope this helps and keeps the sanity in the house! :)

Di said...

Hi Darnell, love your card and it's a perfect 4th of July make.

Sorry but I did laugh about your Blogger issues. My in house IT support and I have been having issues here over this new laptop of mine. Apparently I need to stop touch typing with the keyboard until I'm used to it 'cos it's bigger and has a load more keys - how would that help in terms of speed when this thing is meant to run like hot you know what off a shovel huh?! Sigh.

Great idea about using the internet to send a card - I subscribe to Jaqui Lawsons online cards so will try to nip over there and send one to Gilly. D'you think she''ll be looking at her emails as she gets all primped up for the wedding today? Nope, thought not, another sigh :(

Thanks for the laugh - I know, evil of me but it's good to know someone else has IT issues. No idea about the photos thingy though, sorry. I wait in fear here!

Hugs and have a good weekend.


Pauline said...

Hi, reading your blog with interest, as I came across another blogger the other day re this Blogger charging nonsense! Now I read her blog post agin with great interest, but being technologically challenged, it took me a while to understand it, but it's very well explained. I went to where she directed me, and my usage was 0%! It's to do with the sizing of your pictures in your blog posts. The way around it is to delete old pics or re size them! I will try and remember where I saw this blog post and will come back with a link for you.

Love your sweet little card by the way too!

Pauline said...

Here's the link, hope it works


Happy reading!

Di said...

What an idiot I am - just realised you meant to search for Gilly's location on the internet:( Fine and dandy but I don't know her surname which might throw up a load of Gillys in the UK! Suppose I could send them all a card? BIG SIGH! Di xx

shirley-bee said...

Love the tiny card, Darnell.
Sorry to hear about your lifetime memory problems! If only it was as simple as shrinking our memories to fit more in ...

Redanne said...

Hi Darnell, I love your wee card, that script on it is amazing and love the idea of putting blue behind the punched out star - love it and yes I do love reading your blog every day, it sets me up for the day. I need to re-organise my life so that I can craft more and spend less time on my PC looking at 100s of others. I am very new to this so I cannot help with your blogger issue, I can't even find my dashboard - no, seriously! I am going to have a look at that link from Pauline to see if I can understand it. Good luck. A x

Sandy said...

Followed along with the info above about the photo limit. What a great post explained it all so well. I went and checked up on mine and I had allready used 28mb of my usage you only get 1028mb so gee its only been a few months for me. I was able to delete lots that has not affected my blog (old candy photos) already got it down to 17mb so think this is a thing we all have to do regularly.
Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Hope you get your's sorted out. Sandy :)

Jean said...

Glad to hear your sister is doing well ~ I'll send her some positive healing energy. Love your cute patriotic card!

Meredith said...

Love your wee card...feels patriotic to me! And I am totally pinning it to case later. Hmm...not to laugh at you...but that scenario of the 'it support' doing everything that I have already done when I ask him to have a look at the issue is *so* familiar! I go flop on the couch and hush up a bit sooner in the process though...hope you find the answer!

Sãndra V. said...

Love your card. It's simple and love how you did the star. Way to go!!

My Goodness, Your household sounds like mine. I couldn't help but giggle my patootie off as I was reading the Blogger issues and how the Mr came to the conclusion of Oh I see...LOL!!
I am with you on the "steaming out the ears" and have learned to let the MR (know it all pc wizard) just do his thing and I walk away after my description of what pray tel has been going on with the pc. When ever a pc issue arises always seems to raise a few feathers and pot tends to boil. Anywho, Have a great weekend and glad all is going OK with your sister. Prayer for a quick recovery and hope she'll be bouncing on handstands soon.

Thanks for sharing!
Happily Scrapbooking & Crafting My Memories~Sandra V.

Unknown said...

You're at it again Darnell.........just come back from a lovely garden party and sat down with a cuppa to check emails etc and saw your post......well, when I had cleared up the tea that I had just taken a mouthful of.........yes I was in stitches again laughing at your description of blogger, not having played with Simon much (!) and then Mr and his white charger and the inevitable "oh I see what you mean"! I've now composed myself, much to the relief of my Mr, and started your post again so I could appreciate your itty Bitty card that is lovely. Must admit I hadn't even thought about lifetime memory problems - and if I had it wouldn't have related to blogger at all!! How great that Pauline has come to the rescue - must go over and have a look at that link although I always do resize my photos before posting them. Good wishes are winging their way to your sister - hope her recovery is swift.


Karen x

Jeanne H said...

I too had a good laugh - woke my daughter up! Am sorry, don't want to affend you - am really sorry about computer troubles & totally understand. I know just enough to be dangerouw on mine, so I won't try to help you. Best of luck. Hugs & tfs.

SandeeNC said...

LOL, I can see you know flopped on the couch biting your tongue, sometimes shutting up is the hardest thing to do! I have never heard of blogger wanting money, but I do understand how hard it is to get in touch with someone to help you out. There was a time that I wrote "I hate Blogger" every day on their FB page! lol No one ever responded on there either! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

kingstonmama said...

Cute little note card. I like these smaller-sized cards. I am no help with the Blogger issue. Sorry! Hope it gets resolved peacefully. :) Ann Y.

Cheryl said...

Oh girl.... You are a hoot! First of all, prayers for your sister.

Second, Love your little card. Very sweet.

Third, It seems you've touched on a "hot issue"! Leave it to you. LOL! Hope you've fixed it...

Bonnie said...

What a cute, patriotic, little card! I'm glad your sis is getting along well after her surgery. Haven't got that blogger message and completely understand the frustration!