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June 4, 2012

Less Is More Week 70 ~ The Queen's Colours!

Mahvelous Monday to all!

We had a super-duper time with the twins this weekend, but first my card.  You know I love Mandi and Chrissie and their Simply Less Is More challenges.  This week is a colour challenge in 'onor of the Queen, who just had her Jubilant Weekend celebrating 60 years as Queen!

(Wow.  That's 20 years longer than I've been queen here.  Papa tells the twins I always get my way because I'm "the queen bee!"  Righto, but nevermind, that's a different kind of queen.) 

I feel comfortable participating in the red, white, and blue Queen celebration because I'm British by Association from watching 40 years of PBS, say what?  Here's my card.  Long live the Queen!

I have a couple of twin delights for you.  I recently put up white boards in their room, so first here is Adam.  He decided to write a math word problem on his board:

I was impressed.  I didn't think they got to word problems until 5th grade, not 1st grade!  And I'm tickled to see him happily writing his words phone-etty-callie.  This child, when he first started to write would become quite upset if he didn't get a word correct and "perfect" right from the start.  Not good, dude.  So it's great to see him relaxed and enjoying the process.  In addition, for this problem, I got to use the word processor in my brain to decipher the words.  It took praichtis.

Both boys made cards in the playhouse, as usual, even Henry.  This time they each made a card for their parents.  I didn't see Adam's because it was sealed in the envelope before I got the chance.  But I had to help Henry with his because of his broken collarbone.  He is able to use his right hand, somewhat, but not for pressure purposes, so he picked the stamps and I stamped them on the card.  Then he wrote the message, which I have to share:

He has an old soul and a tender heart for a seven-year-old.  I have to take a moment every time I read his message.  But he's always been concise and deep.  Two years ago, the first card he ever made for Papa, who rides fast on motorcycles and who happened to be away on a ride at the time, simply said, "I hope you come back."

Grandchildren are WAY more amazing then children.  (Well, hello, that's why they are called grandchildren!)

Please enjoy ~ and, as always, thank you for stopping by to visit.   Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!
Paper:  Stampland glossy; SU pacific point,
  and whisper white
Stamps:  Wooden crown, no markings;
  Foam sentiment, unknown
Ink:  SU real read
gemstone bling


Victoria said...

Your grandchildren are amazing! What a wonderful message to write. A fab patriotic card too to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee!

Bonnie said...

Grandchildren are GRAND! Love the red crowns and the diamonds too!

Chrissie said...

Great card Darnell and super to see what the kids are up to too!
By the way our sovereign lady is the Queen not the Queen mum... she died a few years ago!
Do you catch any of the celebrations on tv on your side of the pond?
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Ardyth said...

Great card as always and lovely stories about your boys - sounds like a great weekend!

Redanne said...

Hi Darnell, another great post from you, you always make me smile. I have just about lost my voice singing along with the Jubilee Concert, love Tom Jones! Anyway, your card is definitely fit for the Queen, I love your less is more. Great Grandchildren you have there too. Anne x

Mynn xx said...

Such a fabulous card!!! LOVE the composition--it's pinned so I can use the layout, if that's ok with you? Darling boys--and so smart! Fabulous! :)

Kara Lynne said...

Great card in honor of the Queen. I have a feeling she would NOT approve, however, as she would just feel so threatened by You, Highness! So fun hearing about the twinks, very deep... Thanks to your encouragement, I am now on facebook and Pinterest!

Kim Heggins said...

Incredible card...who does not love the queen and I am sure if she received your card in the mail she would be tickled pink.
Love the stories and picture of your "twinks", so sweet.

kingstonmama said...

This is a fun red and blue card. I love those 'blinged' crowns! Your grandchildren do sound grand! Ann


A super card Darnell - love the crowns. Gorgeous kiddie-winks too!
Sylvia xx

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Pefect LIM Jubilee card ! The photos & stories of your grandchildren are priceless. Indeed the grandchildren are SO much fun ! Cheers, Shirley

Sally said...

Hi Darnell, yes you did make me smile when I read the comment you left, cheeky! Anyway, I love your take on the colour challenge, it's perfect for Jubilee Weekend. Fab pics of the grandchildren too.
Sally x

Kara Lynne said...

Hi Darnell, me again,
I just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. If you're unfamiliar with it, just check out my blog post.

Deanna said...

Great card for the celebration of the jubilee!

Lynne said...

Brilliant card Darnell, just love those crowns.
Lynne xxx

Aileen said...

Loved reading about your grandchildren! Super fun card too. x

Vicky Hayes said...

You obviously enjoy the company of your grandchildren Darnell and I have a feeling the Queen feels the same way about hers! I love the regal crowns on your card and the little sentiment label.

Rosemary said...

wonderful card for the challenge!!

Susan said...

Sure thought I commented on this...but I don't see my beautiful mug adorning the comments, so I must be having a "senior" moment...you know...CRS....Love your card...that's me...I'm the Queen of my roost! (Of course, it should be mentioned that it's only in MY mind!) I think it's great that your grandsons love to craft with you...hope it lasts!

Linda said...

Hi Darnell, Great post as always, and a great card too. Your right, Grandchildren are Grand. I only have the one, and I love him to bits. Your little 'twinks' look great, and they craft too! xx

Cheryl said...

Queen Darnell.... LOL! Darling card as always. Such amazing grandchildren.

Okay, tell me...how much time do you spend in your playhouse? I'm working on DH! He's asked me, how big is her playhouse?....

Mandi said...

Terrific card Darnell
Love those crowns
I'm very patriotic i think our heritage is something to be very proud of
What a delight your grand children are
Thank you very much
"Less is More"