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May 28, 2012

One Layer Wednesday (OLW89) ~ Schweet!

Happy Memorial Day to my fellow Americans!  In my day we loudly objected to the war in Vietnam, but we never lost sight of the fact that we had the freedom to do so.  Nor was it ever intended to be disrespectful of the services; quite the contrary.  God bless those who have served and continue to serve and God bless their families.

Today I feel like I've done the last of the catching up I wanted to do with a card for the One Layer Wednesday challenge.  This week the challenge is hosted by the fantabulous Cheryl Emery.  I wish more of you would play with us.  Even if you think it is too simple or too easy, who doesn't like a few simple, yet beautiful cards to have on hand?  And if you think it's too hard, you know what they say, stepping out of your comfort zone is good for you.  They say it, I never did.  I just want to join in as many different challenges as I can because I find it makes my brain cell fire up.  You do whatever inks your stamp!

The theme for this week is something sweet.  I love all the fruity, ice-creamy, cupcakey ideas that are already linked, but I went in a different direction.  What's sweeter than a weddle baby?!

I noticed the first photo looks too washed out; now the second one no longer looks pink like it is IRL.  Oh vell, at least you can see the booties are embossed.


While doing major yardscaping yesterday, I found a boy toy (I wish) in the vinca.  I immediately named him Dino, but of course, and set him up on the wall so Lizzie can have a playmate.  I would be so elastic if I ever manage to get a picture of the two of them together!

I'm aware that I'm having a doover of my childhood in my dotage.  I think if your first one wasn't all that great, the least you can do is have another go at it.

And finally, I wanted to share my two little hydrangea bushes with you.  I love how this year I'm getting a full range of pastel colors in the beautiful blooms.  I love them almost prezactly as much as I love lilacs.

Please enjoy ~ and, as always, thank you for stopping by to visit.  Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!

Paper: I'm sorry, I can't remember.  I've
  had it for years.
Stamp:  All Night Media 995G07
Ink:  Imprintz white embossing powder


Ardyth said...

Ah Darnell, I'm so glad you're back - you are my dose of sunshine on a day when I let annoying people and their icky habit of letting people down start to really bug me. You always give me a giggle and a lovely card (and other fun things) to look at. Great idea to go with a baby card - you could have entered it in LIM last week, too! (But you were busy doing more important things!)

Lynne in NI said...

Oh what a sweet baby card! Gorgeous hydrangea too, ours is nowhere near flowering yet!

Bonnie said...

Those are some sweet baby shoes, Darnell, and beautiful hydrangeas! I have one and it's in full bloom. I need to get a picture.

Vicki Dutcher said...

What a sweet card! Good choice of the adorable baby shoes~

kingstonmama said...

Definitely a sweet baby card, Darnell. Love those baby booties. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous. Ours aren't blooming yet up in Washington, so I'll just admire yours! :)

Kara Lynne said...

Sweet little baby shoes. I'll have to check out that challenge. There are so many, I'm just starting to figure it all out. Gorgeous hydrangeas! Thanks for sharing and hope Lizzie finds Dino soon.

Vicky Hayes said...

I adore your white embossed baby shoes on the pink card stock Darnell and they're definitely sweet! I totally agree about having another go at having a childhood - and it's great second time around because you're in charge! Vicky x

Unknown said...

Hi Darnell - well, I've been sitting giggling to myself reading your last two posts........you've really made my day! Love the baby booties and the whole fish/tackle thing - brilliant. Oh, by the was I really liked your flowerpot 'naked'......lol


Karen x

Cheryl said...

You are too funny! A boy toy... LOL! Gorgeous hydrangea’s, by the way.

I like your take on sweet cards! Beautifully done! You're right, nothing is sweeter than a baby, UNTIL they become a TEENAGER, that is!

Thanks for playing along this week.

Linda said...

Hi Darnell,
Your card is sooo sweet. I love the tiny baby bootees, they're so cute. Just checked out the One Layer Wednesday challenge - looks good. May just have to start joining in. One layer's not always easy, but i like a challenge.
Love the dinosaur you found, could become a great little friend for Lizzy. A photo of them together would be fab.
Thank you for the lovely comment on my LIM post, I really appreciate it, and I don't mind at all if you pin it. xx