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May 31, 2012

One Layer Wednesday #90 ~ Dudes Rule

It's tantalizing Thursday!  Actually, it's bloody hot Thursday here. The meter of therms is sitting at an even 100 degrees this afternoon.  Mother Nature is off her meds.

I've been flitting around again today having lunches out and what not, but I did make a QAD (quick and dirty) CAS (clean and simple) (well, which is it?!) card for Susan's Dudes Rule One Layer Wednesday  ~ which she rules! ~ challenge.

I used the twinks very favorite stamp which is filthy black on the wood around the rubber because, try as they might with their itty-bitty hands, they can't help but rock the pad into the ink because the stamp is so big. 

My imaginary dude warranting this card is a flashy father, driving a real red cop magnet along and around the bendy winery roads.

His name is Reginald and the year is 1937.  He doesn't have to wear the ridiculous goggles because he can't really go all that fast on this road, but he does anyway because Sheila thinks he's rakish.  Reginald knows his car is rakish, not his persona, but he won't correct Sheila's grammar because he doesn't want the light in her eyes to dim.

Sorry, where was I?  You begin, I'm sure, to see why I love One Layer Wednesdays.

Yesterday, I cut a wee bloom from my hydrangea to bring to our lunch hostess, Barbara.  Naturally, because I'm addled and forgetful, I found it still waiting on my kitchen counter when I got home.  I thought, thereover, I would share it with you.

Is it just me or do you, too, see a flower angel?

In other Animal Kingdom/Childrens' Hour news, I had a startle yesterday having to do with Lizzie.  First of all, ever since I put Dino on the wall as a possible playmate of the month, I have not seen Lizzie.  I got to thinking, and sat down.  If I were Lizzie, wouldn't I be afraid of Dino?  So, alas, I removed Dino back to the toy box.

Fast forward several hours, I left my playhouse to return to the big house and there was Lizzie back!  But wait?  My shoulders pinched together and my brows knitted.  I did not like the looks of her.  Instead of all arms and legs and tail and webbed fingers and toes splayed out, she was all bunched up.  Something looked a miss.  Is that what little lizards look like sleeping, or, oh, no, d.e.a.d.?  I rushed forward into the house and beseeched Mister.  He gallantly hopped into his red rakish roadster and, well, okay, he walked out to investigate.  I couldn't bear to look.

It's fine, it's okay.  All is well, well, sorta well.  Lizzie scooted off, alive.  Phew!  But Mister reported that her appearance looked odd because she no longer has a tail.  What?!  Oh, how sad.  Mister assures me it will grow back, but what cruel critter lurks in my paradise backyard that could do such evil?

Dino is back on duty as a sentinel.

Back in crafting world, I'm delighted to welcome Annie of Curious Crafty Treasures and Michelle Williams of Monday Morning Stamper.  Happy to have you ladies!

Please enjoy ~ and, as always, thank you for stopping by to visit.  Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!
Paper:  Stampland glossy
Stamps:  River City Rubber Works, 1298-P Roadster;
  SU sentiments, set unknown
Inks:  Memento tuxedo black; SU real read


Michelle said...

LOL! I love Reginald! And I love Reginald's card. Poor Lizzie! Don't worry, the tail will grow back, and Lizzie will have dropped it herself when she got a fright. That's what lizards do. You may need to get a photo of her tail-less state to show us, I'm interested.

I see an hydrangea angel, and she's beautiful.

Thank-you for the welcome. I have actually been following for AGES, but forgot to click the "follow" button to get your new posts in my feed. I'm very glad I rectified that. :-)

Ardyth said...

This is a great card. That image is perfect in red and the black sentiment grounds it, I think. Love your back story, too - just finished reading The Great Gatsby for bookclub and it made me think of poor old Jay and his yellow car (despite the difference in colour)... I do enjoy using parentheses, but will never have your gift with words, I'm sure!

Redanne said...

I was reading through your post having a giggle, as I do when I read yours, you have such humour - and then I got to the bit about Lizzie! I do hope it is right that the tail will grow back, she must look pretty odd without......Your new follow Annie is lovely and has an amazing blog. Love your card, sorry forgot to say and yes, I can see an angel. Crafty hugs, Anne x
PS - it's on its way to you...

Deanna said...

Love the image and the color red. Have to admit I found your story funny about lizzy. Beautiful hydrangea and it does look like an angel.

Kara Lynne said...

Love the red roadster. It reminds me of Thoroughly Modern Millie, although that was set in the 20s. Great to hear that Lizzie lives, maybe she had a flower angel watching over her.

Susan said...

Darnell...you're a NUT! You don't have any squirrels running loose in your back yard I hope...otherwise, you might go missing!! LOL!!!! LOVE your red roadster!! A perfect card for some nice man!!

Rosanne said...

Gorgeous card!

kingstonmama said...

That stamp is fabulous, and so perfect for a masculine card. Love it in red! Love your stories as always. :)

Cheryl said...

Hello friend, You always make me smile after reading your blog! I just adore Reginald. What a super "Dude" image! So glad you played along last week! Forgive my bad manners (so behind in my commenting)! Hugs!

Susan Raihala said...

So fun!!!! And I definitely see a flower angel. Reginald probably wouldn't, though. He's too hung up on his red roadster.