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May 26, 2012

Less Is More Week 69 - Recipe

Saturday salutations to all!

Today I made a card for a challenge I've missed while I was away.  You can find it at Mandi's and Chrissie's awesome Less Is More website.  This week is recipe week.  We are to create our own recipe and bake it up in a pan which is not square, nor rectangle, but some other shape.  The word "recipe" made me think of cupcake shapes, pie shapes, gingerbread shapes.  But the words "shaped card," on the other mind, made me think of a terracota pot.  Like this:

I have my Cuttlebug and Spellbinders Nesties to thank for it.  And I thank C&M for the challenge, because I've been dying to try these dies.  I got a little too heavy-handed with the watercoloring/shading on the side of the pot, but I'm not very good at do-overs.  I think, unless it really reeks, that one's creation is still one's creation even if it doesn't always meet one's personal, and someytimes impossibly high, bar of expectators.

And anyways, my backyard looks like I've been gone ten weeks instead of ten days, and it's amazingly georgess outside so I've no time for a doover.  Ha, doover.  I like that. 

By the wayside, here's a word I saw on my "Word of the Day" that I thought you might like:

ingeminate \in-JEM-uh-neyt\ , verb:

To repeat; reiterate.

Seriously?  That's a new one to me.  It sounds like a word I would make up or use wrong on purpose.  "The people on the airplane were all coughing, so I felt sure that they had ingeminated me with the flu."

The correct way to use it in a sentence is, say, when talking to Mister, who likes to repeat himself unnecessarily:  "Hon, I get what you're saying.  Now you're just ingeminating yourself."  That sounds wrong somehow.

Either way, it's a cool new word.

Two years ago we had a little lizard move into the backyard as soon as the new wall went up.  The twins and I looked forward to the times when she would appear.  We named her Lizzie, but of course.  Last year we didn't see her at all.  But this morning when I went out to take pictures of my card, there she was!

Welcome back, Lizzie.  I missed you.

Please enjoy ~ and, as always, thank you for stopping by to visit.  Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment! 

Paper:  Biggie Jr. watercolor
Stamp:  Penny Black Bees & Bunny 2305H
Ink:  Memento Tuxedo Black; Marvy markers
  water brush
Cuttlebug/Nesties Flower Pot


Marijke said...

this is such a cute card, love the way you combined the stamp with the shape.

May said...

Wee Lizzie is lovely... Fabulous card!! Hugs May x x x

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully shaped card, fantastic pictures, cute pet(?). thanks for sharing

Rebecca Hoy said...

Lovely card- great shape and pretty colouring. Thanks for visiting my blog too. Rebecca x

Claudia said...

Hi Darnell, wow, that's such a cool idea to make a pot and how you coloured everything, amazing! Thanks also for your visit and your lovely comment on my blog.
Hugs Claudia

Anonymous said...

What a great card

Emma W

Loli said...

Hola Darnell, beautiful and original card, i love your stamp and your colouring, so sweet card perfect for springtime, clever idea Darnell!!!
A hug from Palma

Marrigje said...

Hi Darnell, I think you made a superb card. I love the idea of a terra cotta pot, and that your card is a terra cotta pot, and still has a lot of white is great! The stamp is just lovely.


Chrissie said...

We missed you Darnell!
This is a great card... and your pics of Lizzie are fab.
Thanks too for the English lesson... it's a new word to me too!
Thanks so much
"Less Is More"

Bonnie said...

Your pot is wonderful and I wouldn't have known that you were too heavy handed if you hadn't said. That's a sweet little bunny. Glad Lizzy is back. Great pictures!

Susan said...

I LOVE your card and I think the water colored edge is perfect! Is that one die, or two put together?

As for the lizard...how do you know it's the same lizard...is she wearing a name tag or did she introduce herself? LOL!!!

Kara Lynne said...

The pot is a great idea for a card shape, especially with that image. Glad you didn't do over, I love it. Nice to meet Lizzie, glad she made an ingeminated visit back into your yard!

GinaA said...

Great plant pot,and that stamp is so cute. Welcome back to Lizzy and thanks for the new word, am going to have fun pronouncing that one.

Allisa said...

So glad to see that Lizzie showed back up. My son has a "pet" lizard in our flower bed as well.

Von said...

Love this card ! :)
Von x☺x

Scrapmate said...

Great shape Darnell and I like the colouring. Ingeminate sounds a bit medical or rude (or both!)

Inkyfingers said...

I love the cute stamp on your pot card Darnelle and I agree that life is too short to do 'doovers'. In any case the colouring looks mighty fine to me. You are lucky to have Lizzie as a visitor!

Craftychris said...

I really love the card, its fabulous and your colouring is perfect and the image is soooo cute! The for the new word and your little lizzard is awesome!! xx

Lynne said...

Fab plant pot Darnell and lovely colouring. I also adore the little stamp you`ve used. Your lizard is very cute.
Lynne xxx

Karen M said...

This card is so cute - I love that sweet image x x

Mandi said...

Welcome back Darnel
You were missed, greatly
Your card is superb
As are the pics of Lizzie
~Thank you very much
"Less is More"

Unknown said...

Well Darnell talk about great minds thinking alike!!! Great card and love the stamping on it. Lizzie looks cute - bet you're glad she's back.

Rosmarie said...

A really great and nice card!
Love the Penny Black image and how you have colored it.
The pictures of lizard are superb!


Deanna said...

Great design and loving the image

Linda said...

I love this card! The flower pot is a fab shape and it goes so well with the stamped image. Lizzy is sooo cute, and obviously loves the camera! xx

Rosemary said...

wow... that is one clever card!! love the little penny black image!!

Kim S said...

I love the watercoloring on the pot...you say it's heavy-handed...to me it's a much-used, slightly-rusted pot...it's great!

Michelle said...

Darnell, I ingeminate, your posts send me into fits of giggles! I've never heard of this word, EVER. A few years ago my team at work decided we would all use the Word of the Day each day. It gave us months of entertainment, especially when others came along and thought we'd all gone mad. ;-)

Your card is super sweet! so pretty!