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May 7, 2012

CAS-ual Fridays CFC51 - Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy Monday!

One of my favorite challenge sites is CAS-ual Fridays and they are celebrating their first anniversay, otherwise known as Happy 1st Birthday!  Congratulations to the Cas-ualties!  Hmm, don't think that's what they call themselves . . .  it could be Cas-ual-Tees and all the ladies could wear cutie-pie t-shirts?  Okay, nevermind, they are Girl Fridays and we love them to pieces!!

There are lots of new and exciting changes over at CFC, too many for me to paste here.  Please click over and check them out and join in the fun challenge and on Facebook.  There are lots of prizes, too, OBTW!  The fabulous sponsor is:

Simon Says Stamp

But, of course, the challenge is to make birthday cards for the celebration!  Here's mine, sent with heartfelt best wishes:

The Happy Birthday sentiment looks sort of faded in places, but it's not; it's embossed so that's just the way the light is reflecting off the shiny embossing powder. 

I put the number "1" in the corner there, sort of like a small table, because Missy Birthday Girl sure looks like that cake embellie is about to slide right off her out-stretched arms!  Missy is a relative of mine, which explains a lot.  She's also . . . okay, I'm just going to say it, blond.  After the picture was taken, she did, of course, drop the cake and I asked her . . . okay, I yelled at her, WTH was she thinking, carrying the cake that way?  She said that she had her arms out for a big hug and forgot she was holding the cake.  Well, naturally. 

My little Dalmation plants are bursting this spring.  It makes my pulse purple, especially because I love these colors so much together ~ like in my birthday card!

I think that little glider is calling me ...

I would like to welcome two new followers Lynda Gilbert and Cindra!  Thank you so much for joining!


So our little aside today is actually card-making related, or rather, related to card making.  I was up in the corner cup board yesterday and I ran across this very old cartoon.  It occurs to me that we, all of us in the card-making community, should start a movement.  BRING BACK SENDING CARDS THROUGH THE MAIL!  We could single-handledly save the entire United States Post Office from certain demise.  Even all over the world!  How powerful would that be!  C'mon!  Rise up!  Careful, you with the back brace, you just stay sitted, but you're still powerful.

Not only that, but it's our obligation, generations reaching across generations.  My heart is sad for all the young people who have never felt that special feeling of feeling special one gets upon finding an envelope in the mail, handwritten, just for you.  And inside, a gift in the form of a card, made and sent with love. 

I'd give you a hankie, but that's a whole nother movement.  Who uses hankies any more?  Don't get me started.

Back in focus, so, okay, we just need someone who knows her way around Photo Shop or some such thing, who can change the word "letter" in the cartoon to the word "card," and we have ourselves a POSTER, people!

Let's don't just lay down with our beloved handmade cards towering in stacks in the corners and gussets and cobwebs of our craft spaces!!

Just fill out your preference for officer or chairman, IT support, food services, you know, all those things they do on Celebrity Apprentice.  We can do this!
Edit:  After I wrote the above, Victoria from Furry Tales Cards and Crafts reminded me that Mynnette of On A Stampage has already started a "Spread the Love" movement.  Way to go, Mynnette.  Click on the link for more information and to join up!

Please enjoy ~ and, as always, thank you for stopping by to visit.   Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave a comment!

Paper:  PTI white; SU certainly celery
Stamps:  "Happy Birthday Frame" by Endless
  Creations H27; Girl by SU, set unknown
Ink:  PTI true black; Marvy markers: and very
  violet embossing powder by Embossing Arts Co.
Cake brad:  Doodlebug Design Inc.


Sandy said...

Your card is lovely i"m sure the girls at casual Friday will love it.
You know its funny you are saying this as I have actually in the last week mailed 3 of my cards off to people that I would usually just send a facebook Happy birthday greeting to. But at the start of this year I decided that everyone I knew who had a birthday was going to get a Sandy made card. Everyone has really loved getting there cards in the mail, saying it was really nice to get mail that wasn't a bill. So I'm in on the movement I'll be an officer. Sandy :)

Anonymous said...

The birthday cake is a very very nice touch! It's so adorable ♥

Victoria said...

You're right, she really does need to be more careful with the precious commodity of cake.... Looks like she's having a good time! Hope you are feeling brighter now. Mynnette is running a 'acts of love through stamping' mission this year - random acts of kindness through the mail if you're interested - http://mynnettekitchenonastampage.blogspot.co.uk/p/spread-l-o-v-e.html

Karen M said...

Your card is just gorgeous:) I also love your beautiful garden...and your grass looks so thick and soft! It looks like a beautiful place to relax, hugs x x

Ardyth said...

I love the colours you chose and the happy birthday border! I also really like your bees card from yesterday for LIM - way to incorporate yellow!

Jenny said...

S pleased she didn't drop that yummy cake!!
Thank you for such a fabulous birthday card for the CASual Fridays blog and team :0)
Jenny x

Marybeth said...

Loved the entire post! I send almost all my cards in the mail , but don't think that will save US mail. Loved you sweet card,your not only funny you make great cards! Love the color combo as well. Have a good week !

Mieke said...

Beautiful card and whow, your garden!
I love your style of card making.

Bonnie said...

Hi Darnell, I've been wanting to stop by for several days and I'm so glad I finally made it. Love your card and I'm so sorry she dropped that beautiful cake. I hope you were able to salvage at least a bite of it. Love the colors and your beautiful flowers too. As far as sending cards, I think that is much preferable to stacking them in bins to keep. There's Operation Write Home and other organizations to donate cards too so others can send cards home to loved ones.

Suzanne said...

Hi Darnell!

I love the design of your card with the stamping around the frame and the placement of the cake and "1"...and your yard is gorgeous! I am totally jealous.

Thank you so much for joining us at CAS-ual Fridays this week! ♥ Suzanne