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April 12, 2012

No Reason and a Plethora of Photos

I've practiced my little speech all morning until I'm sick of myself, so I'm just doing a "ain't no reason" post to get my mind off tonight, take a little break.  I went outside between rain showers and took some photos.  I love how flowers capture the teardrops of sweet rain in their petals.  I will post them in My Photos, but I'll put a couple here:

And check out this budding ranunculus and the hairy leaves.  Looks like my chin.

And finally, shut up!  How can these be for real?  Stunning artistry!

I also noticed the twins left behind some Easter remnants:

And I enjoyed a bowl of my ham and vegie soup.  I always make enough soup for a family of 27.  I can't help myself.  So Mister took half of it over to my friend, Shirley, where it was much appreciated.  She said, before she tasted it.  It's hard to adequately spice such a big pot of soup, so I tried something new this time.  I added a packet of Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix.  Uh, huh!  Oh, yeah!  Just the ticket!

I'm happy to welcome Jeanne who has joined as a follower!  And, oh, look, after I posted, I noticed that Sally B popped on as a follower, too!  Thank you, thank you ~ I appreciate that very much!

No one caught the mistyped word yesterday.  It was "sentitment."  Hard to catch that one, huh?!  I should start an Old Typist's Dictionary of New Words.  And before someone asks, "Grandma, have you heard about 'spell check'?" - yes, I have heard about spell check, smarty pants.  I just think it's sort of fun not to use it.  Wait 'til you try tryping at this age.  See what I mean?

Please enjoy ~ and, as always, thank you for stopping by!   Special thanks to you if you take the time to join as a follower or leave me a comment!


Sue said...

Gorgeous flowers, Darnell. I am in love with your stampin' playhouse, too!

Kim Heggins said...

Your flower pictures are just so beautiful but what I really love is that soup, do you mind sharing the recipe?

Bonnie said...

That bowl of soup is making my mouth water! Italian dressing mix? Who wudda thought. Beautiful, beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing.