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April 1, 2012

The Play Date Cafe PDCC 125 and April Fool's Day!

Do you play April Fool's jokes on anyone?  Your husband, your kids?  Not great-gramma, of course, what with her heart.  I always get my husband every year and the fun I used to have at our son's expense, mhmm, mhmm, not very nice at all!  So I wanted to come up with an April Fool's Day card and play along in a challenge at the same time.  At The Play Date Cafe, the challenge is to use white, black, and a splash of brown and our inspiration picture is this:

I realized that if I put rabbit ears on Duke, he would look JUST like Mr. Butler Rabbit.  And I realized that rabbit ears look just like donkey ears.  Why zat?  Are they from the same Genus?

Since it made me think of Duke and I had these cute stickers ...

Oh, corny, corny, corny, I know, but that's what the cells came up with today, so there ya go.  I'm a tad hunged over, 'cause we had a blast with our old (and I do mean old!) friends yesterday.  There was a break in the rain, seemingly just for us, so we saw some beautiful sights and we had a fabulous saunter down memory lane.  Between the six of us, Mister noted that we represented 120 years of marriage.  There was stunned silence.  April Fool's, there was not, we are all quite happy and proud of it.  April Fool's, we are not!  April Food's, we are, too!

I used the computer for the sentiments and the delectable, lip-smacking caramel chocolate sticker is produced for "Jolee's boutique" by EK Success.  Stop trying to scrape it up off your computer screen!

You should head over to The Play Date Cafe and play along!  BTW, the sponsor is:

and the super cool prize is 5 yards of all 18 colors of their stunning twine! 

Please enjoy ~ and, as always, thank you for stopping by.  Special thanks to you if you took the time to join as a follower or leave me a comment!

P.S.  Duke-sitting is going well.  He was so good being all alone yesterday and not going out for about 12 hours!  I'm off to pot some new flowers while the sun lasts ...

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Redanne said...

It may be a tad corny but it is so cute!