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March 28, 2012


Welcome friends to the March 28 What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #147!  Oh, I got myself into another pickle yesterday.  Which is a head-cocked-to-the-side phrase, isn't it?  Whenever would someone try to climb inside a pickle?  Some of you may know I had a senior brain wind with the Mojo Monday challenge yesterday.  I made a rectangular card and entered it in a challenge calling for round or square cards.  I know, what am I going to do with me?  I'm addled. 

On this WOYWW event, everyone knows I'm a neat freak and frankly, sometimes I do feel like a freak.  I do get hives and an eye tic if my desk is too messy for too long.  But, honest, I do make messes when I create, same's everyone else, so I got all excited last night when I realized the timing was right for showing you I had a true mess!  The mess began because I was finishing off a bunch of cards that I'd made for other challenges.  I stopped that to make the Mojo challenge card.  Then, immediately after I posted that card, I regained consciousness and realized my fow paw.  Well, that wouldn't do, so I went back into production and made a proper (round) card and relinked it to Mojo.  So, unusually for me, I had messes on top of messes:

And here is my desk ten minutes later:

Aaah. Don't hate on me, I can't help it. I agree that a mess means you are being creative; that just makes sense.  But once I've finished one creation, I normally put everything away and start fresh.   We all have our crosses to bear.  To join in the fun and let us see your creative area - and style - do click on the link above!

And just because it's so pretty, here is a picture of the minature lemon tree in a pot outside the west window of the playhouse.  It's a Meyer lemon and just look at all those blossoms glistening from the spring rain!  Last year we only had about ten lemons (it usually is a good producer), so this is exciting to see.  

I'm delighted to welcome Bonnie to my blog.  Her site is called "Stamping with Klass" and you know me and words/names, I love that title!  And she does, indeed, stamp with class!

No card today, but I posted two yesterday, so that's enough hogging the cyberspace for me. Thank you for stopping by.   Special thanks to you if you took the time join as a follower or to leave me a comment!


505whimsygirl said...

Oh wow, what a whirlwind cleaner you are! I clean up and put away every time I switch crafts. It is easier that way. But if you do stop by and take a peek at my desk this week you see a huge mess!

Nice view out the window!


Anonymous said...

Your tree is pretty! I like to clean up stuff, too. I may or may not do it immediately upon finishing something (if I've got multiple things in progress), but at some point, it reaches critical mass and I've just got to clean up! Happy Wednesday from #152. :)

May said...

I love your crafty space I do try to clean up between projects It helps to clear the head a little and boy I need all the help I can get in that dept!!!Love your lemon tree, have a good week, Hugs May x x x

Bonnie said...

I'm a neat freak too, Darnell. When my desk gets too cluttered, I have to clean it up or I can't find the thing that is right in front of me. I'm one of those people that can't see the trees for the forest.

Unknown said...

You are a fast one. My desk doesn't look that clean even when I clean it!

Neesie said...

Yep that's a little messy but then you have magic fairies that visit ~ how special is that?
I don't have a lot of stuff at the moment, with only just starting drawing again, so its easy for me to leave things out...in fact it is a deliberate plan so that I can just visit whenever. I'm being super careful not to frighten my mojo away.
Please don't let my hubby see your lemon tree. He checks ours daily and counts how many lemons we have. We have about 10 lemons at present but he'd be so disappointed with our specimen if he saw yours. ;D

JoZart Designs said...

Your playhouse is such a fabulous and enviable crafting space and inside is as good as the outside! You did make me laugh at all you wrote but I'd love to see how you did that whirlwind sweep clean up for myself.
Thanks for your lovely comment about my grandee.... you'd be amazed to know all she's been through this past year but is doing so well at last.
Love joZarty x

Anonymous said...

I do so love your 'playhouse'. It is amazing how tidy you leave it. I dream about having the right storage one day, and then I can put everything away in a place where it is accessible (rather than wasting time climbing around over boxes etc, which I am doing at the moment). I have not even posted on WOYWW yet - forgot the day of the week yesterday and slow internet still - but trying to take a look at as many desks as possible, whilst struggling with finishing Easter cards. I must remember that crafting is meant to be enjoyable!! Ali x

Ardyth said...

I'm like you - I like it neat and try to put stuff away, but when I get on a roll, I can get carried away too! Have a great day!

famfa said...

What a fabulous 'playhouse'. I love a good tidy up myself but I would be afraid to touch anything in there. Nice to see a messy woyww desk though but how did you clear it so quickly?

Craftychris said...

Your playhouse is so fabulous! It must be an absolute dream to craft in such lovely surroundings. I always like to keep my space quite tidy - it doesn't always happen though! xx

CraftygasheadZo said...

I'm the same - got to tidy up other wise I freak out! Lots of fab crafty goodness going on. Take care & enjoy snooping the WOYWW desks, it's now Thursday but I'm still nosing! Zo xx 74

Shoshi said...

Wow! From the mess to the tidiness in 10 mins? Can you spare the time to come and tidy my ARTHaven for me? Lol! It takes ages to tidy, and only minutes to get in a mess again...

I love your beautiful desks, and your playhouse! What fun!

Thanks for your comment on my blog, and glad you like the Zentangles. They are very addictive - be warned!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #12

Barb King said...

Wow, you clean up fast! I've stopped bothering lately, trying to do challenges has taken up a lot of time. Thanks for stopping by! Barb

Eliza said...

Now that lemon tree looks like it is going to produce a really bumper crop and what a beauty it is, so healthy looking.

Also looks like you have many cards in the making on your desk, you are good for packing up when finishing each task, I am trying to do that but still in need of assistance sometimes.

Happy crafting
Eliza No. 181

Mistys Mum said...

Wow! I want a craft space like that, unfortunately I don't think the weather here in North Wales would make it susitable,but I think I could end up being more organised than I am.

Thank you for visiting my desk & the little boxes on my desk can be got here (in the UK) from Staples Office Supplies & Hobbycraft.

Some of them I think were from The Really Useful Box Co.

Mistys MUm

Mistys Mum said...

Hi again
Forgot to say I have become a follower

mistys mum

SophieNewton said...

wow, thats a speedy and very impressive tidy up. Your comment about the card made me giggle!! I did that once, but with a christmas decoration challenge, made completely the wrong size and didn't realise until i'd posted it off...oops x
Sophie no.183