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March 7, 2012


Mornin' everybody!  Looks like lots of activity already.  This romp around the world via our hostess Julia at her Stamping Ground site arrives in California on Tuesday late afternoon or early evening.  So we get to start peeking on Tuesdays!  Which is when I took my picture 'cause here's the deal.  I made a couple of cute cards which I posted yesterday (here) and just before I was going to clean up my crafty mess, I remembered about WOYWW.  Phew!  I mean, if I hadn't remembered, and taken my picture this morning, you would have seen a sparkling clean desk.  Horrors!  You know I'm clutter-challenged so I have to clean up and put everything away between projects.  That gives some people hives, so to spare them that, I give you this:

I used a lot of different techniques and papers and inks and stamps for those cards, so I made a right fine mess.

I have a chapter two today.  Several days ago I participated in a Simply Less is More (LIM) challenge, "Don't Scrap It," where we were to make cards entirely from scraps.  When I went around visiting the cards entered in the challenge, I came across this blog hosted by Susan Goetter.  If you'd like to visit her, you will see that she showed us how she keeps her scraps thusly:

under her desk.  Hmmm, thought I.  I already have a similar rolling cart filled with embellishments under one end of my corner desk.  Next to it was a smallish container that held glues and brayers and such.  If I moved that, I reasoned, I would certainly have room for an additional rolling cart that I could fill with my scraps and still have room for my feeties. 

So that's exactly what I did:

I know it looks like there isn't room for my feet, but if you look at the longer view photo, you will remember that it is a corner desk so my feet are actually in front of, as well as to the right of, the carts.  If I'm honest, my feet are usually up on the legs of my chair or up under my bottom.  Which I'm getting too old to do and someday when I get up, I'll fall down, because I've cut off all the blood flow.  I'm working (unsuccessfully) on that bad habit.

Anyhoo, I thank the ladies Chrissie and Mandie at LIM for posting the challenge, which made Susan post her picture, which gave me the idea, which I acted on and NOW having my scraps right THERE, right within reach, gives me HOPE that I will start using the darn things!  And that's the cool thing about sharing.



Karen said...

Fab storage drawers and I love the project that you are working on that I can see on your work desk :)

Have a fab WOYWW and a great week, Luv Karen xx

Unknown said...

cor the things we do for more storage lol

thanks for the snoop
judie xx

Susan said...

Thanks for the shout out! I love your crafty area...and I hope that this storage solution helps you use up those scraps! Of course, as you can see by my FULL scrap drawers, I don't use nearly enough scraps!! LOL! With it sitting under my desk, I do tend to use it more often than I did before I set up my storage like this!

SandeeNC said...

Unwind those feet girl, I don't know how old you are, but I always use to tuck my right leg up and under me, still want to but now I am having trouble in that knee! as always, waving from the beautiful hills of North Carolina :)

May said...

Love your room so much, clever under desk storage, great idea, Have a great week, Hugs May x x x

mommyle said...

I LOVE how your space looks so clean and organized! And your cards look adorable.

mommyle said...

I LOVE how your space looks so clean and organized! And your cards look adorable.

Spyder said...

I had a look inside your 'PlayHouse!' but couldn't find the comment box (You have to put that on...I didn't know until someone told me!) Your space is lovely and I'm VERY jealous!! Now thinking I want to pull our old shed down (where I used to write and craft, but got too cold and damp in the winter...and the walk back in the dark...treading on snails!!!) to making something very much like yours!! Love it!! Have a great crafty week. Happy WOYWW!
((Lyn)) #26

Redanne said...

Loving your storage and the papers inside too. Looks all very well organised to me! Regards, Anne Rx #85

CraftygasheadZo said...

What fab storage! Take care & enjoy this week's WOYWW, it's now Friday & I'm still snooping! Zo xx 60

Anonymous said...

I could do with some little drawers for my scraps, right now they're in boxes but I keep them close to hand and usually try to make a scrap card or two each week. And yes, that's the great thing about all this sharing, we see some brilliant ideas but also loads of new stuff to buy too! That's the downside, lol!

Brenda 6

scrappymo! said...

Hope your drawer unit helps to remind you to use your scraps. It fits quite nicely!

I kept mine in my file cabinet just beside the left side of my Lshaped desk. I never remembered to use them!
So I packed them all up and gave them away to a young girl just starting out in cardmaking/scrapbooking.
Now I keep them in a brown woven 13 inch basket that sits out on my table. It only holds so much so the idea is that I will use them up to empty it. I can fit 12 borders, ends of 12 inch papers, etc
Hopefully it works and i actually use them.
Your idea of going into the snippets challenge is a great idea. Perhaps I will try that too!