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February 17, 2012

OLW 79 - Stamp, Stamp, Stamp

This week's One Layer Wednesday by Jennifer was really a challenge (especially with two 7-year-old boys competing for stamping space on my desk!).  If I get a chance I may do another card which will look more like a checker-board, which is what I really wanted to do, but this card preferred to lay a different way.  I'm afraid this card may grate on the nerves of those of you who are "math people" and who would have measured things precisely.  Math is not my thing and, even so, I didn't have time to do the calculations or use my stamp-a-ma-jig, and well, it shows.  But I'm going to enter it anyway, just for fun, remembering that that is the whole object of the challenge.  I used 10 stamps, which doesn't hold a candle to Ardyth's fab use of 19 stamps!  Check out both Jennifer's and Ardyth's sites and join in the fun!

My eight circle stamps came from Stampin' Up!, but I don't know the name of the set. The one little flower stamp is also from some unknown Stampin' Up! set. (I break up my sets to organize my stamps by category.)   The one thick line stamp has no company marking on it. The paper and ink are also from SU.  (Digression: I notice that my cards tend to look like they are made of cream cardstock when, in fact, they are white.  Is this because I don't have a "light box?"  It's a bit disconcerting to me that it does this when I upload to the blog.  The photo in my pictures file folder looks just fine.)  Okay, where was I?  Oh, yah, the little buttons just wanted to be in the picture and have nothing to do with the card. 

Happy Friday, everyone!  Thanks, as always, for stopping by!



Ardyth said...

Hi Darnell, thanks for your kind comments on my card for this challenge - it's not difficult to use a lot of stamps when you use an alphabet to make the sentiment, although it can be difficult to get the letters straight! LOL! Love your layout - that line stamp is really cool. Hope you're enjoying your time with your grandsons!

Mim said...

Great way of using circle stamps!

Nicole P. said...

This is such a cool-looking card. I love the grid pattern, and that 'rubber stamper tap tap tap' stamp just slays me!

kingstonmama said...

Great card, Darnell. I like those circle stamps and you've created a fun pattern on the card. ann Y.

Susan said...

Darnell...what a creative card! BTW, I checked out your "playhouse"...and all I can say is WOW! What a wonderful place you have to play!!