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January 18, 2012

One Layer Wednesday 75

Susan's One Layer Wednesday (75) challenge today is to create a card for a man.  I tried to figure out a way to attach a piece of bacon, sausage, or hot dog, without success.  Now THAT would be a card Mister would notice!  Failing that, attaching my card to a package of links would have to do.

I think both men and women love lighthouses, so that's what I chose.  My photography skills are minimal, so I couldn't quite capture the sparkle I added to the waves with a Gelly Roll "clear star" pen.  You'll just have to imagine how frothy and sparkly the wave looks.  (BTW, the paper itself is a little shimmery.)  The stamps are both from the now defunct Mostly Animals Kristal Clear Impressions: Beacon of Safety and Wave Reverse.  I still miss Kris Hemler and hope she is stamping wherever she is.  She was way ahead of her time with her design of clear stamps a decade ago, at least in my world.  But I digress ... I finished off with a smidge of Distress Ink Stormy Sky all around.  The sentiment stamp is from Stampin' Up! 

Here you go, easy-peasey.






Deborah Frings said...

I like this lighthouse stamp - and the sparkle is super. The photo is much better than the scan!

Joyce said...

I agree- the photo is best. What a great card--I don't see nearly enough light houses out there. I like the shimmer you added.

Ardyth said...

Very pretty - love the sponged sky!

Susan Raihala said...

Definitely the photo is best. What a beautiful card...and proof positive that dude cards CAN sparkle!

FerretLady said...

Lovely card!! Aw, I totally agree with you about Kris Hemmler & Mostly Animals! That was my favorite stamp company of all time - and she certainly was way ahead of her time - I remember when she came out with the Kristal Klear line, I heard a few people question the notion of using "unmounted" stamps & how those weren't as nice as wood-mounted stamps. Now, it's a standard thing! Her particular way of making the Kristal Klear stamps was the best - I still like the way those are made, better than ANY other types of unmounted stamps I've ever tried!

Too bad she closed up when she did & that she's not still designing her beautiful stamps! I managed to collect a large number of them, a good many while she was still in business, and then I added more afterwards, from the lady who bought out her remaining stock (she sells them on ebay, or she used to...) but still...there were SO many more that I wish I had gotten!

I found this post, doing a search for any pictures of cards made with her stamps! I remember she used to post the most *wonderful* card ideas on her site - I wish I had captured & saved some of those images for inspiration! She played a big part in getting me interested in stamping to start with - I still do miss her!