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Coming April 1-11, 2017

Normally, I hold my NBUS challenges in March and September each year. Because of the special 5-year celebration this year, I surprised you with a three-week, three-part NBUS party in January and February. I'm sorry to say that I won't be up for another challenge the first of March.

But I hate to have you wait all the way until September, so here's my plan:

You may remember that last year I ran a blooper April Fool's Day hop and my intent was to make it an annual event. It was a one-day linky party that let you link any card with a big fat boo boo. Obviously, being April Fool's Day, I was looking for the funniest bloopers!

[As an example, I made an Easter card last year with bunnies and I thought it was fine. It wasn't until after I took a photo of it that I realized two of the bunnies looked like they were gettin' busy! Bloops!]

I've decided that this year I will combine my Second Annual April Fool's Day Hop with NBUS Challenge #11 and have it run for ten days from April 1 to April 11. Mark your calendars!

You will be able to enter any creation using NBUS, as always, but if you have any blooper photos, or if you happen to make a blooper card between now and then, take a photo of it before you bin it, cuz we want to see it!! 

In short, you will be able to enter:
  • a NBUS card with no bloopers;
  • a blooper card with no NBUS (yes, that's right!); and/or
  • a blooper card with NBUS.
If that made sense to you, then you have been a friend of this blog for a very long time and I've left word with the guard to give you access to me in the Loony Bin on Visitor's Day! 😇 Please remember to bring a radish for Hammy! 

Feel free to ask questions if that didn't make sense! You can use the contact form on the right or just email darnell dot knauss at g mail dot com.

I can't wait to see what you enter!

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