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March 24, 2023

Welcome Spring!

Hello Stamplings,

How are you? I'm sorry I fell off the grid there for a minute. There's been a lot going on ... but like you, I try to squeeze in a bit of time for making cards when I can. 

Today I have a quick post and a quick card to celebrate the First Day of Spring. (Please keep your eyes focused on the calendar and not on what is happening outside your window.)
It's a shame you can't see how much this card glitters from Hammy's winking. This is a one-layer card (OLC) made by first inking direct to the stamps with markers, followed by a jeuzzing around with my Ziggies. The sediment is an old stamp that I think might be from Paper Smooches. Oh, and before he winked, you might be able to see that Hammy gave the background a very light pastel flickadoodledo.

I didn't have time to make a Twofer Christmas card, but I wanted to get this posted to welcome back Less Is More where the brief is OLC. It seems like they were on a verrrrry long break.

I'm also playing with:

Sadly ...

Last week, my baby brother passed away after a brief battle with cancer at the age of 66. We weren't close because of circumstances outside of our control and the fact that we lived on separate coasts, but we hit it off the few times we were able to get together. He was a really good guy and his family and friends will miss him a lot. There were seven of us siblings and it is upside down that the youngest went first.😢

I know many of you have also lost loved ones recently and three of my bloggie friends have died in the last six months. It takes a toll.💔

🌬Also last week, we were finally impacted by the storms that have been rolling through California one after the other for weeks. The fierce winds took out two small trees and the whole length of our backyard fence. It's going to be a while before the fence can be repaired. Lots of other folks have lost trees and fences throughout our area and beyond, so the fence contractors are quite busy. My heart aches for the sweet birds, including "my" hummingbirds who lived in those trees.😢

Well, that's too much sadness for this blog! I don't want you leaving here sad, so how about a hamster butt to cheer you up? You can't look at that butt and not smile!

I hope you take care and don't forget to e
njoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! As I always say, LITS*.

*Life is too short!