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September 22, 2022

More Schparkle!

Hello Stamplings!

Happy first day of fall - or autumn, if that's your love language for the time of year when Mother Nature slips quietly into her dressing room as the moon rises each night and then surprises us each morning with leaves of warm gold, auburn, amber, and maroon ~ and every nuanced shade in between. 🍂💛

I've had this sweet NBUS bag die for as long as it takes to grow a human baby. I'm so tickled to have finally used it ... isn't it the cutest? It's called "Flat Paper Bag Die" and it's from Waffle Flower. The flowers are from Memory Box, called "Glorious Gerber Daisies," and I cut them from schparkly gold glitter paper. I used a fuchsia glitter paper to cut a second flower and interchanged the flower centers. I used a fuchsia ink color to stamp the wee sediment on the gift tag from My Creative Time. (I used a piece of pp for the background.) Done.

Then I noticed Hammy was looking at the monitor with his head cocked to the side in that, "are-you-sure-you're-done" stance. At which point I lifted both my shoulders up to my ears in the international symbol for "huh?" 

I can't tell you the exact gesture Hammy returned my way, but he knows who butters his bread, so heaving a long-suffering sigh, he scampered over to the vellum folder. Aha! Of course! Tissue paper for the finish!


I went on a 3D shopping spree at Simon Says Stamp a few months ago and today I'm breaking out the "Fall Foliage" embossing folder. It is so fabulously detailed and I wanted it to stand out, so I simply added a die-cut leaf from Impression Obsession and finished with twine or ribbon. I made several using different leaf shapes, papers, and colors. I opted not to use sediments so as not to crowd the visual or change the design and plus, without a sediment, I can use them for many occasions, including Thanksgiving.


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

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*Life is too short!

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