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May 23, 2022

More NBUS Flowers

Hello Stamplings!

I hope your week has started off well! I had a really cute story to tell you in my opening and now that I've sat down to type my post, it disappeared. Remember how I used to say we whooshed into Fridays? Now that's happening with my thoughts. Every day.

Fortunately, it's happening to all my friends, too. Nowadays these are the words we hear / speak most often: "There was something I wanted to tell you," accompanied by a look down at the floor or up at the ceiling, as if the thought were written there. And then we say, "Oh, well, it must not have been important," but inside we're miffed because whatever it was, was brilliant. Ah, bless, getting old is a hoot.

Before I forget what else I was going to tell you, let's get to today's cards. (I'm going to stop numbering them because I noticed in the last post I went from Arabic numbering to Roman numerals. Say what? Ah, getting old is a hoot.)

This card is a CASE of a Jennifer McGuire design from 2016.😲 It just shows how so many of her card designs become classics! It was quite involved and fussy for me, but I really enjoyed making it. 

The size of the vellum overlay is 4.25 by 5.50, so the inside is a small note card which opens. The flower is called "Full of Glee" from Penny Black. The funny (not funny) thing is that I just realized I already used this stamp on this Flower NBUS Journey. Like a month ago! I guess I was concentrating so hard on finding a stamp that would work, I forgot to only pull from my NBUS baskets. Getting old is a ... .

Anyway, we will just carry on. Here is the inside with the vellum open. The flower was heat-embossed in white, colored with my Ziggies, and winked by Hammy. The unmarked sediment was stamped in blue CP ink on the vellum front and then clear heat-embossed.
This QACAS card got me back into the NBUS baskets. The flower is from "Sweetest Peas" by Altenew. The background was made from an emboss-resist paper from Stampin' Up. It comes in a few different patterns. I blended ink over the pattern and then buffed it to bring the white pattern to the surface again.

Now that I see the card on the monitor, I may add some enamel dots, but in person it's quite schparkly when the light hits it. I heat-embossed the flower with black embossing powder. The sediment is from NBUS from "Elegant Sentiments" by Waffle Flower and since nothing needed winking, Hammy added a thick coat of glossification. Here is a closeup:
I haven't gotten a photo of the lizards yet, but the first butterfly of the year just visited the freshly blooming butterfly bush. #earningitsname!


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

*Life is too short!

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