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July 13, 2018

Flying Gnats and a Coupla Cards

Hello Stamplings! I hope this finds you feeling terrific!

I'm dealing with a bad case of random thinking. I've told you before that at my age, I'm finding my thoughts have become word gnats. They flit in and out of my consciousness in such a way that I can't form a complete sentence, find the right words, or remember what it was I was going to tell you.

When I compare my thoughts to gnats, do you know the bug I'm talking about, or is gnat a regional word? You might call them chiggers, or midges, or fruit flies, or no-see-ums. They are pesky minuscule flying critters that sometimes fly around your left eyebrow, your ear, or the base of your nostrils. The phrase that something "bugs you" comes from being harassed by one or more of these guys!

You start by just waving your hand in front of your face. That doesn't work. You do it a few times anyway.

Now you're getting slightly agitated so you try to kill the dang thing by clapping your hands. As an external optimist, each time you clap, you are positive you caught it and you open your hands expectantly, only to find them empty. Before you can even go back to typing or coloring, it's back again!

By the fourth or fifth time, you completely lose your mind and just start clapping the air all around your face like a woman possessed, elbows flying, until you get too close to your own fool face and knock your glasses off your nose which sends them flying across the desk and onto the floor where they skid to a halt under the legs of your (dog)(hamster)(cat). Because, you know, by now you've woke the critter, who stands there ears up and eyes wide, ready to save you. He's not sure from what, because he can't see anything and, by the way, is that you? He isn't sure, given your disheveled hair and clothes, your red face, and that wild and crazy look in your eyes. And why are you panting? Play ball?

Well, there you go. I was telling you all this to explain how I was having trouble corralling my thoughts to open my post today and now you've prolly clicked off because the opening is too long!

Tomorrow's word of the day will be "irony."


If you stayed (or scrolled) through all that, real quick here are my cards:
An uber QACAS card, this sweet thing was made with PB Stickeroos. I matted the image to a colored card base and added a simple sediment punctuated by a trio of flat sequints.

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It's Christmas in July throughout Blogland and I used a "Stitched Poinsettia" die from Poppystamps to make this bright red and juicy card. I cut the image from the card base and left the cut in the opening. Then I cut it twice more, once again in red, and once in green for the leaves, which I plumped with my stylist. The "merry" die is also from Poppystamps, cut from white foam.

  • AAA Cards: Christmas in July.
  • CAS Mix Up July Challenge: Coloured die cut, stamping, and more die-cutting. (Oops. I went to link my card and I misread the brief. Please note YOU are to color your die cuts, not cut your dies from color paper!) Alternatively, I will enter this in the CAS Christmas Challenge as my second entry for "Poinsettia."
  • Stamp Ink Paper: Christmas in July.


Enjoy your day! No, seriously, enjoy! LITS!*

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*Life is too short!

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