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August 26, 2013

Sparkly Washi Love ~ Case Study #154; LIM #134; PS SPARKS

Hello!  How are you? 

I am continuing to take a teasy and visit my bloggie friends.  In my visiting, I came across the current challenge at the Case Study Challenge Blog.  Here is the inspiration card created by the August Muse, the renown Jennifer McQuire:
Hmmm, I thought, that sure looks like Washi tape.  And didn't I remember seeing that the current challenge at Less Is More (LIM) is to use or make Washi tape?  And aren't we seeing lots and lots of glitter in Blogville of late?  And don't I have a few rolls of glittery Washi tape?  Shazambam!!

So I made this:
I'm editing this because a friend told me that I should also enter my card in the current challenge at Paper Smooches SPARKS
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where the Picture Perfect Challenge photo is this:

The delightful and talented Chrissie and Jen over at LIM and the army of extraordinary card artists at Case Study and Paper Smooches have loads and loads of great inspiration cards for your viewing pleasure!


I thought you might be amused by a couple of little incidents that happened to me relative to my defibrillator/pacemaker replacement surgery.  The first was that three weeks ago there was a very quiet beeping that began to occur once each evening, lasting only a few seconds.  Well, I'm sure they told me that this would happen when they first installed it six years ago, like I'm going to remember that.  So when it did happen, there I was in the Playhouse.  Erh?  I cocked my head and focused my ears.  What the heck could possibly be beeping?  I started fumbling through papers ... and it stopped.

Next night it happened again.  Erh?   Drawers were opened and searched ... and it stopped.  And the next night!  I was still perplexed when on the fourth day I happened to have a quarterly checkup.  The technician explained I was in the replacement stage and ... Erh?  "Hey," I queried, "by any chance does it make a beeping noise when the battery gets low?!"  Yup.  She turned it off with her computer.  Mystery sol-ved! 


Fast forward to last Thursday and I'm leaving the hospital, being taken by wheelchair out to the car by my very nice nurse named Lourdes.  In order to get to the patient pickup area, we went down a couple of hallways and through the expansive front lobby area.  I was soon aware that people seemed to be engaging in double-takes when they glanced my way.  Especially the men.  It was quite flattering, especially considering I hadn't combed my hair for 14 hours.
As we neared the door, I reached down to remove the hospital blanket covering my knees and that's when I noticed that my snap-on shirt was completely unsnapped.  And I wasn't wearing a bra because of the incision.  Eek!  Talk about an expansive front lobby!!

"Oh, Lourdes," I exclaimed to my nurse, "my shirt has been gaping open the whole time!  And here I was thinking that all the men were staring at me coz  I still got it goin' on!"
The last I saw Lourdes, she was leaning up against the wall of the hospital, doubled over in hysterics, with her legs crossed in that telltale fashion of someone trying not to pee themselves.  At my age, I was laughing pretty hard myself, as hard as my stitches would allow!
Enjoy your day!  No, seriously, enjoy.  LITS!*  I'm going to continue to take a teasy, with Mister waiting on me hand and foot.  Nothing new there ~ I'm a very lucky girl!
As always, thank you for coming by to visit the Playhouse and special thanks to you if you take the time to leave a comment and/or join as a follower!   

*Life Is Too Short!  
Paper:  PTI white
Stamps:  None
Ink:  None
Washi tape:  Freckled Fawn
Dies:  Memory Box; Paper Smooches 
Embellies:  My Mind's Eye


Cathy said...

I nearly choked on my sandwich when I read this Darnell!! How embarrassing!! Glad to hear you are on the mend. Love your sparkly card too :) Cathy x

Bobby said...

When you said you were going to take a teasy, you really meant it. But in a hospital lobby? Really, Darnell. lol

Lisa Elton said...

Love the sparkly flashy card Darnell!! And speaking of flashy...YIKES that must have mortified you!!!

Tenia Nelson said...

Holy Cow! What a story....I am sorry you had to go through that, Miss Lady!!! LOL!! LURVE LURVE LURVE your card by the way!!!

Tracey McNeely said...

Darnell if I didn't love you so much you would be offended by how much I am laughing my touchie off right now! Oh my goodness what a story you tell always do. I love your glittery masterpiece my friend. Now you, seriously have a good day!

Vicky Hayes said...

I love your fab sparkly washi background Darnell and oh dear...nice to see you letting it all hang out on the comedy front! Vicky x

Di said...

Oh Darnell, I almost choked on my early morning cup of tea here - soooo funny, and so you as well! Hope your recovery is tootling along nicely - and that Lourdes has also recovered :)

Sooooper card, love all the sparkle!

Hugs, Di xx

Kathyk said...

OH DEARIE DEARIE ME!!! Flashing at the natives? At your age? Wonder you didn't make the news! Hope your recovery continues - good to see you've not lost your quirky humour during this

FABULOUS cards too btw


Redanne said...

Oh Darnell, I so love your stories first thing in the morning (here), it really does make my day - I now have a vision of you in that hospital lobby..... and I am doubled up laughing too - with you though, not at you!

I love Jennifer's work too and love how you composed your beautiful card - very sparkly and very lovely! Hugs, Annie x

Sue said...

Oh Darnell, thank you for making me smile again, I love your stories and the way you tell them!
Your card is gorgeous. I love the sparkly rainbow colours and wonderful butterfly.
Take care, sending you hugs
Sue xx

Sue - said...

Love the sparkly washi tape card. Typing this with a big grin on my face after reading about your hospital adventures!!

roffeycreations said...

You are such a lark - I can see it now - insert "droobies" here - LOL... love the card by the way hope you are feeling better and better every day... hugs Mxx

roffeycreations said...

Oh and if you have guessed "droobies" = droopy boobies...bahahaha...Mxx

Sazzle Dazzle said...

Beautiful card Darnell and full of sparkle and sizzle! Hmmmmmmm x

Brandi said...

Oh my goodness what a story! That is one to tell for ages!

Your card is "Wow"! That glitter is amazing!

Carol L said...

Darnell, you may have given Hallmark a new idea to replace those old cards showing the patient walking down the hospital halls with the bum hanging out!! Thank goodness you didn't know any of those lobby gawkers on a personal level! LOL Your card looks beautiful card with all that sparkle!

Hannelie said...

That white butterfly just pops against the glittery BG!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Darnell, beautiful glittery creation! Oh my gosh I have tears in my eyes from laughing. You write so well, it's hilarious what happened but you describe events with such a funny description. Still think you should write the book ...just saying.... and sorry but somehow I missed you had surgery, I hope all is well and you don't go beeping again for a many years. Hugs, Shirleyx

cm said...

Nearly spilled my coffee reading your hilarious post this morning! What adventures you have, and so thrilled you share them with us! Best part is knowing that you're recuperating!! And next best: your amazing glittery card. FABULOUS!! Have a super Tuesday!

Jacquie Southas said...

You paint such vivid images with your words, I feel like I was walking through the lobby with you - thankfully I didn't have a mouth full of coffee while reading! I also want to know why I haven't seen glitter washi tape anywhere?! Love the card!

JD/ Jill said...

Love your sparkly card. And you sure gave me my smile for today. It's sounds exactly like something that would happen to me...Hope you are still trying to take it easy, and feeling better each day. Hope you have a great week!

@JoyceCasaldi said...

OMGosh, that is a riot! I'm sure you still got it goin' on!

Beautiful card!

Unknown said...

Oh Dippy - only to you could something like this happen!!! I think the nurse's name was very appropriate as well....hehe Still you made some peoples day - bet they're still talking about it! Love your sparkly washi tape card. I've only got some Christmas w/t so will have to have a ponder to see what I can come up with for the LIM challenge. Keep on taking a teasy.....especially with Mister waiting on you hand, foot and finger.


Karendipity xxx

Karen said...

Beautiful sparkly creation - I never knew you could get glittered Washi tape - oh well still stash busting and so much else to use up. Good job I'm reasonably house bound lol!
Oh my Darnell, I got to hobble away from the computer now and you know why! Huge hugs lovely lady Karen x

shirley-bee said...

Only you, Darnell!

Love the card - the white butterfly and sentiment really stand out against those gorgeous rows of sparkly washi.

Anonymous said...

Darnell!! Can you not be trusted in a hospital gown...clearly NOT! OMG i can just imagine you both laughing together perfect medicine :)
Gorgeous card-and we both had the same inspiration from the lovely Mrs Maguire.
Oh....the embossing folder you asked about on my card today is from Craft Concepts Universal Embossing Folder In Stitches CR900018
Hugs and happy relaxing,
Nessa xxx

Sue said...

Oh my Darnell! I almost choked hahaha I will remember when hubby gets his battery changed soon to have him all wrapped up LOL great card huggles Sue xxx

Jenny said...

Oh my Darnell... your stories have got me in stitches let alone you!! Hahaha I had to read them to my hubby :0)
Your card is gorgeous and sparkly...perfect for both challenges but I'm particularly glad you joined in at PS Sparks this week :0)
Jenny x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Girl, you still got it going on! It just take a little titty flashing to make it work. Oh! You had me laughing over that. And the beeping... oh my god. I think you're lucky you didn't realize it was coming from in you. That would have been something.

Sharon Underwood said...

Aren't you a HOOT, cracking me up through every line! Love your card, too! Now, stop that and go rest! lol I'd hate it if anything happened to you!

Nan G said...

Oh Darnell LOL ! Good thing I'm sitting down..LOL excuse me while I run for the potty! LOL oh btw the card fits the challenges perfectly. Love the sparkle. (still...LOL)

Geri said...

I love the glitter and the colors of your card....but your story had me in stitches!!! Seriously...this really did happen??? Know what, only you can turn an OMG experience into something funny & light! I can totally understand why the poor nurse was crossing her legs so tightly, as I'm sure those of us 55+ can definitely relate!

Had that happened to me, the smiles would soon have turned to a perplexed stare as "they" would think that my head was on backwards! Yep, trainer bra status for me!

Marybeth said...

I can just see your nurse laughing ......trying not too....
Thanks for the very funny visual.
Love your glitter card and its perfect for the PS challenge .

Loll said...

Only this could happen to you Dolly!! :) OMG ... you gave those men an eye-full! :) They won't forget you anytime soon! :)

Love the card ... great way to use washi tape. Loll xx

Carol Cel said...

I love the glittery card, but more important is that I am so glad you are well and able to laugh at your adventures the last few days/week! And thanks for checking my post re: Chester and his wine. My daughter in law says he tries to drink their wine too :)
Stay well.

Bonnie said...

Bwahahaha! And shazambam! You made a memorable exit and a fantastic, glittery card that fits, what, 4 challenges! Love it!

Jen W. said...

I just joined Lourdes leaning against the wall with crossed legs! I can't believe you flashed the whole hospital, you hussy!! LOL! Brilliant!

And speaking of brilliant, that is some serious glitter and I love it! I'm especially digging how the white butterfly pops off of it.

alexandra s.m. said...

Love your glittery card Darnell and thanks for always looking at life with such a strong and positive attitude! Your enthusiasm is contagious!

Suzanne said...

Darnell! Hello! It sounds like you are doing well and I am so happy about that!

I noticed we have the same glitter vibe going on today - LOVE that too! I really love how you have the sentiment and butterfly over your strips of glitter. Perfect!

I sent a link to your playhouse to my hubby. I am plotting. ;)

My funny story this week was a shopping trip to Trader Joe's. I have a slight obsession with their chocolate almond biscotti and there were definitely multiple boxes in my carriage. Well, when the cashier was ringing up my stuff, out of nowhere he rang the loud bell after scanning the 2nd box of cookies, and I asked if that was the warning bell for too many boxes of cookies. Made me laugh. :)

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm, wow!! That's what I said to my kids & friends when I don't know what to say... Lol !!!
Ok, here's something --- my sweet friend, didn't you feel a draft..!?! Lol !! Maybe I'm the only one who is always freezing !?!! Hahahahaha !!
Laughing w/ you -- not @ you!!
You most certainly still got it!!
Wit & humor is spades!!!

Love your fabby washi card! Great sparkle !!
:)) :))
It's perfect with the PS frame image !!
Glad you are on the mend !!

Thank you again for the super gorgeous birthday card in my fave hue!!! :)) :))

Colleen said...

Awesome card, Darnell and more awesome story! You are a delight! I pray all is going well for you now that you are all put back together!!

Karen said...

Ooh dear! When in hospital, always, always, ALWAYS check your attire before leaving your bed!! I found that out too!! Those darn one size fits all outfits don't always! Happy WOYWW and I love your glitter washi tape card! ♥ Karen ♥ 82 x

Sarn said...

Fab glitzy card there Darnell.

Of COURSE you still have it going on Girl! The full frontal was just an added bonus for the onlookers!

Sarn xxx

Neet said...

Oh Darnell, you could turn a tragedy into a comedy. I so love reading your writings. You certainly had me smiling and I must say a big thank you for letting me know about the bleeping. I had a pacemaker fitted a couple of years ago and nobody has ever told me it will bleep when on the "need charging route". Must have a word in their shell like next time. I was thinking they lasted about 10 years - oh woe is me!
Clever you with the glittery wash, what a lovely bright card and so fits in with the topic for the challenge.
Take care, rest and let someone else do the worrying and things.
Hugs, Neet (Karen's new friend - I hope) xx

Kim S said...

YOU are wonderful!! I love that you can laugh at yourself - and then bring us along with you on the journey!! Thank you!

Rachel said...

your card is so pretty! i need to get myself some glitter washi tape (as if i dont have enough!!). I can't believe that happened to you in the hosp lobby! i would have screamed. dont ya think somebody should have helped a girl out!?
-Rachel w k

Greta said...

Oh I can't stop laughing!! But I will try type & tell you that your glitter card is spectacular!

MaryH said...

Oh wow, I'm lovin' this sparkly card, and how like you to do this beauty with just simple glitter washi tape, have it look like a million bucks! Love that word die too, with your flutterbye. As always, your story gave me a laugh. Hope your face didn't turn red, but that you just brazened it out, like you intended all along! Never too old to cut the mustard, eh? And good for DH that he's givin' you good TLC. Relax and enjoy while you have the chance. We always wind up in pay-back mode. At least at this house! TFS & hugs for the laugh. Hope you are feeling tiptop by now.

Kim Heggins said...

ok, I can just see you being wheeled around the hospital given everyone a show, I am sure some of the men thought maybe they were at a strip show! How fun for you. Ok, now I have stopped laughing I will comment on your fabulous card, so fun and I just love all that glitter, one of my favorite things to play with! See you next week and be sure to button your blouse before we go to Val's, but then on second thought, we might get a free meal in exchange!

Chrissie said...

Hi Darnell, your stories really make me hoot and how great that you can smile too... I hope Lourdes has recovered. You probably made quite a few folks' day at the hospital!
Your card is sooooooo glittery, my granddaughter would love it!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Craftychris said...

Gorgeous sparkly card and oh dear, that was a unfortunate mishap - I have such a vision in my head! xx

Viv said...

Oooh what a fabulous sparkly card Dr Arnell. Oh my....made me laugh that, fancy flashing your headlights at all and sundry :) Viv xx

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

What a hilarious blog post - besides making fabulous cards you have talent as a comedian - glad you are doing well!
Such an interesting interpretation of the inspiration photo!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are on the mend. your story reminded me of a time I was visiting my girlfriend and happened to be nursing my first baby. I had finished and her dad walked in the kitchen... He chatted with me and when he left- I noticed I was all naturale forgetting to button up bra and shirt! I was so embarrassed.